“From Tennessee to Oz” Part 2 available for advance purchase

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From Tennessee to Oz Part 2Author Michelle Russell has shared the following information about ordering an advance copy of Part 2 of “From Tennessee to Oz – The Amazing Saga of Judy Garland’s Family History.”
(image at right is of Part 1)

From Michelle:

“From Tennessee to Oz – The Amazing Saga of
Judy Garland’s Family History” – Part 2

The book is almost complete and ready for layout and printing! Advance private sale books will likely be in the mail by the first week of February. Public Release will be in late May or early June.

FROM TENNESSEE TO OZ – Part 2 – The book picks up where part one left off – with the marriage of Will and Clemmie Gum. From a joyous beginning, life in the house on East Main soon turns to a darksome and intense story. Judge for yourself the truth!

Then embark on the sad story of Frank Gumm’s early childhood – one he is rescued from as a result of his glorious singing – by Murfreesboro’s first millionaire. This book will reveal details of young Frank’s life previously unknown.

Then, meet young Judy and her family and share their funny adventures. The book comes full circle as Judy Garland is reunited with family during her WWII tour to entertain the troops.  The book also contains an afterward with interesting facts.

Over 400 pages and more than 100 photos. This is an amazing history of America and one family who gave birth to the most unforgettable entertainer of our time.

Ps: If you wish to buy Part 2 online and have bought Part 1, email me and I will send you a link!

Order Form

Mail to & Pay:
HC1 Box 23Z-31
White Haven, PA 18661


From Tennessee to Oz, Part 2                        19.95        $________
Postage Media Rate $3.00             Priority $ 4.95        $________

Made in America Vaudeville Songs CD  Original Version      $ 5.00             $________

SPECIAL – From Tennessee to Oz, Part 1 and 2
Part 1 $19.95 & Part 2 $19.95                              $35.90        $________
Postage (books mailed separately)                     $ 7.00         $________


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