“Summer Stock” starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly coming to Blu-ray April 30, 2019

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Summer Stock Blu-ray

The Warner Archive Collection has just announced that Summer Stock will be released on Blu-ray in April 2019.  The exact date is unknown.  The great news is that the film is being presented in a “New 2019 1080p HD Master.”

Update:  The disc has a release day of April 30, 2019.  Purchase here at DeepDiscount.com.

NOTE:  The poster artwork used for the cover art is from a Belgian release of the film (see below) and is the only time Gene Kelly’s name was billed over Judy’s.  All of the other posters and advertisements gave Judy top billing, usually with a tagline that began “Judy and Gene!” It’s odd that the Warner Archive would choose this particular cover art although it’s still better than the previous editions!


April 30, 2019 Summer-Stock-Blu-ray 800

Update:  The final artwork used for the release has been PhotoShopped, placing Judy’s name first (above).

Summer Stock was Judy’s final film for MGM and her third with co-star Gene Kelly.  The highlight of the film is the now iconic “Get Happy” number.


For more about the film, check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Pages on Summer Stock here.

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From the Warner Archive:

NEW 2019 1080p HD MASTER
Run Time 109:00
Subtitles English SDH
Sound Quality DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 – English
Aspect Ratio 4 X 3 FULL FRAME, 1.37:1
Product Color COLOR
Disc Configuration BD 50
Special Features: “Get Happy: The Making of Summer Stock” (featurette); Vintage Pete Smith Specialty Short “Did’ja Know” (SD); Vintage Tex Avery cartoon “The Cuckoo Clock” (HD)Theatrical Trailer (HD)

There’s an unusual harvest at Falbury Farm: beans, hay…show tunes. It’s a bumper crop, too, with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly leading all the hoofing, singing and sparking. In her final MGM musical, Garland plays Jane Falbury, a farm owner more than a bit riled when her aspiring-actress sister (Gloria De Haven) shows up with a theatrical troupe that wants to stage a musical in the family’s barn. Any guess who becomes the show’s sudden star after its lead runs off with a Broadway actor? Highlights include Kelly’s shuffle-and-squeak “You, Wonderful You” dance solo making use of loose boards and newspaper on the floor, tuxedo-topped Garland’s leggy, joyous “Get Happy” and a Kelly/Phil Silvers country-bumpkin bit of “Heavenly Music” backed by woofing canines. After a show like this, how’re you gonna keep these kids down on the farm?

For more about the film, check out The Judy Room’s Filmography Pages on Summer Stock here.

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  1. Well PRAISE the freaking LORD!!!!! I can not-not-NOT wait!!!!! SS is one of the greatest showcases of Judy’s all-around virtuosity. She sings, she dances, she acts her head off, she’s hilarious and let’s not forget GORGEOUS, regardless of her weight. I have always treasured this film. The co-star wattage is also a real treat: Gloria DeHaven, Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers and Hans Conreid. The music! The scenery! The TRACTOR!

    Let’s pray that this is the beginning of a WB HAPPY HARVEST of more Judy films on BluRay!!!!!

    1. I hear ya! “The Clock” is a featured film at the TCM Film Fest this year, so maybe we’ll see a new HD release of that. I hope so! I love your comment about a “Happy Harvest” of Judy films. Brilliant.

  2. This is Great news. “Summer Stock” is one of my all time favorites of Judy’s. She looks good and her voice sounds beautiful. And amazing how she slimmed down for the “Get Happy ” number, so much that some people thought it was a out-take from a earlier picture, but it wasn’t. It was filmed I believe two weeks or so after the major parts of filming were completed. And I am always moved seeing her sing “Friendly Star”.

  3. I have to share a experience that I had watching “Summer Stock” as a teenager years ago which gave me goosebumps. The scene when Judy’s character discusses buying a tractor, she walks up to a calendar with the date June 21. She rips the page from the calendar which reads June22nd and walks away from the calendar. That is the day that Judy Garland left us in the physical world June22nd and “Summer Stock” was her last film made for MGM. Of course that is coincidence, but it amazes me that I noticed that as a teenager and it caught me off guard given me a chill. I shared that with friends who had never noticed that before I mentioned it. It was just a strange thing for me to notice,and I will never forget it.

    1. There are several odd coincidences and other happenings in Judy’s life that seem to be the provenance of fate. She sang “The Joint Is Really Jumpin’ Down At Carnegie Hall” in 1943’s “Thousands Cheer” and less than 20 years later she became synonymous with the fabled venue. She seems to be one of those people whose life appeared to be pre-ordained.

      1. I think you are right. She sang “Hang on to a Rainbow ” as a little girl way before “Over the Rainbow ” was written. And she sang “The land of let’s Pretend ” also as a little girl way before she did “The Wizard of Oz”. Her whole life was like some kind of preordained rhythm.

