Michael Siewert’s Amazing Judy Garland Collection Up For Auction

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Now’s your chance to own a unique piece of Judy Garland history!  In just one day (November 17th) Julien’s Auctions is auctioning Mike Siewert‘s world-renowned Judy Garland collection.  Most fans know that the cornerstone of Siewert’s collection is the costumes which have been displayed around the U.S. and England, but you might not know that his collection includes rare home movies, records, photo, posters, dolls, scripts, music sheets, Judy’s makeup case, even her father’s family album of photos taken before Judy was born – and more!
Click here or on the catalog cover image above to go to the Julien’s site to see everything that’s being auctioned.  Below are images of just some of the wonderful items.

Judy Garland Home Movies
Judy Garland Home Movies – Sold for $2,880

As if the auctioning of Siewert’s collection isn’t enough, the next day (November 18th) Julien’s is auctioning items from the vaults of Joseff of Hollywood.  Scroll down to see a few examples of the jewelry he designed that Judy wore.

Good luck bidding!

Original "Dorothy" DollOriginal “Dorothy” Doll – Sold for $2,187.50

From the Julien’s catalog:


Michael Siewert has been collecting Judy Garland memorabilia since he was six years old. A poor kid from Kentucky, he would frequent flea markets, purchasing what he could afford — items such as records, postcards, and photographs.

As an adult, his passion for Garland’s legacy continued to grow, and his hobby became more serious as he began collecting her personal mementos and stage and screen costumes. He became well known for his efforts while traveling with original Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz and Garland’s family and colleagues to exhibitions of his collection that received rave reviews.

Turner Classic Movies hired Siewert to exhibit his collection at its inaugural TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. In 2016, the London Palladium hired him to exhibit there, where Garland had several career triumphs. Two of Garland’s husbands called on Siewert to include their Garland possessions in his collection so he could share them with the world.

The boy from Kentucky never dreamed his hobby would become world-renowned or provide him with the thrilling opportunities that it has. While Siewert has savored preserving Garland’s legacy and sharing his collection, he has decided it is time for others to own these artifacts of show business history from the legendary Judy Garland.

Photos from the Julien’s website.

Brunswick "The Wizard of Oz" set
Brunswick “The Wizard of Oz” set


A Star Is Born - Judy Garland Costume
A Star Is Born – Sold for $6,400


Judy Garland Blackglama
Blackglama – Sold for $5,120


Judy Garland TV Costume
Ed Sullivan Show, Concert, Wedding Worn Ensemble – Sold for $15,625


Easter Parade Judy Garland
Easter Parade – Sold for $3,840


In The Good Old Summertime Judy Garland
In The Good Old Summertime – Sold for $12,500


The Pirate Judy Garland
The Pirate – Sold for $15,625


Words and Music Judy Garland
Words And Music – Sold for $7,680


Summer Stock Judy Garland
Summer Stock – Sold fo $7,500


Judy Garland Meet Me In St. Louis
Meet Me In St. Louis – Sold for $12,500


For Me And My Gal Judy Garland
For Me And My Gal – Sold for $4,480


For Me And My Gal Judy Garland
For Me And My Gal promotional outfit – Sold for $3,520


Presenting Lily Mars Judy Garland
Presenting Lily Mars – Sold for $7,500

Here are a couple of the items that are part of the Joseff of Hollywood auction on November 18th.  Joseff created amazing pieces of jewelry for use in films and worn by just about every big star during Hollywood’s golden age, including a few well-known items that Judy wore (see below).

Ziegfeld Follies
Ziegfeld Follies – Sold for $18,750


Judy Garland Jewelry Set
Jewelry Set – Earrings sold for $4,375; Necklace for $1,920



  1. Is it me or the mannequins? Judy looks much, much better in those outfits than the mannequins. I would have sold my first born for that turquoise vest. The “wedding” dress looks like it could be worn either way.

  2. My mother was born in 1931, and like most teens in her day of the Golden Age if Hollywood, she sent off for the official 4×6 glamour shots if the stars. I have her collection, in excellent condition, of over 20 stars: Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Mickey Rooney in his army uniform, and other big name stars. I’ve been searching for someone to evaluate their value and a buyer.
    Please contact me with any info you may have in this regard.
    Julie Kinser

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