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Thank you to those who have commented. I appreciate the fact that you like the real Judy Room site, and that you understand my frustration.

Currently, the following pages and/or sections are closed and unavailable on The Judy Room site:

The Judy Garland Online Discography (only the homepage is up)

Judy on DVD (the main page and separate DVD pages)

Judy on Video (same as above)

Meet Me In St. Louis (entire section)

A Star Is Born (entire section)

Timelines (except the homepage)

Recently (last Friday, May 11th), in their anger towards me for pointing out their plagiarism, they hurriedly copied over the Judy Room Discography pages (the main pages for each section, with all of my writings), plus the DVD & Video pages to their blog. Under the anemic headings of “Her Music – Which she loved so much!”; “What Judy everyday” [I’m guessing this should be “What Judy DID everyday”]; and “Her Movies”. The “Judy Garland Rose” blog is lifted directly from Jim Johnson’s Judy Garland Database site.

Once again, all of the designs and codings go out the window and the copied pages look horrible.

They abandoned the “under construction” for their A Star Is Born blogs, as I had already taken them off The Judy Room before they had the chance to copy and paste them again.

They put a disclaimer at the bottom of each blog that reads either “Information was found on Judy Garland Room” or “Information was found on The Judy Room” (depending on which blog you look at), in a font color that is very difficult to read.

However, the good news is that since I’ve taken these pages/sections down, all that’s left on their blogs are the text and broken image links. And a few random photos that are still on the Judy Room site, in separate image folders.

So now, if you go to their page [link] you’ll only see broken image links and my original text.

I will work towards reformatting The Judy Room pages and then re-posting them. It will take time, as I have been busy with other priorities. I actually do have a life outside of the website and totally non-related to Judy Garland (usually).

Thank you everyone for understanding. It’s a shame, as all of this could have been avoided if the person was willing to work WITH me instead of AGAINST me.

One last note, after I send my formal written complaint to MySpace, as instructed by MySpace, we’ll see what the final outcome turns out to be.

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