On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – January 6

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“Judy Garland sings swing songs with the air of a veteran.  There is no doubt that this young lady will go far.” – “Picturegoer” review of “Everybody Sing,” 1938

january 6, 1938 background score

January 6, 1938:  Here is the Daily Music Report for the recording of the music to the trailer for Everybody Sing.  Judy wasn’t a part of this recording session of course, but I’m including it here as it’s of interest to soundtrack fans.  Below is the completed trailer.

Also on this day, Judy appeared on the “Good News of 1938” radio show broadcast by NBC Radio.  She sang, “Smiles,” “While Strolling Through The Park One Day,” and “Suddenly.”  No recordings from this broadcast are known to exist.

January 6, 1939:  Filming continued on the “Haunted Forest” set on The Wizard of Oz (including the “I’d Turn Back If I Were You” scene).  “The Jitterbug” number began filming a few days later.

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Photos provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!


January 6, 1940:  “Picturegoer & Film Weekly” magazine featured this ad placed by MGM touting the success of The Wizard of Oz.

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January 6, 1943:  Judy was in the middle of filming the “I Got Rhythm” number for Girl Crazy when she signed this basic agreement from MGM allowing her to participate in the recording of the “Command Performance #19” radio show on January 9, 1943.  On that show, Judy sang “The Joint Is Really Jumpin'” and “I Never Knew.”

Considering the way she was overworked during the filming of “I Got Rhythm” it’s amazing that she managed to perform on a radio program!

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January 6, 1943:  More from the “Showmen’s Trade Review” which features Thousands Cheer and a listing of the leading stars, with Judy in the list of the top five female stars for 1940 through 1943.

January 6, 1944:  A notice and an ad for Girl Crazy.

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January 6, 1944:  Meet Me In St. Louis filming continued on the “Interior Hall” and “Interior Living Room” sets, specifically the “Skip To My Lou” number.  Time called: 10 a.m.; Judy arrived at 10:25 a.m.; dismissed: 5:55 p.m.

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January 6, 1945:  Judy was featured several times in the “Showmen’s Trade Review.”

The first was a two-page spread from MGM promoting their recent hits.  The second an ad from her agency.  The third was on a list of leading actresses.  The fourth was the “marquee of the month” featuring the fantastic marquee for Meet Me In St. Louis.  The magazine noted that the Ferris wheel was animated and the giant letters were 3D with mirror facings.  That must have been something to see in person!

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January 6, 1945:  Judy rehearsed “On The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe” for The Harvey Girls.  She would pre-record the number two days later.  Time called: 2 p.m.; dismissed: 4 p.m.

The assistant director’s notes state that “after finishing rehearsal with Bob Alton at 3:00, [Judy] went over to rehearse with Kay Thompson.”

Kay was fairly new to MGM and she and Judy became best friends.  Kay was Liza’s godmother.  She was also a huge influence in Judy’s life and career, especially in broadening her horizons vocally.  Her influence would help shape Judy’s future stage persona.

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Photos:  Kay hugs and laughs with Judy after her opening at the London Palladium in 1951.

January 6, 1945:  Here’s another ad for Decca Records’ “Cast Album” of songs from Meet Me In St. Louis.  Below, MGM’s latest trade magazine ad as published in the “Motion Picture Herald.”  Scan provided by Rick Smith.  Thanks, Rick!

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January 6, 1951:  The UK “Picturegoer” magazine featured this two-page spread about Summer Stock (titled If You Feel Like Singing in the UK).

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Scan provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!


January 6, 1957:  Leonard Lyons included this anecdote in his column published on this date.  Whether it’s true or not is anyone’s guess.

January 6, 1963:  Judy attended the Broadway opening of “Oliver!” and was photographed backstage with, in the photo on the left, Georgia Brown (“Nancy” in the show) and the show’s composer and author, Lionel Bart; in the photo on the right Lisa Kirk and Judy congratulate Georgia Brown.

Here is silent footage of Judy (seen briefly) at the party following the Broadway opening of the musical “Oliver!”

January 6, 1965:  Judy made a personal appearance at the “Cue” magazine awards in New York.  The following evening, Les Crane showed a film clip on his TV show of Judy talking with Sammy Davis, Jr. at the event.  The footage does not survive.

Photo:  Judy on the cover of the March 6, 1954 “Cue” magazine; on the Sammy Davis, Jr. show March 6, 1966.

January 6, 1967:  Judy had spent the 1966 holidays with Tom Green and his family in Lowell, Massachusetts.  On this day the two left Lowell and spent four days (the 6th through the 10th) at Green’s alma mater, Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire.  Photos above:  Judy with Tom Green’s father, unidentified woman, and Tom Green; Judy and Green’s father.

Judy spent that Monday night (January 6) shooting pool with some of the students of the Alpha Theta fraternity.  These fun photos were taken of Judy playing pool with the boys.  The day after they left, on January 11th, the Dartmouth student paper quoted Judy as saying “Dartmouth is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen.  I’d love to live in Hanover.”  According to the UPI notice, Judy sang a stirring rendition of “Over the Rainbow” for the fraternity.  She also wrote the note as featured in the photo below.



January 6, 1969:  Aired on this day was Judy’s last TV appearance in the U.S.  She was the guest hostess for “The Merv Griffin Show” taped in New York on December 23, 1968.  The other guests were: Margaret Hamilton, Arthur Treacher, Moms Mabley, Van Johnson, Rex Reed, and The Ohio Express.

Judy sang “If You Were The Only Girls In The World” with Treacher and soloed on “Just In Time.”

The original footage of the show has been lost.  Only some silent color footage, taken by someone aiming their home movie camera at a television, and an audio recording, are known to exist.  Griffin later stated that the footage was not in his vaults since the material was erased after his series went to CBS in 1969.

Listen to the show here:

Photo:  Judy with Margaret Hamilton on the show.

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