The Judy Garland Wars – First Chapters Are Online!

Here are the first chapters of The Judy Garland Wars: Preface – by Lawrence Schulman Introduction Chapter One – My Early Years Chapter Two – Getting Online   Stay tuned for more…

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The Judy Garland Wars – Chapter 2 – Getting Online

CHAPTER TWO – GETTING ONLINE I went to 35 years of age without being exposed to the bizarre underbelly of Judy Garland fandom (the Garfreaks).  That fact didn’t make my enjoyment or her performances (whether on video, record, TV…) any worse.  I had one best friend, Andy, who was as big a fan as I … Continue reading

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The Judy Garland Wars – Chapter 1 – “My Early Years”

CHAPTER ONE – MY EARLY YEARS It’s always best to start at the beginning. – Glinda in The Wizard of Oz.  Wise words from the always wise Glinda.  I’ll take her advice.  The beginning of this series starts at the beginning of my awareness and idolatry of Judy Garland. I was first introduced to Judy … Continue reading

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The Judy Garland Wars – Introduction

INTRODUCTION Judy Garland fans are hardcore.  I should know, I’m one of them.  Garfans (as I call them) are divided into two groups:  the fans and the freaks.  Call them Garfans and Garfreaks, if you will.  Garfreaks constitute one of the most hardcore celebrity fan bases out there.  They define the term “fan” in the … Continue reading

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The Judy Garland Wars – Preface

THE JUDY GARLAND WARS – PREFACE by Lawrence Schulman It first started, I suppose, in 1967 in the lobby of The Palace, where it was Judy Garland’s opening night. My discovery of Garland dated from the 1950s when I saw The Wizard of Oz and A Star Is Born on television, and watched her very … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Judy Garland Wars!

Truth is stranger than fiction, and that’s the truth!  It’s the wacky, wild, mad-mad-mad-mad world of Judy Garland fandom.  It’s all here!  The drama, the comedy, the love, the hate, the excesses – and so much more. The Judy Garland Wars © -or- “How I survived the wacky world of Judy Garland Fandom” will lay … Continue reading

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The Judy Room’s 2014 Year in Review

It’s here!  The Judy Room’s 2014 Year in Review. Click on the image and link go to The Judy Room’s Year in Review page and download the print-ready and web-friendly versions.  Enjoy!               

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