“Stay All Night” Filmmaker Interviewed by Manhattan User’s Guide

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Stay All Night

Most of you out there already know that a documentary about Judy’s historic concert at Carnegie Hall (celebrating its 50th anniversary next year) is in the works.  Here is an interview with the filmmaker, Steven Lippman, at the Manhattan User’s Guide website:  http://manhattanusersguide.com/article.php?id=1994

The documentary is sure to be something we will all enjoy and add to our collections.  Filming hasn’t begun yet and it’s unclear if it will be a theatrical release (and hopefully eligible for an Oscar), or a direct to DVD release.  UPDATE:  Filmmaker Steve Lippman contacted me and clarified that the film’s distribution will be:  “The goal for the film’s release will be some combination of film festivals, limited theatrical release, video-on-demand, broadcast, and DVD / Blu-Ray.”  Thanks Steve!

Stay tuned for updates here or go to the film’s website and Facebook page:

Film Website:  www.stayallnightthemovie.com

Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com

And of course, CLICK HERE for The Judy Room Facebook Group

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