Order Info, Details & Track Listing for the upcoming Judy Garland Decca Singles Anthology CD Set

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Order in the U.S. from Worlds Records for only $28 (available the second week of August)
Order from Amazon UK (available September 5, 2011)

Smilin' Through - The Singles Collection 1936-1947

Smilin' Through 45 rpm Record
Details and track listing for the upcoming JSP Records deluxe 4-CD anthology “Judy Garland – Smilin’ Through – The Decca Singles 1936-1947” have been posted at The Judy Garland Online Discography.

A total of seven tracks make their CD debut with this release.  All of the tracks have been remastered and sound better than anything previously released.

The set is scheduled for a September 2011 release.  Order from Worlds Records for only $28! (available the second week of August 2011).

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