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Mint Audio Records Releases Judy Garland: Soundtracks

Judy Garland - Soundtracks CD Set

THORNTON-CLEVELEYS, LANCASHIRE Mint Audio Records is proud to announce the release on July 25, 2017 of a new 2-CD 48-track set, Judy Garland: Soundtracks. Remastered by renowned U.K. audio engineer Richard Moore, compiled by Lawrence Schulman and Scott Brogan, with sleeve notes by Brogan and photos from the collection of Schulman, the collection includes Garland’s greatest movie hits, including four outtakes, from 1929 to 1961. Painstakingly restored, the compilation offers listeners a 21st century audio experience that far outshines previous releases. Included are such Garland classics as “(Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You,” “Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart,” “Over The Rainbow,” “Danny Boy,” “Singin’ In The Rain,” “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,” “How About You?,” “The Trolley Song,” “The Boy Next Door,” “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “On the Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe,” “A Couple Of Swells,” “I Wish I Were In Love Again,” “Last Night When We Were Young,” “Friendly Star,” “Get Happy,” “The Man That Got Away,” “The Far Away Part Of Town,” and “Little Drops Of Rain.” The set uses songs composed by some of the greatest songwriters of the Great American Songbook, namely Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Yip Harburg, Ted Koehler, Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren, Nacio Herb Brown, Arthur Freed, Burton Lane, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, and André Previn. It also includes duets with such singing partners as Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, and Fred Astaire. As head of Mint Audio Records and Mint Audio Restoration, Moore has been called “a master of his craft” by Steve Woof, director of EMI Gold, and has given new life to such artists as Matt Monro, Cilla Black, Jim Reeves, Barbra Streisand, Rosemary Clooney, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Patsy Cline. The 12-page brochure includes track research by Schulman, and the 6-page sleeve notes by Brogan, who is founder of the websites The Judy Room, the Judy Garland Online Discography, and Judy Garland News and Events, delve into Garland’s soundtrack recordings as never before. Music producer, critic and translator Schulman, in the words of ARSC Journal critic, James Fisher, “brings impressive expertise as a popular culture historian and sound archivist to the task of exploring Garland’s audio achievement.” Over the past three decades, he has worked with such distinguished audio restorers as Robert Parker, Jon M. Samuels, Gary Galo, Peter Rynston, John H. Haley, Robin Cherry, and Peter Reynolds, and been responsible for numerous award-winning Garland CD releases. He has also written extensively about her through sleeve notes, reviews, and articles; his talk on her, “Moments of Magic,” has been heard in New York, Boston, and other venues.

Judy Garland: Soundtracks can be purchased at the Mint Audio Records website and at Amazon.co.uk.

For technical information about the remastering, go to www.mint-audio-restoration.co.uk/judy.

For full discographical information, go to www.thejudyroom.com/soundtracks/soundtracks.html.

For more information, contact Richard Moore at richard@mint-audio-restoration.co.uk.

Track List:

CD 1

  1. Blue Butterfly (Tucker/Schuster), A Holiday in Storyland (1929), November 1929
  2. It’s Love I’m After (Mitchell/Pollack), Pigskin Parade (1936), Summer 1936
  3. Everybody Sing (Freed/Brown), Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937), with Sophie Tucker, 5-3-37
  4. (Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You (McCarthy/Monaco/Edens), Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937), 7-5-37
  5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Cahn/Chaplin/Secunda), Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), 21-6-38 (outtake)
  6. In Between (Edens), Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), 24-6-38
  7. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (Hanley), Listen Darling, 16-9-38
  8. Over The Rainbow (Harburg/Arlen), The Wizard Of Oz (1939), 7-10-38 & 13/4/39
  9. I Cried For You (Freed/Arnheim/Lyman), Babes In Arms (1939), 23-5-39
  10. I’m Nobody’s Baby (Davis/Ager and Santly), Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940), 14-3-40
  11. Danny Boy (Weatherly), Little Nellie Kelly (1940), 10-9-40 (outtake)
  12. Singin’ In The Rain (Freed/Brown), Little Nellie Kelly (1940), 10-9-40
  13. I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (Carroll/McCarthy), Ziegfeld Girl (1941), 13-11-40
  14. Minnie From Trinidad (Edens), Ziegfeld Girl (1941), 14-1-41
  15. How About You? (Freed/Lane), Babes on Broadway (1941), with Mickey Rooney, 18-7-41
  16. For Me And My Gal (Leslie/Goetz/Meyer), For Me and My Gal (1942), with Gene Kelly, 21-3-42
  17. How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm? (Lewis/Young/Donaldson), For Me and My Gal (1942), 27-3-42
  18. But Not For Me (Gershwin/Gershwin), Girl Crazy (1943), 29-3-43
  19. Bidin’ My Time (Gershwin/Gershwin), Girl Crazy (1943), with The King’s Men, 14-4-43
  20. The Trolley Song (Martin/Blane), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), 2-12-43
  21. The Boy Next Door (Martin/Blane), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), 4-12-43
  22. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Martin/Blane), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), 4-12-43
  23. On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (Mercer/Warren), The Harvey Girls (1946), 8-1-45

