1. Although I’m really stoked about this set, I have to say I am slightly disappointed in the extras; either there is not much supplemental material out there, or the MGM/Warner vaults are holding out for a future release.

  2. For some reason, I think it has to do with copyright issues or ownership issues, MOST of the Warner Home Video releases of Judy’s films on DVD only have one or two takes from the MGM prerecording sessions.These were previously available on the 1994 LaserDisc “Judy Garland The Golden Years At M-G-M”. However, none of the recording session tapes have been released for any of the Judy/Mickey “barnyard musicals” that are included in this new DVD set.I’m hoping that these new DVDs include the “public service announcement” shorts that Judy and Mickey did. I know I’ve seen the March Of Dimes short. I believe they may have made one or two more. I was hoping on most of the DVD releases that they would include all of the prerecording sessions. But they don’t. I’m not sure why. They’re including Roger Edens’ demo recordings on the upcoming “The Pirate” DVD, but not all of the sessions with Judy and Gene. Odd.

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