The Judy Room’s 2017 Year in Review is here!

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The Judy Room’s 2017 Year in Review is here!  This year it’s interactive!
Click on the image below or here.  This new version works in all browsers and on all mobile devices.

The Judy Room's 2017 Year in Review - Celebrating the life and legacy of Judy Garland

There is also the standard PDF version which can be downloaded here.  The embedded videos might not play properly depending on what PDF viewer you’re using.

It’s better to view it via the interactive version.

Check out the past “Year in Review” for the past 13 years here!


      1. I did download pdf version, never had any trouble printing the past ones. This still is only in black and white??? I printed other thing and the color is fine….

        1. Double check your printer settings on your computer when you print. Make sure “black and white” isn’t checked. The PDF is full color and is formatted the same as all previous publications so there shouldn’t be any problem. Download it before printing, perhaps if you’re printing via your browser it defaults to black and white.

          1. Very strange. I printed a photo of my neice and it is fine color is great. Thanks for trying to help me.

            1. That’s strange indeed. Not knowning what you’re printing from or what system you’re on it’s hard to troubleshoot from this end. Double check yoru print settings, they might be different for PDFs and printing from a browser as opposed to downloading then printing from your computer can sometimes make a difference.

              1. I did download it, but still in b and w. I will just print it in b and w. Thanks for your help.

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