CD 2

  1. In The Valley (Where the Evening Sun Goes Down) (Mercer/Warren), The Harvey Girls (1946), 16-2-45
  2. Look For The Silver Lining (DeSylva/Kern), Till The Clouds Roll By (1946), 2-10-45
  3. Who? (Harbach/Hammerstein/Kern), Till The Clouds Roll By (1946), 9-10-45
  4. Love Of My Life (Porter), The Pirate (1948), 13-5-47
  5. You Can Do No Wrong (Porter), The Pirate (1948), 13-5-47
  6. Be a Clown (Porter), The Pirate (1948), with Gene Kelly, 14-7-47
  7. I Want To Go Back To Michigan (Down On The Farm) (Berlin), Easter Parade (1948), 12-11-47 & 19-2-48
  8. A Couple Of Swells (Berlin), Easter Parade (1948), with Fred Astaire, 13-11-47
  9. Better Luck Next Time (Berlin), Easter Parade (1948), 7-1-48
  10. I Wish I Were In Love Again (Hart/Rodgers), Words and Music (1948), with Mickey Rooney, 28-5-48
  11. Johnny One Note (Hart/Rodgers), Word And Music (1948), 30-9-48
  12. Last Night When We Were Young (Harburg/Arlen), In The Good Old Summertime (1949), 16-11-48 (outtake)
  13. Merry Christmas (Spielman/Torre), In The Good Old Summertime (1949), 16-11-48
  14. I Don’t Care (Lenox/Sutton), In The Good Old Summertime (1949), 17-11-48
  15. You Can’t Get A Man With A Gun (Berlin), Annie Get Your Gun (1950), 25-3-49 (outtake)
  16. If You Feel Like Singing, Sing (Gordon/Warren), Summer Stock (1950), 13-10-49
  17. (Howdy Neighbor) Happy Harvest (Gordon/Warren), Summer Stock (1950), 13-10-49 & 2-2-50
  18. Friendly Star (Gordon/Warren), Summer Stock (1950), 27-10-49
  19. Get Happy (Koehler/Arlen), Summer Stock (1950), 15-3-50
  20. Here’s What I’m Here For (Gershwin/Arlen), A Star Is Born (1954), 21-8-53
  21. Gotta Have Me Go With You (Gershwin/Arlen), A Star Is Born (1954), 22-8-53
  22. The Man That Got Away (Gershwin/Arlen), A Star Is Born (1954), 4-9-53
  23. It’s A New World (Gershwin/Arlen), A Star Is Born (1954), 23-11-53
  24. The Far Away Part Of Town (Langdon/Previn), Pepe (1960), April 1960
  25. Little Drops Of Rain (Harburg/Arlen), Gay Purr-ee (1962), November 1961

Judy Garland: Soundtracks can be purchased at the Mint Audio Records website: and at Amazon.co.uk.

For technical information about the remastering, go to www.mint-audio-restoration.co.uk/judy.

For full discographical information, go to www.thejudyroom.com/soundtracks/soundtracks.html .

For more information, contact Richard Moore at richard@mint-audio-restoration.co.uk.


  1. This is amazingly good news and what a surprise! I had no idea this was even in the works. I just read Richard Moore’s notes about the restoration process which is fascinating. For a long time I had hoped that someone would one day issue Garland’s best soundtrack recordings in one set. Can’t wait to hear everything and I am keeping my fingers crossed that “Who” includes Kay Thompson’s additional lyric. Also excited about what I read regarding “Michigan,” “Happy Harvest,” “”A Couple of Swells,” and…well I guess about everything included on this set. Nice! And I just ordered a copy. Thank you, folks.

    Bruce K. Hanson
    author of “For the Record: Confessions of a Vinyl-Soundtrack Junkie” (Forgive me for the plug for my book but I could not resist. 🙂 )

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for writing! The version of “Who” here is the MGM Records version so it doesn’t have the extra lyrics. 🙁

      Everyone, here’s a link to Bruce’s book – it’s definitely worth getting if you’re a soundtrack fan!

