“Dorothy of Oz” Animated Film Featured in the Fall Issue of “MyTekLife” Magazine

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Dorothy of OzThe new animated film “Dorothy of Oz” (scheduled for next year, so far) is featured in the Fall edition of “MyTekLife.”  Check out the link here:  www.myteklife.com/articles/0906101.html or your local newsstands.

This isn’t breaking news, but note that the film will feature the voice talents of Lea Michelle (of “Glee”), Kelsey Grammer, Martin Short, Jim Belushi, Hugh Dancy, Patrick Stewart, and more.  Go to the film’s website (www.dorothyofoz.com) and click on the “Cast” button to see preliminary drawings of the characters.

This looks to be a fun film.  I’ve thought for a long time that if a sequel or “new” take on Oz were done, that computer animation would be the route to go.  There’s no way live action could ever live up to the original, not matter how different or “new” it would be.  So far this looks like a nice cross between the MGM version and the Baum books.  I hope they have great success.

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