It’s all about The Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3DThe OZ 75th anniversary celebrations are in full swing!  The IMAX 3D edition of the film premiered last week at the newly refurbished Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  That’s fitting because it was the site of the film’s big LA premiere in 1939.   As Judy Garland and Oz fans alike trek to IMAX theaters around the country to see the new 3D version (which is getting stellar reviews), they’re also waiting for the release of the film (and the 3D version) on new DVD & Blu-ray sets.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of the IMAX theaters showing The Wizard of Oz in 3D (September 20th – 27th, 2013)

CLICK HERE for details about the new DVD & Blu-ray sets

Along with the film, many new products are coming out throughout the next few months.  Some are already available.  There are many, many more items, books, trinkets, collectibles, figurines, dolls – you name it! – coming out.  Your best resource is Sharon Ray’s Curiozity Corner blog.  She has the inside track on all – and I mean ALL – of the OZ-related products coming up.  If you’re a serious OZ collector, you can’t afford not to bookmark her blog and sign up for regular updates.  It’s amazing!

The following is a sampling of what’s coming up, with purchase links:

The official 75th Anniversary Companion book
The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Official Companion Book


Wonderful Andrea Alvin artwork and much more at One Kings Lane
The Wizard of Oz Artwork by Andrea Alvin


This fun picture book is perfect for kids and the kid in all of us.  Also available for Kindle and iPads
The Wizard of Oz photo book


Two fun 2014 calendars
The Wizard of Oz 2014 Calendar
The Wizard of Oz 2014 Calendar


LIFE Magazine special editionLife Mag Special Sept 19 2013


Another fun gift idea
The Wizard of Oz Gift Package


The home video editions
The Wizard of Oz DVD & Blu-ray sets





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