  2. I was already excited to hear about the Judy Garland Duets CD that will be released in August. So learning about this release of Judy’s soundtracks is a added thrill. I can hardly wait to hear this re-mastering of songs from the ever inspiring and powerful voice of Judy Garland!

  3. Thank You! to Lawrence Schulman for his continual releases of material on the Great Judy Garland! It is refreshing to have a person such as himself and friends to bring to us the best in technology in preserving the voice of one of the greatest singers of all-time. His releases are the finest in quality in hearing Judy’s young voice especially. I hope there will be many more to come when possible!

    1. I would like to piggyback on this and second your thoughts, and say that I am glad that Larry has picked up the baton from the late Scott Schechter in getting new, unreleased material out to the fans – and properly remastered and restored by professional engineers. The technology today is light year ahead of what it was 20 years ago which was the last time many of these recordings were even looked at in that sense. It’s also way ahead of what was available even 5 or 6 years ago. Amazing!

  4. Yes, and Larry like the late Scott Schechter are all about sharing the latest technology in the most professional and truly heart-felt way possible. Unlike certain so-called Judy Garland historians who tried to bad-mouth Scott so their name could be recognized as the alpha and omega of all things Judy! The only experts are the listerners who share the art and don’t feel the need to put down other fans! Thank! You Larry !

  5. Thank-you to Scott and Sheldon for your kind words. Much appreciated. But, I don’t work alone in these projects. Scott has been at my side for many years now by writing brilliant notes and very effectively promoting projects at his site. But, as I am a stickler for sound, I have also to thank all the find audio engineers I have worked with in the past 24 years. Richard Moore of Mint Audio Records is the current audio engineer who has done wonders on SOUNDTRACKS. But, since I started producing Garland sets (which is way back in 1993), I have also worked with such talented people as Robert Parker, Jon M. Samuels, Gary Galo, Peter Rynston, John H. Haley, Robin Cherry, and Peter Reynolds. I must give a special nod to John H. Haley, with whom I worked on LOST TRACKS and THE BEST OF LOST TRACKS, and who has masterfully restored and remastered so many difficult tracks. Otherwise, JSP Records has to be thanked for backing me in so many projects. I will always be thankful.

    Finally, you are right, Sheldon, to say that both Scott and I have tried to separate ourselves from some of the wackiest elements of Garland fandom. Yes, I have had harsh words for certain unnamed people, but have not dwelt on it. Hate has no place in my world.

    Again, thanks, Sheldon, for all. It has made my day.

    All best.

    1. Also, Larry if you haven’t heard the 24-Karat Gold Cd of Judy at Carnegie Hall that was released in 2000 I believe, I highly recommend it. Judy’s voice practically jumps from the speakers it is so clear, much better than the silver releases of that concert. It is one of my favorite Cd’s along with your excellent releases, and since you are a stickler for sound, I am sure you will appreciate the 24-Karat gold release of that concert. And by the way, I have been wanting to Thank You! and your other quality team for years, ever since I first heard Lost Tracks. Its great that I have finally gotten around to Thanking you! Looking forward to hearing Soundtracks and Duets!
      Sincerely ,
      Sheldon Cooper

  6. I love the fact that you acknowledge the other talented people who are also instrumental in researching and getting the finest quality released. I realize that it is a group effort and I also would like to applaud Richard Moore John H. Haley, Richard Parker and the many other talented people who have helped you through the years. I’ve seen you interviewed via-internet Larry and I am always impressed by how you share your Love for the finest! I love Lost Tracks, Songs She Introduced, The Single Collection, Swan Songs, and all of the excellent recordings you have put out through the years! Keep up the Great Work! Are there any plans to also release them on vinyl since it is becoming popular again in America. Is vinyl popular again in the UK? I still listen to things on vinyl and enjoy it very much! Thanks Again! Sheldon Cooper

  7. Hi Sheldon,

    I know that there are many people who think 180-gram or 200-gram vinyl is the only true audiophile experience, but unfortunately I am not one of them. I have little tolerance for the pops and turning over the disc every twenty minutes. For me, the only true audiophile formats are SACD, Blu-ray audio, high-resolution files, and DVD-Audio back in the day. Still, I realize there is a vinyl bandwagon, and there have been five audiophile Garland releases to date: MIss Show Business (high-resolution download + LP), Alone (LP), Judy at Carnegie Hall (LP), Judy and Liza at the London Palladium (LP), Judy Garland’s Greatest Hits Live (LP). In fact, I just finished writing a review for the ARSC Journal of Alone from the label Vinyl Passion, and it is not exactly positive. So, no, I have no plans to release any vinyl, and none of the labels I work with have either. Sorry I can’t share your point of view, Sheldon.

    All best.

