On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – November 24

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“It’s difficult to have sympathy for a girl who refuses to learn her lesson – and completely impossible to have any sympathy at all for the advisors and hangers-on who disregard her well-being whenever they see a chance for a quick profit through her work.” – Jimmy Fidler, 1951

November 24, 1929:  “The Gumm Sisters,” going by their new name “The Hollywood Starlets Trio” performed at their father’s Valley Theater in Lancaster, California.  Frances (Judy) sang “Wear A Hat With A Silver Lining.”


November 24, 1942:  More ads and reviews for For Me And My Gal.  The article above the collage of ads points out the similarities between the film’s vaudeville theme and Judy’s background.

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November 24, 1943:  Judy was out sick from rehearsals for Meet Me In St. Louis.  She returned the next day.

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November 24, 1943:  More for Girl Crazy, the last of the Mickey/Judy “Let’s Put On A Show” musicals and in my opinion, the best.

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November 24, 1944:  Judy and Vincente Minnelli boarded a train from California to New York for the NYC opening of Meet Me In St. Louis.  Once in NYC, they announced their engagement.

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November 24, 1945:  This article about The Harvey Girls appeared in the UK “Picturegoer” magazine.

Photo provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!

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Promo 2

November 24, 1947:  Judy was out sick from filming on Easter Parade.  She returned the next day.

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November 24, 1951:  Judy’s return to her tough schedule at the Palace and her precarious health was the subject of two columns printed on this day.

November 24, 1953:  The first of two days of filming for A Star Is Born on the “Exterior Makeup Dept.”; “Exterior Publicity Dept.; “Exterior Studio St. and Auto Gate”; and “Exterior Oleander Arms” sets.  On this day, Judy started at 10 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m.

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November 24, 1954:  Judy was released from the hospital.  She had entered Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles, California, on November 19th for a routine checkup and rest.  She was also pregnant with her third child, Joe Luft.

Also on this day, Ida Koverman passed away.  Koverman had been MGM studio boss Louis B. Mayer’s assistant.  She was a formidable presence and could make or break projects and careers.  She took Judy under her wing from the minute Judy first came to the studio and was an early champion of Judy’s talents, especially when it seemed the studio had forgotten about her.


November 24, 1959:  Judy’s mentor, Roger Edens, told columnist Earl Wilson that Judy shouldn’t worry about her weight, “Let her go on and be as big as Sophie Tucker or Kate Smith, but just sing!”

November 24, 1961:  Judy performed a one-night engagement at the Deauville Hotel in Miami, Florida.  The following night (November 24th) she performed at The Miami Convention Hall.

November 24, 1962:  Another development in the ongoing divorce battle between Judy and husband Sid Luft.  This time, (on Friday, November 23 but reported on the 24th) a judge appointed a receiver to take control of Judy’s assets which, Luft alleged, was $2 million that he said Judy had concealed.

November 24, 1968:  Judy spoke via phone with a London, England booking agent, Harold Davidson, whom she told she wanted to work in London.  He was certain he could get her a top figure at one of London’s leading nightclubs, and that he would call her back in a few days.  Judy also called Sid Luft in California, to try to get help in getting her orchestrations back.  Sid told her to forget Marelli, that he could never get the orchestrations, which he claimed “Group Five” had paid $14,000 for (or to get back).  The conversation really went nowhere.

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