“Judy Garland : The Best of Lost Tracks 1929-1959” CD Cover Art and Track Listing Announced

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Judy Garland - The Best of Lost Tracks 1929-1959The track listing and cover art for the upcoming release (Fall 2015) of Judy Garland: The Best of Lost Tracks 1929-1959 has been announced.

FOUR brand-new-to-CD tracks have been added, along with the newly remastered “best of” tracks that are featured.  John Haley, the expert audio engineer who gloriously restored and remastered the tracks in the best-selling Swan Songs, First Flights CD set, has returned to provide sparkling new restorations.

You can still purchase the original 4-CD “Lost Tracks” set here.



  1. Bill (O. Hammerstein II/J. Kern)
  2. Medley: On The Good Ship Lollipop (S. Clare/R.A. Whiting)/The Object Of My Affection (J. Greer/C.H. Poe/P. Tomlin)/Dinah (S.M. Lewis/J. Young/H. Akst)
  3. Broadway Rhythm (A. Freed/N.H. Brown)
  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones (H.J. Rome)
  5. Comes Love (S.H. Stept/C. Tobias/L. Brown)
  6. Minnie From Trinidad (R. Edens)
  7. Over The Rainbow ( Y. Harburg/H. Arlen)
  8. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (D. Fields/J. McHugh)
  9. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (J. Hanley)
  10. The Boy Next Door (H. Martin/R. Blane)
  11. Speak Low (O. Nash/K. Weill)
  12. The Trolley Song (H. Martin/R. Blane)
  13. Long Ago (And Far Away) (I. Gershwin/J. Kern)
  14. I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful) (H.Ruskin/H. Sullivan)
  15. I’ve Got The Sun In The Morning (I. Berlin)
  16. (I’m In Love With) A Wonderful Guy (O. Hammerstein II/R. Rodgers)
  17. Mean To Me (R. Turk/F.E. Ahlert)
  18. My Ship (Has Sails That Are Made of Silk) (I. Gershwin/K. Weill)
  19. Look For The Silver Lining (B.G. De Sylva/J. Kern)
  20. Who? (O. Harbach/O. Hammerstein II/J. Kern)
  21. The Man That Got Away (I. Gershwin/H. Arlen)
  22. The Land Of Let’s Pretend (G. Clarke/H. Akst)


  1. On Revival Day (A. Razaf)*
  2. Goody Goodbye (J. Cavanaugh/N. Simon)
  3. Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead (E. Y. Harburg/H. Arlen)*
  4. Over The Rainbow (E. Y. Harburg/H. Arlen)*
  5. The Stars And Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa)*

*First time on CD

Audio Restoration and Remastering by Peter Rynston of Tall Order Mastering and John H. Haley of Harmony Restorations LLC, except tracks 1, 2, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 by John H. Haley alone.

Tracks 1, 2, and 22 are used with the kind permission of DOREMI/HALLOW



  1. I am very happy at how this set has turned out. John H. Haley has told me it is going to be a “killer” set. I have no reason to doubt him. I would like to thank John for all the work he has put into further restoring many tracks and putting many of the tracks into the right pitch, as well as for kindly allowing JSP Records to use three DOREMI/HALLOW tracks. I think too that my new liner notes, called “Lost Tracks, Historicity, and the Hagiographication of Judy Garland,” which can already be read in the latest edition of Scott Brogan’s excellent Summer 2015 edition of “Garlands for Judy” (see: http://judygarlandnews.com/2015/07/06/garlands-for-judy-summer-2015-edition-now-available/), will interest fans and music lovers. I would also like to thank John Stedman, head of JSP, for his continued confidence. As for the recording details, they are as follows:

    Recording details:
    All Tracks:
    Judy Garland – Vocal

    Track 1:
    Ethel Gumm – Piano
    Decca test. DLA 158. 11”
    lacquers: etched notation on
    rim: DLA 158A. 29 March

    Track 2:
    Ethel Gumm – Piano
    Decca test. DLA 159. 11”
    lacquers: etched notation on
    Rim: DLA 159A. 29 March

