Judy Garland on the MGM Backlot

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Introducing a brand new Judy Room Spotlight:
Judy Garland on the MGM Backlot.

The “St. Louis Street” is seen in this aerial image from the 1950s.

Have you ever wondered where the famous “bloopface” scene from Easter Parade (1948) was filmed?  Or how about the brilliant “On The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe” number in The Harvey Girls (1945)?  Now you can find out!

This new spotlight section expands on the article published in the 2013 Garlands for Judy Holiday Edition.  Since that time, more research has brought to light interesting new details and clarification.  The spotlight also provides more in-depth information, many more photos, and some fun facts.  Some that might surprise you!

Additionally, there are interactive photos and maps showing the exact spots on the backlots where some of Judy’s most famous (and not so famous) scenes were filmed.

The spotlight section is split into two pages.  Part One focuses on Lot One (not a backlot, but where all the soundstages and other buildings were) and Lot Two (with the famous New York Streets and “Andy Hardy” Street).  Part Two focuses on Lot Three (where the iconic St. Louis Street was) and “Unknown Locations” which are just that, locations of scenes that we’ve been unable to verify just where they were filmed.

I hope everyone enjoys this virtual tour of the now gone MGM backlots, I know I enjoyed putting it all together!

The New England (Andy Hardy) Street



  1. Thanks – as always – Scott, for your hard work. The New England Street is also featured in countless TV shows, not the least of which, is The Twilight Zone!

    Such a shame that this mammoth Backlot was torn down almost 50 years ago, shortly after the completion of That’s Entertainment.

    1. You’re welcome! I have always been fascinated by the backlots. The St. Louis Street was in many shows, too, of course, as well at Twilight Zone (what a great show that is).

  2. Also, and I’m sure you’ll concur, Scott, Warner’s Blu ray of Ziegfeld Follies is stunning, especially the opening!! All the damage has (finally) been cleaned up. Any word on In the Good od Summertime? Hope it’s out by Christmas.

    1. It’s gorgeous!

      “Summertime” should be out this fall – probably closer to Christmas. On one of the forums, it was noted that it was taking a little longer to remaster/restore due to one (maybe more) reels for which they do not have the original Technicolor negative. I hope it’s just one reel. They should be able to fix it to match the rest of the film – it just takes longer and adds more costs!

  3. Oh boy is this ever going to be fun!

    STUNNING the way the page loads on my tablet!

    I just love you, Mr. B.!

    1. Thank you! It’s best on tablets and browsers. On smaller devices, it still works fine but the stars and “hotspots” are less easy to navigate (but they still work).


  4. Amazing job putting this together! ~ What a treasure for us all.

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