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I did not want to get into this here, as this is a “Judy Garland News” blog, and this notice really isn’t “Judy Garland” news (although it’s connected to her name in the most back door way).  However, in light of recent accusations I feel I should clarify things for those who read this blog as well as other groups, lists, and boards.

For the record, and contrary to what Daniel Berghaus stated on his Yahoo group, I am not trying to “[bring] the experience down.”   By “experience” he means his Yahoo Group titled  “The Judy Garland Experience.”  Nor am I a part of any “conspiracy” to do so, as he has also claimed.

We had an argument.  I see things one way, he sees them in another way.  Plain and simple.  I won’t go into any of the “he said/he said” specifics here.  Not only do they not matter, but I have moved on.  I thought he had too, until a recent tirade and more accusations on his group.

So again, let me set the record straight:   Rest assured that I am not trying to do anything (negative or positive) to anyone’s group/board/list or any other online social networking site or even regular website.  Period.

Thank you!  🙂


Scott Brogan
The Judy Room


  1. So sorry to hear that you have left ‘The Board’ Scott…I know you will have good reasons.
    Be assured…you will be missed by many.
    As you are aware there is a turbulant history between Daniel Berghaus and myself,and that I too was accused of being a member of this imagined ‘conspiracy’…It is right to move on (as I have)
    Through my leaving ‘The Experience’ and sad though it was to leave my Youtube account (where I also came under attack) my life is all the more peaceful for it…I hope yours becomes so too.
    I wish you well in all that you do…good health and happiness always.
    Mark :o)
    P.S I ‘LOVE’ the new look Judy Room by the way…Great Job!

  2. So sorry that this has happened, Scott, I will miss you on the Board.

    Like Mark, I also have been the victim of numerous attacks by Daniel Berghaus, and I now have fears of joining conversations on the ‘Experience’ in case he begins to attack me again.

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