On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – April 10

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On this day…

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Freddie Bartholomew gives Judy Garland flowers

April 10, 1940: Here’s a cute cartoon that mentions Judy and Freddie Bartholomew, as well as Judy’s flower shop (which was a reality, at least for a while).

Also on April 10, 1940: Decca Records recording session at the Decca studios in Hollywood, California. Judy recorded four songs in the following order: “(Can This Be) The End Of The Rainbow”; “Wearing Of The Green”; “I’m Nobody’s Baby”; and “Buds Won’t Bud.” The latter two were also recorded by Judy for MGM’s “Andy Hardy Meet’s Debutante” with “Buds Won’t Bud” being deleted.

“I’m Nobody’s Baby” was the highlight of the film and this Decca recording (paired with “Buds Won’t Bud” on Decca single #3174) was released by Decca to coincide with the release of the film. What’s interesting is that “I’m Nobody’s Baby” was the “B” side of the single, but is the song that became the hit, peaking at #3 on the charts.

“Wearing of the Green” was not released until August and was paired with “Friendship” which Judy recorded with Johnny Mercer on April 15th. “(Can This Be) The End Of The Rainbow” was released in September of 1940 and then again in November 1941.

For information about all of Judy’s Decca recordings and their many, many re-releases, check out The Judy Garland Online Discography’s Decca Records pages at http://www.thejudyroom.com/decca.html

April 10, 1945: Judy and co-star John Hodiak were on location in Chatsworth, California in the San Fernando Valley, filming desert scenes for “The Harvey Girls” including the ultimately deleted song “My Intuition.”  Time called: 10 a.m.; arrived: 10:15 a.ma; dismissed: 5:35 p.m.

Check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Page on “The Harvey Girls” at http://www.thejudyroom.com/theharveygirls.html

Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in "The Pirate"

April 10, 1947: Another famous Garland outtake was pre-recorded on this day, “Voodoo” for “The Pirate.” The song went through various takes but was ultimately deleted after filming. The footage no longer survives.  Time called: 12 p.m.; dismissed: 5 p.m.

Check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Pages on The Pirate here.

Also on April 10, 1947: Borrow Judy Garland’s Beauty Secret! This Lux Soap ad promoted their product as a tie-in to the recent MGM musical hit “Till The Clouds Roll By” in which Judy’s guest star appearance as Marilyn Miller was the highlight.





Check out The Judy Garland Online Discography’s “Till The Clouds Roll By” pages at http://thejudyroom.com/soundtracks/clouds78.html

Check out The Judy Room’s Extensive Spotlight Section on “Till The Clouds Roll By” at http://www.thejudyroom.com/clouds.html



Meanwhile, the newly formed MGM Records had just released (on March 1st) their first album, “MGM-1,” which was the soundtrack to “Till The Clouds Roll By.”

April 10, 1951: The reviews were in and Judy was the talk of the entertainment world with her smashing success on her opening night at the London Palladium the previous night. What would become known as her legendary “Concert Years” had begun.
Note how the articles mention Judy’s weight with words like “heavyweight” “plump” and “ungainly matron.” That didn’t stop the critics from giving her stellar reviews, of course, but one wonders what these words did for Judy’s self-confidence if she read them.

April 10, 1952: Judy’s divorce from her second husband, Vincente Minnelli, was reported and being finalized on April 9th. This left her open to marrying Sid Luft.

April 10, 1961: The Atlanta Constitution ran this great artwork promoting Judy’s upcoming concert at the Municipal Auditorium on April 13. The concert was part of Judy’s big 1961 tour, the apex of which was her legendary appearance at New York’s Carnegie Hall on April 23rd.

Also on April 10, 1961: Judy and husband Sid Luft were sued by the Western Costume Company for $11,000. The suit was actually filed the day before, on April 9th, and hit the news the following day.

April 10, 1963: The Hollywood premiere of Judy’s recent film, “I Could Go On Singing,” took place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The event was a benefit for handicapped children. Judy was in New York at the time so she did not attend.


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