Judy Garland – “The Balboa” – Previously Unreleased Alternate Take

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Here’s another treasure from the collection of John Newton: A demonstration record that features a partial alternate take of 14-year-old Judy Garland’s first song in a feature film, “The Balboa” from 20th Century Fox’s 1936 musical Pigskin Parade.

Judy Garland - The Balboa

Garland fans might have noticed that a few of the lyrics Judy sings don’t match her lip-synching. This is because after the number was filmed the studio (probably the producer or director) decided to change a few of those lyrics. They called Judy back to re-record part of the song.

In the film, Judy sings: “Shake a little bit, Swing a little bit, Break a little bit, Wing a little bit.”

In the original recording, Judy sings: “TRUCK a little bit, Swing a little bit, BUCK a little bit, Wing a little bit.” The lyrics noted in caps match her lip-synching.

“Buck” makes more sense with “Wing” being an obvious reference to “buck and wing” style of dancing.

The change is probably due to the fact that the lyrics are sung so fast that “”buck” sounds like a four-letter-word. Perhaps the Production Code caught it and made them change it or they changed it on their own. We’ll never know.

Also included in the number are the film’s stars: Jack Haley, Patsy Kelly, Betty Grable, Dixie Dunbar, Stuart Erwin, Johnny Downs and The Yacht Club Boys.

For more information about “Pigskin Parade” check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Pages on the film at http://www.thejudyroom.com/pigskinparade.html.

Thank you, John, for sharing more of your wonderful collection!



  1. Hi Scott . . .

    What a great way to start my Sunday morning !

    As usual, your presentation is first class. VERY nicely done.

    The weather out here in the East remains warm, but I still feel a chill when I hear and see 14-year-old Judy belting out a song with that pitch-perfect golden voice.

    Many thanks, Scott, for your work on this. Again, it’s presented perfectly.

    – John – .

    1. You’re welcome! All the thanks go to you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing these gems from your collection.

      And yes, I get the same feeling when I hear her voice at this young age. If anyone could be the definition of someone with a truly “God Given” talent, it would be Judy Garland.

      Thanks again for sharing!

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