Please donate to help fund new documentary about the “Oz Community”

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Aaron Pacentine is the driving force behind a new documentary about the world of Wizard of Oz fans, collectors, and enthusiasts.  The documentary will highlight “individuals in the Oz community, including collectors, and fans who are helping keep Oz alive for a whole new generation.”

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Campaign.  They only need a few hundred to make their goal.  And there is only four days left!

Watch the trailer below; check out the documentary’s Facebook page and website.  This is sure to be one fantastic documentary about all things OZ!

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  1. Hi there – this is Aaron Pacentine hope all of you are well…..we are really exciting about this amazing production and it’s going to be wonderful! We are planning on bringing in a few extra special guests – but we need your help we will still need $520 more outside of our current 1,200 goal… us we got only a few days left!!! check out our kickstarter site for more!


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