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“Judy Garland News & Events” is set up to feature, naturally, the latest Garland related news and events – plus information about upcoming products such as new Blu-ray releases, CDs, and more.

“Judy Garland News & Events” replaces the News page over at The Judy Room website.  The reason for the replacement is simple:  This blog lends itself to better news reporting and archiving.  It’s easier to link this to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  Plus it’s easier to link to the RSS Feed on computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, Droid, and so on.  Simply click on the icons at the very top right of this pages to create your links.

The look and feel of this blog is significantly different that The Judy Room website, for two main reasons:  1) This has more of the look of a newspaper or journal.  2)  It’s intentionally different to give it its own identity.  It’s a blog, not a website.

I have included links in the top tabbed menu to The Judy Room and its main sections.  As time goes on, there could be additional pages on this blog that are linked in this manner.

Enjoy this blog, link back to it, and have fun reading it.

Scott B.
The Judy Room

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