On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – February 25

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“It’s true that I have had the darndest career.  Either I’m way up here or way down there.  But it’s getting a little ridiculous at this point the way people are always picturing me as crawling up out of the gutter.  To me that word tragic is getting to be a pain in the neck.” – Judy Garland, 1955

February 25, 1934:  “The Gumm Sisters” (Judy and her sisters) performed at either the Empire or the Mercy’s Capitol Theater (just which is unclear) in Yakima, Washington.  They were billed as “A Great Trio.”

February 25, 1938:  Judy’s Everybody Sing tour, her first big tour for MGM, took her from New York City to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was, naturally, a big hit.

February 25, 1938:  A few more newspaper items.  This time, Louella Parsons reports the news that Judy had been cast as “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz.  The second item is a report out of New York and how Judy wore herself out during her recent engagement.  The third is a fun tie-in ad using Judy’s image to sell sausages!

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February 25, 1939:  With principal filming completed on The Wizard of Oz the day before, Judy and her co-stars had an extensive day at MGM’s portrait studios, posing for publicity photos for the film.  Judy’s close-up portraits with Toto were taken by MGM Photo Gallery chief Clarence Sinclair.  Little did they know how enduring these photos would become!

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February 25, 1941:  Judy sang “Over The Rainbow” with composer Harold Arlen at the piano at the Greek Resistance Benefit, Los Angeles, California.  Judy also sang “It’s A Great Day For The Irish.”  David Rose conducted the orchestra.

Listen to “Over The Rainbow” here (new John H. Haley restoration!):

Listen to “It’s A Great Day For The Irish” here:

Listen to Judy’s segment here:

Check out the fabulous CD set “Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen” here.

February 25, 1952:  Judy’s recent closing night at The Palace the night before made the papers.  Note that the headline for the Jack Gaver article was meant to read “Judy Garland Completes” not “competes”!

February 25, 1954:  Filming on A Star Is Born continued with retakes shot on the “Exterior Oleander Arms” and “Interior Esther’s Room” sets.  Time started: 10 a.m.; finished: 6:15 p.m.

Photos provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!

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February 25, 1955 from Rick Smith

February 25, 1955:  Here’s a great newsprint magazine cover our of Melbourne, Australia promoting A Star Is Born.

Image from the Rick Smith Collection.  Thanks, Rick!

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February 25, 1955:  Here’s another article in which Judy talks about her Oscar chances, her recent successes on the stage, and her life and career in general.

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February 25, 1962:  Taped on January 5, 1962, January 8, 1962, and January 9, 1962, “The Judy Garland Show” (originally titled “Miss Show Business”) aired on CBS-TV.  The special featured Judy with guests Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and was taped the previous January.

The show was the highest-rated special in CBS history at that date and was nominated for four Emmy Awards: Best Program of the Year; Outstanding Variety or Music Program; Outstanding Performance in a Variety or Music Program; and Best Art Direction.  It did not win any.  

The show was poorly colorized in the 1980s and released on VHS and then DVD, which has been the only “official” home media release.  Below is the B&W version of Judy’s medley: “You Made Me Love You”; “The Trolley Song”; “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby”; “Swanee” and “San Francisco.”


February 25, 1968:  Judy was in concert at the Lincoln Center’s Philharmonic Hall in New York City.  Judy was in good form only a week after her disastrous engagement in Baltimore.

Here is a zip file of this Lincoln Center performance.

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