JSP Records to release “Judy Garland: The Best of Lost Tracks 1929-1959”

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Due to the huge success of the 4-CD set “Judy Garland – Lost Tracks 1929-1959,” JSP Records is set to release a “Best of” single CD compilation, which will include four Judy Garland performances new to CD!  Read the press release below.

Check out The Judy Garland Online Discography’s “Lost Tracks” page for complete details about the original 4-CD set.

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LONDON, May 21, 2015 – JSP Records is proud to announce that after the phenomenal success of the 2010 4-CD box-set JUDY GARLAND: LOST TRACKS 1929-1959, it will be releasing in late 2015 a 1-CD compilation based on it, called JUDY GARLAND: THE BEST OF LOST TRACKS 1929-1959. Like the original release, the new one will be compiled by the award-winning Judy Garland historian, Lawrence Schulman, who will also write new liner notes. It will include Garland’s 1935 Decca tests, her earliest film appearances, as well as radio and stage performances. The new anthology will include not only some of the most memorable tracks from the original release, but also four new to CD. All of these new-to-CD tracks will be remastered by the renowned audio restorer John H. Haley. The new set will be produced by John Stedman, remastered by Peter Rynston, and designed by Andrew Aitken. JSP is honored to be the label behind such other Schulman-curated collections in recent years as SMILIN’ THROUGH (2011), THE CARNEGIE HALL CONCERT (2012), CREATIONS (2013), and THE GARLAND VARIATIONS (2015). For more information, contact John Stedman at john@jsprecords.com.

Judy Garland Lost Tracks
Judy Garland Lost Tracks



  1. Looking forward to hearing the previously unreleased tracks, but I’m getting tired of this increasingly cynical ploy by record companies of adding these unreleased tracks (sometimes just the one) to compilation albums, so that the die-hard fans will buy them.

  2. I’m not just getting at JSP here, whose Judy output should be applauded, but the record industry as a whole. I find the whole practice distasteful. This stuff never use to happen, so why is it happening now? Maybe it’s time for the record buying public to keep their hands in their pockets and say ‘no’. When the sales fail to materialise the suits might finally get the hint.
    But I am being hypocritical here, because I will buy the new release. And no doubt the next release of previously unreleased material that suddenly comes to light.

  3. Fair enough – but is that another way of saying that we have enough material for four extra tracks on this particular compilation before we release another album of new Judy material in twelve months or two years time? Which would bring me around to my original point of cynical, exploititive marketing, if that was the case.
    But hey, ho – everybody’s doing it, so why not jump on the bandwagon. We shall see.

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