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Two items:

1) – – We have a wonderful interview with the driving force behind the upcoming CD release, Lawrence Schulman. He also wrote, in both French and English, the detailed liner notes. Lawrence gives us some insight into the process of how CDs get made, and what went into determining the contents.
CLICK HERE to read the interview.

2) – Savoy Jazz is releasing another Garland TV series compilation. This time titled “Judy Takes Broadway”. The title has raised a few eyebrows in the Garland fan community, because that’s the original title of the unreleased “Judy Takes Broadway” LP that Capitol recorded in 1962 as a follow-up to Judy’s legendary “Judy At Carnegie Hall” LP.

Judy performed at the Manhattan Center in New York on April 25,1962 with Capitol on hand to record the event. Unfortunately, Judy was suffering from laryngitis and could not complete the “concert”. Capitoldecided that Judy would re-record or overdub exisiting tracks in the studio, as well as record “Why Can’t I?” and “Do What You Do”, two songs she didn’t get to on April 25th.

The recordings went unreleased for years until 1989, when Capitol released them as “Judy Garland – Live!“, and added a few TV series tracks to fill out the CD. That 1989 “Live” CD has been out of print for years. Fans have been hoping that Capitol (or DRG, who released the recent re-masters of “The Letter” and “Garland At The Grove“), re-master the tracks and re-release them. So now when fans see “Judy Takes Broadway”, they get excited, assuming that the 1962 tracks are finally being re-released. Nope! This new CD is a compilation of performances by Judy (and a few friends) from her TV series. All of these particular performances are new to CD. And a few of the performances are some of the same songs she performed in 1962 for that ill-fated

Let’s hope this new CD doesn’t have the same sound discrepancies as the last Garland/Series release from Savoy Jazz “Judy Garland Greatest Hits – Live!“.

Track Listing:

1. Sail Away

2. Get Me to the Church on Time

3. Sophie Medley ( I Love You Today, When I’m in Love, I’ll Show Them All) with Steve Allen

4. Hey, Look Me Over!

5. Never Will I Marry

6. Why Can’t I?

7. Kismet Medley (Night of My Nights, He’s in Love, And This Is My Beloved) – with Vic Damone

8. Joey, Joey, Joey

9. Some People

10. The Party’s Over with Mel Torme

11. Encore: Here’s to Us

Product Description (from Savoy Jazz):

Contains 11 tracks new to CD! One of the preeminent entertainers of the twentieth century, Judy Garland hit some of her highest performance peaks during the tapings of her 1963-64 television series. These soundtrack recordings (most new to compact disc) showcase her incomparable voice in fifteen powerful, poignant, or persuasive solos and duets from the scores of eleven classic Broadway musicals.

Joined by guest stars Steve Allen, Vic Damone and Mel Torme, JUDY TAKES BROADWAY! features songs from such classic musicals as “My Fair Lady,” “Gypsy,” “Kismet” and many more.

Includes performance photographs and detailed liner notes by renowned Judy Garland researcher and producer John Fricke.

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