Pigskin Parade DVD Cover Art

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Pigskin Parade DVDFrom FoxStore.com comes the details of the DVD extras for Pigskin Parade. And the cover art (seen above):

– Full-frame Feature
– “Making the Team: The Talent of Pigskin Parade”
– Remebering Judy: Lorna Luft On Judy Garland
– Meet the Coach: Darryl F. Zanuck
– Restoration Comparison

– Advertising
– Studio Shots
– On the Field
– Campus Capers

Run Time: 93
Audio: Language: Dubbed & Subtitled: English, French, & Spanish
Close Captioned: Yes
Color: n/a


  1. Hi there! Do you know what is going on with there being two different DVD editions of “Pigskin Parade” available on Amazon? One shows the cover art, one doesn’t, but they are clearly the same movie and are being released on the same day. The prices are also different! Can you shed any light on the subject? Thanks!

  2. I believe that the page without the image is the original page Amazon made when the DVD was first announced.When the artwork and details were released, it looks like Amazon made a new page, and neglected to remove the old.I would definitely go with ordering from the page that has the image – just to be on the safe side.Thank you for writing!

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