    Track 3:
    Introduction – Wallace Beery
    The Shell Chateau Hour
    26 October 1935

    Track 4:
    The Pepsodent Show with
    Bob Hope
    7 March 1939

    Track 5:
    Arrowhead Springs Hotel
    Opening broadcast
    16 December 1939

    Track 6:
    Command Performance #18
    18 June 1942

    Track 7:
    Command Performance #24
    28 July 1942

    Track 8:
    Command Performance #35
    9 October 1942

    Track 9:
    Command Performance #58
    20 March 1943

    Track 10:
    Armed Forces Radio and
    Television Service’s Basic
    Music Library – ‘P’ series: P-
    Circa 1944

    Track 11:
    Mail Call #72
    5 January 1944

    Track 12:
    Mail Call #91
    17 May 1944

    Track 13:
    Command Performance #129
    15 July 1944

    Track 14:
    Command Performance #134
    19 August 1944

    Track 15:
    Command Performance #241
    29 September 1946

    Track 16:
    The Bob Hope Show
    30 January 1951

    Track 17:
    The Bing Crosby Show
    7 March 1951

    Track 18:
    The Lux Radio Theatre – Lady
    in the Dark
    15 February 1953

    Track 19, 20:
    A Tribute to Jerome Kern.
    Hollywood Bowl. Los
    Angeles. 20 July 1946

    Track 21:
    Municipal Auditorium. Long
    Beach, California. 8 July

    Track 22:
    The Gumm Sisters
    Bubbles (First National –
    Vitaphone Pictures). 1-reel
    bichrome Technicolor short.
    Vitaphone #3898 + disc.
    Filmed November or
    December 1929.
    Released January 1930

    Track 23:
    The Shell Chateau Hour
    6 August 1936

    Track 24:
    The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show
    7 November 1939

    Track 25:
    The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show
    26 December 1939

    Track 26:
    Louella Parsons Show
    Pianist(s) unknown
    December 1948

    Track 27:
    Hollywood Party
    12 January 1951

  2. This is terrific news as track 26, “Over the Rainbow,” from the Louella Parsons show included the introduction which she never recorded commercially! Although not written for the film but rather for the publication of the sheet music, it is a lovely piece of music. Thanks to the folks at JSP records!

  3. It is not correct that “On Revival Day” hasn’t already appeared on CD. It’s on track 3 of CD II of “Judy Garland Classiques et inedits.”

    1. My fault. Shoot me. In any case, John H. Haley’s remastering on THE BEST OF LOST TRACKS is far superior to the mastering on JUDY GARLAND: CLASSIQUES ET INEDITS.

  4. Be that as it undoubtedly is, “Goody Goodbye” is track no 8 on the same Classiques Et Inedits disc. So, at least 2 of the 4 new to CD tracks aren’t.

    1. Hi Charles,

      As you write, on the CD “Goody Goodbye” does not have an asterisk, meaning it was already issued. Insofar as the swing “Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead,” it has never been released on CD. It was performed on The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show of December 26, 1939. It does not come from The Lux Radio Theatre broadcast of The Wizard of Oz of December 25, 1950.

      All best.

  5. Sorry, I see “Goody Goodbye” is actually not listed as new to CD.

  6. Sorry again, but I think, although am not sure, that “Ding, Dong,The Witch Is Dead” appears on the Radio Spirits CD set “The Smithsonian Presents Judy Garland,” which includes the 12/25/50 Lux Radio Theatre production of the Wizard of Oz. Is the version on the new CD from that radio show, or from another source? Anyway, I have no doubt, that the remastering is better on the upcoming CD.

  7. Thanks Lawrence. Looking forward to the new CD. I don’t think that swing version of “Ding. Dong” has ever been included on any LP either. At least, I’ve never heard it. Although there’s much else, of course, that alone would make the new disc a treasure.

