New Garland CD “It’s Lovely to be Back in London” set for Summer 2011 Release

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Update:  The new title of the set is “Judy Garland – The London Studio Recordings 1957 – 1964
Here is a preview of the cover art:

Judy Garland - The London Studio Recording 1957 -1964
Judy Garland - The London Studio Recording 1957 -1964


First Hand Records” has announced the release of a new Garland CD titled “It’s Lovely to be Back in London – The Studio Recordings 1957-1964.”

Per their website:  

Maggie May
1964 "Maggie May" 45rpm Release

From 1955 through 1964, Judy Garland was one of the most celebrated, acclaimed, and best-selling album artists on the EMI/Capitol roster. On several occasions during those years, she had the opportunity of recording at the Abbey Road studios. This forthcoming multiple disc set assembles her work done there between October 1957 and August 1964, including supposedly previously unreleased alternate takes. It’s the very first composite compact disc celebration of its kind and a guaranteed collector’s item for anyone who appreciates the Great Popular Songbook — and “the world’s greatest entertainer.”

To avoid confusion, the photo on their website is actually Judy at the Sahara in 1962, not in London.

A complete track listing and cover art have not been released, although it’s being reported that the set will include all of Judy’s recordings made at the Abbey Road Studios (judging from the title that’s a no-brainer), which include the Capitol “London Sessions” from August 1960, the soundtrack pre-recordings from “I Could Go On Singing,” Judy’s “Maggie May” recordings, singles, and supposedly some previously “unreleased” alternate takes and more.  It will be 2 CDs.

In this era of digital downloads and record labels being reluctant to release anything “old” on CD, this is great news and will surely be a welcome addition to everyone’s CD collection.

NOTE – Per the comment below by David at First Hand Records the set will include 13 (!) previously unreleased alternate takes.  Plus the tracks from “Maggie May” and “I Could Go On Singing” have “all been remixed at Abbey Road from the original 4-track session tapes.”  Thank you David for the clarification!

More info and details to come.  This will surely be one of the highlights of the upcoming Garland related summer releases.

For more information about Judy’s discography, check out:


  1. Well, since First Hand’s announcement specifically states that the set will consist of recordings made between October 1957 and August 1964, I doubt that anything she and Liza did in November 1964 for the Palladium album will be included.

    1. Good point!

      Too bad though, as that would have made it “complete.” I suppose making August the cut off is the only way the label can get around dealing with the drama associated with the Palladium recordings.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Thanks for your interest.
    Indeed, the set will include all the commercial releases recorded at Abbey Road but it won’t include the Palladium retake recordings, for one reason and another. But, we will be including lots of unpublished alternative takes (13 tracks). And the tracks from “Maggie May” and “I could go on singing” have all been remixed at Abbey Road from the original 4-track sessions tapes.
    More details on our website soon.

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