On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – April 6

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On this day…

For more details and more photos, check out The Judy Room’s Facebook Page where daily “on this day” updates are posted chronicling Judy Garland’s incredibly rich and busy life!

April 6, 1937: Judy’s weekly appearance on Jack Oakie’s “Oakie’s College” radio show on CBS Radio. Judy sang a duet of “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off” with Oakie and soloed on “Smiles.”
Listen to, and download, “Smiles” here: http://thejudyroom.com/songs/Smiles%201937.mp3
More Judy Garland radio performances can be downloaded from The Judy Room’s “Judy Sings! On The Radio” page here: http://thejudyroom.com/radiosongs.html

During this time at MGM Judy was in the midst of pre-recording sessions for her first feature film for the studio, “Broadway Melody of 1938” (1937).

April 6, 1941: Movie Star Mothers have their day!

Decca Records "Girl Crazy" 78 album

April 6, 1944: Decca Records released its “cast album” of songs from “Girl Crazy” featuring Judy and Mickey Rooney. The tracks were not soundtrack performances they were studio recordings made at the Decca Records studios. This was the second of four such “cast albums” of songs from Judy’s films.


Check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Pages on “Girl Crazy” at http://www.thejudyroom.com/girlcrazy.html

Judy Garland and Charles Davis April 5, 1951

April 6, 1951: Judy was photographed in London with Charles Davies. She had just arrived in the city to prepare for her concert debut at the London Palladium on April 9th which was the beginning of her legendary “Concert Years.”

April 6, 1952: Judy was in rehearsals for the debut of her show at the Los Angeles Philharmonic on April 21, 1952.

April 6, 2004: Big news for Judy Garland fans! Warner Home Video released FIVE Garland films on DVD for the first time (details here: http://www.thejudyroom.com/judygarlandondvd.html).
The big release was the deluxe 2-disc special edition boxed set of “Meet Me In St. Louis” which premiered the new “Ultra-Resolution Process” restoration of the film. It was the third film to be restored by Warner using the new process and was unveiled with a lot of fanfare just a few days before on April 4th, with Judy’s co-star in the film, June Lockhart, and daughter Liza Minnelli, in attendance.

The four other films (“Love Finds Andy Hardy”, “For Me And My Gal”, “Ziegfeld Girl”, and “In The Good Old Summertime”) were released in single-disc “snap cases” featuring an array of extras.

Check out The Judy Room’s “DVD/Blu-ray” pages for details, including this page featuring the original press release and details on each DVD:


Also on this date: The four single-disc DVDs noted above were released as part of a seven-disc set titled “The Judy Garland Signature Collection” which added the previously released “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Harvey Girls” and “A Star Is Born.”

See information about that set here:  http://www.thejudyroom.com/signaturecollect.html

Also, check out the separate pages for each release here:”Meet Me In St. Louis”


“Love Finds Andy Hardy”


“In The Good Old Summertime”


“The Judy Garland Signature Collection”


To date, only “Meet Me In St. Louis” has been upgraded to Blu-ray (http://thejudyroom.com/louisblu.html). “A Star Is Born” was also released in the Blu-ray format (http://thejudyroom.com/asibblu.html) although the original DVD release was not new to this 2004 release at that time. The same goes for “The Wizard of Oz” of which the then current single DVD disc was the most recent but has since been released and re-released in multiple Blu-ray editions (http://thejudyroom.com/oz70th.html).


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