    1. Hi Charles – The swing version of “Ding, Dong” comes from a very noisy source. That, in fact, is the reason it has never been released until now. Audio restorer John H. Haley has used the most modern mastering tools to make it sound better, and it does by far, but it was never going to be pristine. The same can be said of the 1948 “Over the Rainbow” with the verse, the only time Judy sang it. It is from a very poor recording, and again John has done a spectacular job in getting some good sound out of it. For both of the above recordings, John spent many weeks trying to figure out engineering strategies to improve them, and he has markedly. I hope you enjoy them. And again, I take full responsibility for not remembering that I already included “On Revival Day” in CLASSIQUES ET INEDITS. But again, John H. Haley’s expert remastering of it in THE BEST OF LOST TRACKS more than makes up for my error.

  8. Hi. I have one other (last, I promise) comment regarding the upcoming disc. I think that “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” which I’m assuming is from the March 7, 1939 Pepsodent Show, has also not been released on LP before. Is it from that show? If so, I think it may have actually been part of a medley.

    1. “The Stars and Stripes Forever” on THE BEST OF LOST TRACKS comes from Hollywood Party of January 12, 1951. To the best of my knowledge, it has never been released.

  9. Hi again. Will it ever be possible that the 4 tracks from the Robin Hood Dell concert will be made available to the public on a CD?

  10. Of course not. I wish it would legally be made publicly available on CD. The Studio Recording Inc. LP, “Music By Kostelanetz,,” an image of which, noted as “out of print,” and actually listing 6 tracks, does still appear on the “Judy Room” web site under “Discography Miscellaneous.”

    Another radio performance that might be considered for a future CD is the parody of “Over The Rainbow” which Judy performed on the 2/15/45 radio show “Dick Tracy In B-Flat,” which is on an LP.

  11. Hi, we we are making requests, I would love to hear/see The songs Judy did with Al Jolson, she did Johnny One Note, solo and duet of “Pretty Baby” I believe with Mr. J.

  12. The “Pretty Baby” duet with Jolson (the only recording of her singing with him), from the 9/30/48 radio program, is at track 17 of Disc C of Lost Tracks. I don’t know if “Johnny One Note,” which she sang on the same show, has been released on a CD. It has been on LP.

  13. Hi Larry. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Some that immediately come to mind, unless I’m mistaken, that may never have been on CD are the duet with Bing of “Rudolph The Red- Nose Reindeer” from a Music Hall Radio broadcast, the parody of “Rainbow” from the Feb. 15, 1945 broadcast of “Dick Tracy In B-Flat, ” and a duet with Bob Hope of “I’m Gonna Go For You” from the same broadcast. I think there may also be some minor ones such as “Gotta Get Out And Vote” (1944), and a short duet with Dick Haymes of “There Is A Tavern In The Town” (actually a commercial advertisement from 1944). These are on LP’s issued as long ago as 40 or more years. I’ll check for any others I might find. Looking forward to the Best of Lost Tracks. Charles.

  14. Hi Larry. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Some that immediately come to mind, unless I’m mistaken, are the “Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer” duet with Bing from a Music Hall broadcast, the “Rainbow” parody and a duet with Bob Hope of “I’m Gonna Go For You” both from the 1945 “Dick Tracy In B-Flat” broadcast, and a couple of minor ones- a commercial advertisement duet with Dick Haymes of “There Is A Tavern In The Town (1944), and a solo of “Gotta Get Out And Vote” (1944). These are on some LP’s that are more than 40 years old. There may be others. I’ll look. Looking forward to Best Of Lost Tracks, which I’ve ordered. Charles.

    1. Hi Charles – The track list can now be seen if you go to the appropriate page at The Judy Room’s discography section (http://www.thejudyroom.com/misc/classicduets.html), at MVD (https://mvdb2b.com/s/JudyGarlandDuets/JSP977), and also at Amazon U.K (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duets-Judy-Garland/dp/B071ZRLMQY/ref=pd_sbs_15_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=3AM9CQ6BWES6FM3DB4FG). I think you will not be disappointed. Thanks for writing. And enjoy!

      All best.

  15. Also as far as I can tell, other radio performances not on LP but never on CD: the solo of “Johnny One Note,” and a duet with Dick Haymes of “The Day After Forever.” Charles

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