Will Friedwald’s New Book

Will Friedwald’s new book “Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers” is out and getting rave reviews.  Judy is one of the singers featured, of course.  I have not read the book yet, so I don’t know exactly what Friedwald says about her but considering what a great writer he is, this book is sure to be enjoyable and a “must have” for Judy fans and fans of jazz and pop singers.

Here is a recent article link:

Click here to purchase the book.



One Response to “Will Friedwald’s New Book”
  1. Lawrence Schulman says:

    I am currently reading Will Friedwald’s new book, and it is a thorough, opinionated and well-written 811-page biographical compendium of jazz and pop singers well-known, less-known, and who need to be known. The entry on Judy Garland is, it alone, some 9 pages double-columned long. Although his entries on Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald, among others, are far longer, his take on Judy is lucid and to the point. Run, don’t walk to get this book.


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