On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – February 27

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“Miss Garland is someone to reckon with.  Of all the youngsters who have graduated to more mature roles in recent years, she has the surest command of her form of make believe.  She turns in a warm, persuasive, and movie portrayal.” – “The New York Herald Tribune” on “For Me And My Gal,” 1942

February 27, 1934:  “The Gumm Sisters” (Judy and her sisters) performed at the Liberty Theater in Wenatchee, Washington.  The act was currently enjoying a tour of the West Coast which took them to several cities and towns in California, Washington, Oregon, and even a detour to Idaho.  For this engagement, the trio was billed as “Three Gumm Sisters (Trio Unusual).”

February 27, 1938:  Everybody Sing.


February 27, 1939:  Apparently, important factors in the success of young Judy Garland’s career were her beautifully groomed hair and skin.

February 27, 1940:  This photo blurb was correct.  It was odd that after the success of The Wizard of Oz and Babes in Arms in late 1939, Judy’s next assignment was a supporting role in Andy Hardy Meets Debutante which didn’t tax her talents but did give us her wonderful rendition of “I’m Nobody’s Baby.”  Judy began work on Debutante in February 1940 which was six months after she completed Babes in Arms.  It was the longest break in her career at MGM that was surpassed only by her thirteen-month maternity leave to have Liza.

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February 27, 1941:  Judy made second place in the Hollywood “Who’s Who” which according to this syndicated news blurb was “a most notable feat.”

The blurb also mentions Little Nellie Kelly which was released the previous year but was just making it to where this newspaper was located, Lake Park, Iowa.

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February 27, 1941:  Judy sang “America (My Country Tis of Thee)” at the 13th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.  Listen to her performance here:


February 27, 1942:  Judy had makeup and hair tests for For Me And My Gal.  Judy arrived at 1:00 p.m., dismissed: 5:20 p.m.

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February 27, 1945:  Judy had a call to be on the set of The Harvey Girls at 10:00 a.m.  Whatever was scheduled for that day was canceled.  The assistant director’s notes state, “Cancelled, went for hair checkup.”

Photo provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!

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February 27, 1946, & February 27, 1948:  Two Decca Records ads.  One for the hugely successful “cast album” of songs from The Harvey Girls (which is still a wonderful album to listen to today), and another St. Patrick’s Day ad.  Note that the record store advertising The Harvey Girls also promoted the store’s window display.  It would be great to see what that display looked like.  I’m sure it was great!

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The two Irish-themed singles that Judy recorded for the label on December 18, 1940, were listed.  Oddly enough, “Wearing of the Green,” which Judy recorded on April 10, 1940, was not listed in this ad probably because there was no other Irish-themed Garland single to pair with it.

Listen to “A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow” here:

Listen to “It’s A Great Day For The Irish” here:

Listen to “Wearing of the Green” here:


February 27, 1949:  Judy and her husband Vincente Minnelli were recently photographed out on the town.  This photo column, “Hollywood Mr. And Mrs.,” noted that Judy was looking better after having gained some much-needed weight.

February 27, 1951:  Judy appeared on “The Red Cross Fund Program” for CBS Radio broadcast out of Hollywood, California.  Ed Sullivan was the emcee for the all-star show and Judy’s appearance was allegedly pre-taped but no recording of this show is known to exist.

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February 27, 1954:  A Star Is Born filming consisted of retakes on the “Interior Downbeat Club.”  Time started: 10 a.m.; finished: 4:20 p.m.

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February 27, 1966:  Judy taped an appearance on “The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show” at the NBC Studios in Brooklyn, New York.  Judy sang “When You’re Smiling”; “The Man That Got Away”; “Give My Regards To Broadway” and a medley of some of her greatest hits sung with Davis and performed in Tramp costumes.  At the end of the show, Davis asked her to return the next week.

The show was telecast on NBC-TV on March 18, 1966.  Judy returned to the show for that second appearance on March 6, 1966 (telecast on March 25th).

All that remains of the show, which was filmed in color, is a black and white Kinescope film print discovered by Scott Schechter in 1995 at the Museum of Broadcasting.

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February 27, 1966:  The “Kraft Music Hall” aired on NBC-TV, hosted by Perry Como.  Judy and Bill Cosby were Como’s guests.  The show was taped in color on February 20, 1966, but all that exists is an inferior black & white print.

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February 27, 1967:  Judy stopped by the friends of her sometimes-escort John Carlyle.  Tucker Fleming and Charles Williamson were having their home on Norma Place in Los Angeles, California, remodeled, with a suite designed just for Judy, who would call it “her room.”

Photo:  Judy, circa April 1967.

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February 27, 1968:  Earl Wilson’s column reported the dire news that Judy had lost her townhouse in New York and had been evicted from her hotel.  He went on to report about the antics of Judy’s fans at her recent Philharmonic concert.

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