Judy Garland returns to vinyl!

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Attention vinyl collectors – Judy Garland is returning to vinyl!  

The original LP version of "Judy at Carnegie Hall"

UME (Universal Music Enterprises) is partnering with Hits Magazine to release new, limited edition, vinyl-only re-releases of these classic Capitol Records LPs:

Miss Show Business
new liner notes by Lorna Luft (2015 is the 60th anniversary of this album)

Judy At Carnegie Hall
new liner notes by Terrence McNally

Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli – ‘Live’ At The London Palladium
new liner notes by Liza Minnelli

Judy Garland - Miss Show Business        Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli "Live" At The London Palladium

Note that these will be limited special collector’s editions vinyl-only pressings of the original LPs.
The records are scheduled to be released on October 2, 2015.
Once a purchase link is available, we’ll post it here.

Check out The Judy Garland Online Discography for details about all of Judy’s recordings!



  1. Makes me wish I still had a record player. Vinyl was a much more satisfying experience than CD’s ever were. And as for downloads…
    Maybe I’m just getting old!

  2. Digital is convenient, but there is no tangible, tactile connection there. Holding a big LP cover, a pictorial insert if you’re lucky, seeing the symmetry of the vinyl grooves — one feels the importance of the music. It is much more real, and of course a much warmer sound. Great news, indeed.

  3. I agree, Judi. The whole experience of vinyl, when you knew one of your favourite artists was about to release a new record, was something to look forward to.
    Everything seems just so clinical nowadays. Still, we can reminisce!

  4. I agree with you Judi and Paul. Although I am glad to have the wealth of unreleased material on CDs, I am very tactile and enjoy the whole experience of records; from reading the liner notes to placing the record on my turntables. As I started collecting records in the mid sixties, I still refer to myself as a record collector rather than “vinyl,” especially as many records in my collection are made of shellac and other materials. Vinyl sounds so retro to me as I have never stopped collecting. What is fun is to occasionally find a sealed copy of a favorite beat up record. Also, I have former students who are now friends (I teach theatre and visual arts) whom I have turned on to records and at Christmas time I try to find vintage sealed copies of albums that they will enjoy. Last Christmas I was able to give one friend sealed copies of the MGM soundtrack of “The Wizard of Oz,” a mono version of “Judy at Carnegie Hall,” and the Record Day release of “the Wizard of Oz.” It’s fun to see them break open the record with such enthusiasm! In the last few years I bought myself sealed copies of the 45 rpm MGM album, “Summer Stock,” “Meet Me in St. Louis”/”The Harvey Girls” on Decca records, in addition to various other Garland albums that desperately needed replacement. Best of all were sealed copies of the 78 rpm sets of “Words and Music” (wrapped in brittle plastic) and “The Pirate” which was wrapped in plain brown paper that included the MGM record logo as well as a white label on the side with the title of the film along with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. Of course I shall be buying copies of these three “new” Garland LPs for friends as well as myself. By the way, has anyone ever heard recordings by Celia Lipton as a child? Later in life she became a rich socialite in Florida who recorded a half dozen or so record albums on her private label (horrible!) but as a teenager she won a Judy Garland sing-a-like contest in England which resulted in her playing Dorothy for a special radio broadcast in 1940. My interest in her is a result of her playing Peter Pan in London in 1944 for a book I wrote but a few weeks ago I purchased a Columbia 78 rpm record from about 1940 in which she sings a “Judy Garland Medley” which includes “I’m Just Wild About Harry,” “I Cried For You,” and You Made Me Love You.” She sounds remarkably like a young Judy! The reverse side of the platter is a “Deanna Durbin Medley” (also a favorite singer of mine) which includes “My Own,” “Someone to care for Me,” and “It’s raining Sunbeams.” Just as amazing in her Durbin imitation!

  5. Have enjoyed reading all the comments about records. They remind me of why I still get a thrill seeing a Garland record album. Not that I’m very happy to have cds, them giving us access to so much Garlandia that we might not otherwise have gotten.

    Bruce, I have heard that Celia Lipton recording of Judy Garland songs. Interesting to know she went on to play “Dorothy” and then Peter Pan. Thanks for the info.

  6. Will the new vinyl lps be re-mastered and issued on 180 gram vinyl? I have already have a copy on vinyl but it certainly would be nice to have a copy that has been re-mastered so that the sound quality is improved.

  7. That is great news. I have waited for this for a long time. I already have the Judy & Liza at the Palladium on Mobile Fidelity’s audiophile release, so I may need to order the Carnegie Hall and Miss Show Business lps to have all 3 on audiophile pressings.

    1. I hope they don’t disappoint. The folks who are issuing them have been wonderfully nice to work with. I’m sure the LPs will be just as nice.

  8. I just got my copy of Carnegie today! Sounds amazing. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much of a difference than the original release but I was wrong. Mind you I have a kick ass turntable system. Highly recommended. I’m gonna purchase the other two LPs this week!

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