On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – February 29 (Leap Years!)

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Judy Garland – Oscar Winner

February 29, 1928:  The second of a two-day engagement for Frances (Judy) and Alberta Gustoff performing the “Tin Soldier Dance” at the “Lancaster Department Store Spring Style Show” (aka Mrs. Wheeler’s Dancing School Style Show), at the Valley Theater (own and operated by Judy’s father, Frank Gumm), in Lancaster, California.

February 29, 1940:  Judy’s first participation in an Oscar ceremony in which she won her only Academy Award for the “Best Performance By A Juvenile during the past year” (1939) for her work in both The Wizard of Oz and Babes in Arms.  Co-star and best friend Mickey Rooney presented the award to Judy, after which she sang “Over the Rainbow.”  The newspapers reported that Judy’s dress was lavender in color, with lavender floral accents.

Oz also won Oscars for “Best Song” and “Best Original Score.”  It was nominated for “Best Picture”‘ “Best Art Direction”; “Best Cinematography – Color”; (losing to “Gone With The Wind” on all three); and “Best Visual Effects” (losing to “The Rains Came”).

Judy would go on to be nominated twice: As “Best Actress” for A Star Is Born (1954) and “Best Supporting Actress” for Judgment at Nuremberg (1961).

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February 29, 1944:  Filming on Meet Me In St. Louis continued on the Interior Esther and Rose’s Room,” “Interior Living Room,” and “Interior Lower Hall” sets.  Judy had a call for 10:00 a.m.  The assistant director’s reports note: “Garland phoned at 9:12 – she had overslept; arrived thru gate at 9:25 – at 10:30 we phoned her 9in her dressing room) – said she had been delayed by conference with Mr. Freed; She arrived on stage at 10:45, and was ready at 10:50.”  Dismissed: 5:05 p.m.

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February 29, 1950:  Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reported on the slow filming of Summer Stock.

Photo:  Judy on the set with director Charles Walters and Nita Beiber.

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February 29, 1956:  Judy was a “scofflaw”!

February 29, 1964:  “Judy plans Spec” (specials).  According to this blurb, Judy and producer Bill Colleran planned to co-produce a series of TV specials to be taped at Judy’s concerts around the world to be titled “Judy Garland: Globetrotter.”  It was a great idea if it were even true, and would have made for some fantastic specials.  It’s a shame something like that never happened.

Also included above is a “TV Mailbag” letters to the editor pertaining to the news of the cancelation of Judy’s TV series.  CBS wasn’t listening.


February 29, 1968:  Richard K. Shull’s column reported on the state of residuals for recording artists and the fact that many of them (including Judy) didn’t get any residuals for some of their most famous songs.

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