Andy Hardy Meets Debutante & Life Begins for Andy Hardy coming to the Warner Archive Collection

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UPDATE:  Available now (December 1, 2011).  The first 400 copies are signed my Mickey Rooney!  CLICK HERE to order.

New at the Warner Archive Collection:  The Andy Hardy Collection, Volume One.  This first set includes Judy’s two previously-unreleased-on-DVD Hardy titles:  Andy Hardy Meets Debutante & Life Begins for Andy Hardy.  The other titles in the collection are: You’re Only Young Once; Judge Hardy and Son; Out West with the Hardys; & Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary.

For information about Judy’s Hardy films, go to The Judy Room’s Andy Hardy Filmography Page.

More details to come.

The Andy Hardy Collection

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  1. the Icons of Hollywood Auction from Profiles in History is open to bid: (interesting that Judy signed her name like this. maybe it was sent to somebody in Lancaster or Grand Rapids?) (I’ve never seen these wardrobe test photos before)

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