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I guess that I have created a big Judy Garland Firestorm over at the wacky, weird world of MySpace! At least as far as this one person’s page is concerned.

Late yesterday, the person changed the settings on their page [link] to read:

This profile is set to private. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile.

And put this in the note next to the name of the page:

“Please remember, there are 2sides to every story. Emails prove everything! Spying, Slandering, demanding & threatening some1 CONSTANTLY is cyber bullying! Put Judy 1st Not yourself!”

Then last night, I receive TWO of the same “messages” in The Judy Room MySpace page, from the same “mimismama78” who posted those two comments here recently. Both read:

I am here to let you know that there is a storm coming. I am just one of many messages that you have coming in support of the Judy Garland fan page that you are trying to run into the ground. I am putting something together that you will not stand a chance against. There is nothing in this world worse than a bully! I warn you in advance that there is no bullying me! I have the advice of legal council for everything I write to you and that legall council has already looked into your outrageous claims against this poor girl that you are trying to railroad. I happen to know that you plagiarized much the information that you have on your own page. Back off! In case you haven’t noticed her fan page has a thousand plus friends to your 28. If someone will go it will be you. Envy is a sin and it is not flattering. Why don’t you put you renergy into making this page into a tribute worthy of Judy rather than something that you half hazardley slapped together. Quite frankly it is no surpirise looking at this page that it only has 28 friends. Oh and when you write back don’t bother to play the “this a a true fan page” card. I could keep up with you or anyone in my knowledge of Judy Garland so good luck with that. BTW. Good luck also with replying in a way that is not vulgar and repulsive as I have heard this a is challenge for you. I guess we all have our limitations. Respectfully yours, Lala

I guess this person’s “legal council” has never been to grammar class, and doesn’t have access to spellcheck!

At any rate, for the record, I haven’t had any contact with anyone on MySpace since all of this happened last Friday, May 10th. So, if anyone is bothering this “poor girl”, it certainly is news to me.

The Judy Room “MySpace” page is simply an extension of the site – merely directing people to The Judy Room if they want more detailed information. Originally I had some videos on that page, taken from YouTube, but we all know what’s happened with YouTube. So now it really is just an extension of the site.

If I get spammed by people, I’ll simply report them to “MySpace” under that handy “abuse” feature.

I do thank everyone for their support and understanding. You know, if this “poor girl” hadn’t copied and posted entire pages from my site and others as her own, and then gotten belligerent and unwilling to cooperate with the original authors, none of this would have happened.

In the grand scheme of things, I doubt most people out there really care much – if at all – about some Judy Garland MySpace pages, or websites. Something to think about.


  1. You really are a moron! Did I say that an attorney wrote that message? It just goes to show what a petty person you are. You just like to cut people down. My spelling can be corrected. However your character is lacking something that can’t.

  2. Wow. This really is ridiculous. I recently came to this site for a few “long lost” songs made famous by Judy, in hopes of putting them on a disk to send to my husband in Iraq. I did NOT come to this site to read about a battle between what seems to be a 3 and 5 year old. Webmaster-don’t fall to mimismama78’s level, I can tell you’re trying very hard not to, but I understand how hard it must be with such a personal offense involved. I would like to know where/how you put together the discography; Judy performed so many songs that I have yet to find outside of her movies. Also, Kudos to you for having a page that you’re proud enough to fight for. Mimismama78-I see that you’re very defiant, what do you have to be so angry about? I have to admire the fact that you don’t accept bullying from anyone. I am also aware, however, that your diction is such that anyone in argument against you can only heighten his or her own defenses. This causes the two viewpoints to bang against each other, and no one reaches an understanding. Have you ever known anyone who tried to cram his or her ideas/beliefs/morals into your head? The reaction of most people is to defy the idea/belief/moral for the simple reason that it’s being forced upon them. I hope that made sense. My ideas that I try to express don’t always come out in a way that’s understandable; so please forgive that. I really hope you both can come to a medial point in regards to this issue.

  3. Thank you Michelle!The Judy Garland Online Discography will be back up soon. I’m in the middle of re-formatting many of the pages.I put the Discography together from scratch, with the help of many collectors who were kind enough to send me scans of their rare records, especially Eric Hemphill (who seems to have every rare record conceivable). I also have many records of my own, of course. The main reason I posted this last “More Drama” post is to let people know that I am not the one who has evidently been spamming (or rather “bullying”) this “poor girl” on her MySpace page.Stay tuned for the Discography pages to be uploaded.Thanks again!

  4. I would like to take a small piece of time to honour the two best sites on Judy. The JGDB and Scott’s “The Judy Room” Scott I have found your site an endless source of inspiration. Inspiration because it is clear that the work that you have put into this site is done with great care, diligence to the truth and dare I say it love. My Simple project has been to get together as complete a collection on my Itunes, with as much source info included and your site has proved invaluable in this.Unfortunately there are a lot of sad individuals out there. I wish you all the best in maintaining the integrity of your site.

  5. Thank you “simplejudyfan”. I love Jim Johnson’s Judy Garland Database. For me, it’s the “gold standard” by which all fan sites should be held up to. I’ve always admired what he’s done, and have used it a million times as a resource myself. Jim was very encouraging and helpful to me when I first started The Judy Room almost 10 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long already!I’m happy to say that “mimismama78” has apologized to me for her actions. She realized that I was not the person(s) who was evidently spamming this girl. Just the fact that anyone these days is willing to take responsibility for their actions, especially online, means a lot. Thanks again for all the support, almost all the pages are back online. 🙂

  6. Hi Scott,I come to your site all the time to see the new Judy news, such as dvd releases, cover artwork, etc. Generally I can’t find this information anywhere else as early as you post it, so good for you. Your site is great! Don’t take any nonsense from these silly people, who I think are a prime example of “the lady doth protest too much”. People only get into such a state over something when they KNOW they are in the wrong, and frankly, that “poor girl” must know she STOLE from your page, so she’s just trying to distract everyone from that fact by crying victim, and making you out to be the bully. There are always going to be people like that. All you can do is snigger at how childish she’s being and move on. (Though I know you need to get her page taken down since it’s based on plagiarism).

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