  4. I don’t mean to spoil the party, but this is pleasant news. Just pleasant. I am a hardcore Garland fan, but I remain baffled as to why this film is so cherished. Yes, it’s a miracle she finished it, but it is NOT a distinguished picture – in lighting, Technicolor, costuming, or score. Of course, “Get Happy” is an iconic moment, and I enjoy the lovely “Friendly Star”, and “Howdy Neighbor” (despite its clumsy, B-movie-like editing – repeating shots??). But the script was so beneath Garland and Kelly, and Phil Silvers and Eddie Bracken really fray the nerves (both are so obnoxious, Silvers in particular). And “Heavenly Music” is among the all-time worst numbers ever filmed, and definitely Kelly’s lowest moment on film bar none.

    That this film would see Blu Ray before “Ziegfeld Follies”, “The Harvey Girls” and “The Pirate” is nothing short of ridiculous. And, yes, “The Clock”, too, should’ve been released in HD first because it’s simply a better film.

    I don’t own “A Child is Waiting” on Blu Ray, nor do I have “I Could Go On Singing”. I WILL get “Summer Stock” on Blu Ray. I just won’t be rushing out to purchase it.

    This is probably tying in with the 50th anniversary of Garland’s death, as well as the Renee Zellweger bio. But, again, “The Pirate” should’ve come first, given how ornate and beautifully photographed the film is.

    Sidenote: When I was a teenager and saw “Summer Stock” in a revival house, the entire audience burst into laughter during the second half of “Howdy Neighbor.” It angered me, but I got what they were howling at – the horrible composition of the number, which starts out beautifully, and is sung with great gusto. But even that couldn’t stop the guffaws.

  5. Sorry if I’m over-posting, but I read my initial reply and realized how negative it was. Let me rephrase: While I feel other Garland films should’ve been released in HD first, the bigger point is that it’s GREAT that there is another Garland MGM musical on Blu Ray. Definitely news worth getting HAPPY about. Curious that Gene gets top-billing over Judy on the cover. Was this the way it was in 1950, or is this a new billing strategy??

    1. I didn’t think you were being too negative. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and you’re not alone in your estimation of the film. I personally enjoy it because it’s light and breezy and while it is beneath the mammoth talents of the two stars, it’s still fun to watch.

      I updated the blog post. I knew I’d seen that artwork before (it’s quite wonderful). It’s from the Belgian release and is the only time that Gene was billed over Judy in all of the advertisements and posters that I have for the film. I don’t know why they gave Kelly top billing in Belgium unless he was considered the bigger star in that country?

  6. I really enjoyed the “Howdy Neighbor ” song in “Summer Stock” and everything else in this gem of a movie. It may be comedic the way its performed in the movie but I Loved it! It makes me smile. I could care less about technical imperfections. And Irving Berlin said it best , “If my song can start you smiling, I’m happy! And this wonderful movie does all of that and more!!

  7. No offense to the marvelous Gene Kelly but the billing art work is wrong on this Blu-ray cover.. Judy should be at the top and it even would suit the placement of their faces better! All previous versions of this video have her name first like all “Summer Stock” movie posters and credits in which she had top billing.

    1. Agreed! While I love the poster artwork, it’s the only time Gene was billed above Judy. The artwork is from the Belgian release of the film. I added the original artwork to the blog post.

  8. Hooray!! This blu-ray release is cause for celebration! Always thought “Summer Stock” was a great showcase for Judy’s talents–her singing is as warm and thrilling as ever, her dancing with Kelly is simply amazing, and her acting gives the story much more credibility than it deserves. Of the three Garland and Kelly movies, I think this one holds up the best. Of course I like the other two, but I find “For Me and My Gal” to be kind of dreary (Technicolor would have helped!) and “The Pirate” to be so over-the-top that it’s more an acquired taste than any of her other MGM musicals. Must say I’m a little annoyed by the billing on the blu-ray cover . . . thank you, Scott, for explaining its origin. Incidentally . . . I don’t remember any reference to a valley in “Summer Stock.” Could the Belgian title-changers have been confusing this movie with “The Harvey Girls”?!

    1. “Summer Stock” had no meaning for Europeans at that time. “The Happy Valley” is probably the best they could come up with that could apply to a light hearted musical. Maybe they assumed Jane’s farm was in a valley? Who knows! 🙂

  9. Update 5/12/19 . . . Received my copy of this blu-ray yesterday from the Warner Archive site. I was very pleasantly surprised–same cover art as above, but with the billing order mysteriously corrected! Hooray for Warner Archive!

  10. Hi Scott, I got my copy of “Summer Stock” today from Best Buy. When I first watched the opening credits (over the mailbox), I didn’t notice any improvement. But WOW – by the time the camera moves in on Judy singing “If You Feel Like Singing”, the HD is massively noticeable. A total improvement!

    Another curiosity: The Blu Ray changes Judy’s “Portland Fancy” dress from light brown and orange, to very dark brown and RED. So, she looks slightly slimmer, and not as though she’s at a Halloween party!! Never liked that dress. Also, the “All For You” looks so much better!

    Lastly, there’s a VAST improvement in the sound!!! What a treat – have already watched it twice.

    What are your thoughts on the image and sound, Scott?

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