    1. Hello Larry,
      I certainly understand your view on the vinyl industry! I only recently bought a record player and only use it every once in a while. And you have to invest money on a really good player in order to really experience the difference. The quality of your CDs on Judy and the 24-karat Gold CD of her at Carnegie Hall are still my favorites for quality sound. I also love Blue-ray quality picture and sound, and I also have a Laser Disc machine(remember those). I saw your review on the vinyl of the so-called greatest hits live by the unnamed person and I completely agree with you. I only usually buy original vinyl releases if they are in good condition. I think the release of the Greatest Hits Live was unnecessary and is misleading. Well, keep up the Great work and I am looking forward to more Judy Garland releases from you and team in the future. Sincerely,

  8. Hi everyone,

    This sounds like a nice CD set. I do have one question because I was always told to never assume.

    The newer versions of the soundtrack after the 1980’s annoyed me to no end to the point where it sits in a box, and I never listen to it. It seems from what I’ve read that the songs from A Star Is Born, the original mono versions without the the extra sound effects, have been used for this set. Would it be correct for me to believe that is what I will be getting? If so, I am all in for this.
    My apologies if this was addressed on here already.

    Also, will this be released in the USA? I do not see it listed on my Amazon site.


    1. Randy, thank you for writing!

      Here is the link to Richard Moores page on which he explains what was done with every recording on the set. It’s fascinating stuff, especially for us soundtrack fans.

      Here’s what he says about the “A Star Is Born” recordings:

      20. Here’s What I’m Here For
      Originally deleted from the movie when it was severely edited by the studio, but restored in 1983 when the film was reconstructed. The film soundtrack was recorded using the latest technology, in this case, three channel magnetic film recording (35mm sprocketed tape) which consisted of stereo orchestra on two tracks and vocal on the third. Unfortunately, the original mag film for this song is missing. The song is cut short in the film but is the best sounding version of the song. Therefore for this version, we have used an edit of the soundtrack and the original mono soundtrack album.

      21. Gotta Have Me Go With You
      This song needed a certain amount of reconstruction to create a stereo mix of the version of the song issued on the original 1954 mono soundtrack album. The 1954 mix was clean – i.e. no extra effects or audience noises and included a short section of the song not featured in the film. For this version, the three channel music track was used as the basis of the recording, but this only matched the film edit, not the LP. Inserting the missing material would have meant a jarring switch to mono. The next step was to reconstruct the backing track, 99% of which was intact with a short section taken from elsewhere in the song to cover the gap. Laying the mono version into the reconstructed stereo track was still an obvious change in sound. The Mono LP mix was then filtered to reduce the backing track but keep the vocal sounding the same as the isolated vocal track. The mono vocal & the stereo backing were then synchronized and re-mixed creating the first release of the effects (and on set noise) free LP edit in stereo.

      22. The Man That Got Away
      23. It’s A New World
      Both of these songs were re-mixed from the three channel source, with The Man That Got Away retaining the clean trombone intro originally featured on the mono 1954 soundtrack album. For reasons unknown, the vocal booth Judy Garland sang in (or perhaps more likely an echo chamber) gave the sound the quality of her singing in a tin bath! These new mixes minimize this effect and make the vocal and backing track sound like they belong to each other.

      I hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions! 🙂

  9. Thanks to all for getting back to me. I did read Richard Moore’s info previously; however (and maybe it was a bit over my head), he mentions using three channel sources and this made me think of how the stereo versions that I hate were made from stems on the newer soundtrack CDs. What I really want to know: am I getting the mono versions now in stereo?

    For now, my “go-to” version of the A Star Is Born soundtrack is the CD on the Prism Leisure label. Though the review for it says it is “listenable” for a mono recording, it is more than fine for me. Plus it has some great artwork on it.

    1. “Gotta Have Me Go With You” and “The Man That Got Away” are indeed the LP versions. Moore was able to recreate them in stereo, without the extraneous noises (dancing, those screams).

      I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  10. Yes, thank you; you have. After The Man That Got Away, Gotta Have Me Go With You is my favorite track and totally ruined for me by the screams & horse clopping sound affects (or whatever that is) and everything else from the kitchen sink that was tossed in on the newer sound track CDs.

  11. Many congratulations Richard, Lawrence, and Scott, for producing such a truly sublime 2 cd set. I can hear that a lot of work went into the excellent restoration/remastering – really jaw-dropping with major improvements on the previously released versions. Keep up the great work!

  12. Mint Audio Records has informed me that JUDY GARLAND: SOUNDTRACKS has sold very well since it was released in July. In fact, half the pressing is already sold out, which is phenomenal. Thanks to everyone here for that resounding success.

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