Track Listing & Press Release for Upcoming 2-CD “The London Studio Recordings 1957-1964”

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Release date:  October 11, 2011 – Pre-order at Amazon

Studio Sessions Press 1
    Studio Sessions Press 2

The track listing for the October release of “Judy Garland – The London Studio Recordings 1957-1964” has been announced.  As noted before, included are 12 previously unreleased tracks, plus a newly discovered demo recording made by Judy and Saul Chaplin for I Could Go On Singing titled “Please Say Ah!”  Some of these newly released alternate takes are evidently comprised of false starts, interrupted takes, and unfinished takes.  No word on whether any of these are actually complete takes or not.  This is definitely another “must have” for Garland audio fans.

Pre-order at Amazon.

Here is the track listing:

CD 1

Judy Garland - The London Studio Sessions1. It’s Lovely to Be Back in London
2. Lucky Day
3. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
4. Stormy Weather
An alternate (take 1) was released on the 2007 The Very Best of Judy Garland CD so this 2 CD set isn’t acomplete anthology of Judy’s London studio recordings.  
5. Medley: Judy at The Palace
6. You Go to My Head
7. Rock-a-Bye Your Baby (with a Dixie Melody)
8. Happiness is a Thing Called Joe
9. It’s a Great Day for the Irish
10. I Happen to Like New York
11. Medley
12. Why Was I Born?
An alternate was released on the  the 2006 Essential Judy GarlandCD.
13. Do it Again
14. Come Rain or Come Shine
15. The Man That Got Away
16. Chicago
17. You’ll Never Walk Alone
18. San Francisco
19. After You’ve Gone
20. Swanee
21. Over the Rainbow
An alternate (take 1) was released on the 2007 “The Very Best of Judy Garland.”

Recorded for the soundtrack of the Barbican Films production of I Could Go On Singing
1. Hello Bluebird
2. By Myself
3. It Never Was You (previously unissued alternate take)
Another alternate take was issued on the 2006Essential Judy Garlandand the 2007The Very Best of Judy GarlandCDs.
4. I Could Go On Singing
No word on whether this is the original recording or the 2007 remix

From the musical “Maggie May” (originally released in 1964 on “extended play” 45rpm)
5. The Land of Promises
6. It’s Yourself
7. Maggie May
8. There’s Only One Union

Garland at work in the studio  All previously unreleased material
9. Lucky Day (take 1)
10. Stormy Weather (take 4)
11. Why Was I Born (take 6)
12. After You’ve Gone (take 3)
13. It’s a Great Day for the Irish (take 2)
14. You’ll Never Walk Alone (take 1)
15. It’s Yourself intro chat
16. It’s Yourself (take 6)
17. The Land of Promises (take 4)
18. Maggie May (take 1)
19. Hello Bluebird (take 9)
20. I Could Go On Singing (take 1) interrupted partial take
21 It Never Was You intro talk to guitarist
22. Please Say ‘Ah’! (with Saul Chaplin)

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  1. I’m really excited about this release. It’s hard to believe that there is actually a “new” recording still out there. This is turning into a great year for Garland fans. I noticed some of the 1964 recordings were actually done on my birthday…not a big deal to most folks but kind of interesting to me…LOL. Thanks for all the hard work Scott and keep going strong!

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