Another OZ Blu-ray – plus – New Videos at The Judy Room

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The Wizard of Oz Blu-ray Oscars EditionAs if the multiple Blu-ray and standard DVDs of The Wizard of Oz released over the past year weren’t enough (CLICK HERE to go to The Judy Room’s OZ DVD page for all the various versions), Warner Home Video has announced yet another repackaging.  This time, it’s the single disc Blu-ray presented in the “O Sleeve” packaging for their “Blu-ray Oscars 2011” promotion.  Six films (so far) including OZ will be released in this format on January 4, 2011.  The other films announced for this Oscar series are:  The Blind Side; Gone with the Wind; How the West Was Won; L.A. Confidential; and The Matrix.


Thanks to the generosity of “Lost Vocals” Mark and more, The Judy Room Videos Pages are up and running.  Included are fun OZ videos, plus clips from A Star is Born (including some of Mark’s amazing comparisons) and more!  All of the videos will play in Flash on a normal desktop or laptop browser and will switch over to QuickTime to render perfectly on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iTouch (or as I say “iDevice”) or any other mobile device.  There will be more video clips to come in the next few weeks, probably after my much needed, and long, vacation.

CLICK HERE to go to The Judy Room Videos Pages.




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