Date Announced for the Auction of Debbie Reynolds’ Memorabilia Collection (Part 1)

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Scroll to the end of this post for info on other Judy Garland & Wizard of Oz related items up for auction
May 14 – 15 in Beverly Hills, CA

Debbie Reynolds Auction

Aside from being known as one of Hollywood’s greatest all-around talents, Debbie Reynolds is also known for her amazing collection of Hollywood memorabilia.  She famously bid on the first auction of one of the pairs of Ruby Slippers in 1970, and was able to obtain the famous pair of test, aka “Arabian,” slippers plus an early Dorothy dress.  These items, along with many others, will be auctioned off on June 18, 2011 by Profiles in History (known for their popular SyFy Channel cable show “Hollywood Treasures”) at The Paley Center for Media, 465 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

Here is their website which features many great photos and of course information about the auction:

Here is the press release:


Debbie’s Invitation:

This auction is the first of several planned for Debbie’s collection.

PROFILES IN HISTORY is also auctioning off several Judy Garland & Wizard of Oz items
at their auction this May 14 – 15 in Beverly Hills, CA:


    1. That’s great info, thanks! That “I Love A Piano” costume was (is) a part of Barry Barsamian’s extensive collection of Hollywood costumes, outfits, and other amazing pieces, including the “Thorpe Era” Dorothy dress. He had a few of Judy’s dresses, that she wore out and about, plus some shoes, jewelry, and other items, among a ton of other costumes and outfits worn by everyone from the silent era up to Madonna and Britney Spears. Amazing collection. It was on display here in SF last year, and he was nice enough to let me take a lot of great pics. Tippi Hendren donated the black publicity dress for “The Birds” (I think she wears it in the movie, too) and we also go to meet Jane Russell (he had some Jane and Marilyn costumes too) who donated a costume and also a gown that she designed. She was very sweet, but very tiny and frail.

      I’d love to see that catalog. 🙂

      1. RIP Jane Russell! that’s amazing that you got to meet the legend herself!

        btw, I know a certain blogger w/ the initials P.H. would go Gaga for those Madge items, lmfao….

    2. PS – I downloaded the catalog. I’ll post photos from it as well as the photos of the costume I took when Barry displayed it.

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