On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – November 11

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“The show must go on.” – Judy Garland to her physician who was trying to convince her to take a rest after suffering nervous exhaustion due to her backbreaking Palace schedule, 1951

November 11, 1937:  Judy’s weekly appearance on the “Good News of 1938” radio show.  This was the second installment of the new show which had started a week prior on November 4th.  No recording is known to exist of this week’s show, so it’s unknown what Judy sang.

The review at the top right noted that the second half of the premiere episode was the best (it wasn’t the section that featured Judy but was the section that featured scenes from The Firefly) and noted that this week’s episode was sure to be much smoother.

November 11, 1939:  This fabulous four-page supplement promoting The Wizard of Oz appeared in the Orangeburg, South Carolina, “The Times and Democrat” paper.  The latter three photos are details from the previous four pages.

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November 11, 1939:  While The Wizard of Oz was playing around the country so was Babes in Arms.  Here are clippings from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.


November 11, 1943:  Judy had more work on Meet Me In St. Louis, time called: 11:00 a.m.; dismissed: 4:05 p.m.  It’s not noted exactly what was done on this day but it was most likely either wardrobe and makeup tests or song rehearsals.

Poster artwork above from the 2011 BFI festival of MGM musicals.

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November 11, 1944:  This ad promoting the success of Meet Me In St. Louis appeared in the “Motion Picture Daily” trade magazine.

Lobby Card New 1

November 11, 1944:  Judy was out sick and thus did not do any filming on The Clock which was currently in production.

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November 11, 1947:  Judy had more wardrobe and makeup tests for Easter Parade.  Time called: 10 a.m.; dismissed: 5:50 p.m.

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November 11, 1949:  Here’s a great ad for In The Good Old Summertime as published in the Calgary Herald in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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November 11, 1951:  The strain of doing thirteen shows a week during her record-breaking historic run at The Palace in New York finally took its toll.  Judy collapsed in the wings after finishing part of her second show of the day.  She had just done fifty-one shows in a row without a single day off.  She took a solid four days off to rest.

The news hit the papers the next day (November 12th), including quite a few on the front pages.

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November 11, 1962:  Another article mentioning Judy’s weight, from columnist Earl Wilson.  The Judy text reads:

“Judy Garland was slim and wrote poetry when I first knew her.  Wonder if she would have retired then, had she known of all the problems of her future?”

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November 11, 1962:  Some more advertising for Judy’s recent film, the animated Gay Purr-ee as well as Judgment at Nuremberg

November 11, 1967:  Judy sang at the Tay Sachs dinner honoring Tony Bennett as “Man of the year” held at the Waldorf in New York. Earl Wilson’s column of November 13 stated she sang “with him and to him.”  That’s New York’s WNEW DJ & Sinatra devotee/scholar, William B. Williams on the right.

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November 11, 2019:  The release date for the boxed set edition of the UK version of The Wizard of Oz, rereleased for the 80th anniversary.  This set also featured the new 4K version of the film which was rescanned in 8K resolution for this 4K edition.

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