Smilin’ Through (Judy Garland – The Singles Collection) available this week from Worlds Records

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Judy Garland - Smilin' Through - The Singles CollectionThe JSP Records 4-CD deluxe boxed set “Judy Garland – Smilin’ Through – The Singles Collection 1936-1947” is available this week in the U.S. from Worlds Records (it will be available in the U.K. on September 5th).

As noted before, this is the first comprehensive anthology of Judy’s Decca catalog in almost 20 years.  All of Judy’s Decca singles are here, including seven never before released on CD.  ALL have been restored and remastered and they sound better than ever!

For details about the set, check out The Judy Garland Online Discography.  Also of interest is a wonderful article over at The Second Disc (this blog is highly recommended).

NEWS:  After this set went into production, the International Bing Crosby Club came out with the revelation that there is a C take of “Mine” plus a “B” take of “Yah-Ta-Ta,” both duets with Bing Crosby.  This new JSP set already includes the extra T take of “Yah-Ta-Ta” but the fact that there are two more alternate takes is wonderful news!  It’s also puzzling that none of the Garland “experts” out there was aware of these alternates – until now.

These alternate tracks can be found on the Jonzo Records series The Chronological Bing Crosby.  The three takes of “Yah-Ta-Ta” can are on Volume 38, and the two takes of “Mine” are on Volume 37.  All Jonzo/Crosby CDs can be ordered for $20 by calling Wig Wiggins, who heads the International Bing Crosby Club, at (703) 241-5608.

Per the CD set’s compiler and annotator, Lawrence Schulman:  “I have just today [August 6, 2011] discovered the existence of an additional alternate of “Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) and one of “Mine.” Since these discoveries were made after the preparation of Judy Garland: Smilin’ Through – The Singles Collection 1936-1947, they are obviously not included in the new JSP set. As much as it is regrettable that the new release is thus not a complete Garland at Decca, I think it is best to rejoice in the discovery of two hidden tracks. I think as much as I am disappointed that I was not able to include these newly discovered tracks (at least to me), I am also happy that new discoveries continue to be made. I hope there will be many more.”

Download the additional “C Take” of “Mine” here.
Download the additional “B Take” of Yah-Ta-Ta” here. 

It’s pretty amazing that after all these years, previously unreleased Garland performances are still being discovered and shared with the public.  Let’s hope this continues to be the case!


  1. It is amazing how these things turn up every now and again…I love it. Thanks for the news scott. I have placed my order and I can’t wait!

  2. I have the old box set of Judy Garland Decca recordings, but this set looks really good especially if they improved the sound. Thanks for all the emails and updates on Judy. I can’t get enough.

    Take care,

    Richard Mentz

  3. I am playing the new Sinlges Collection. The packaging and sound quaility are wonderful. I only have a question about the Liner Notes to pose to the group.

    The liner notes in the CD A and CD B…the Liner Notes are the same. CD C and CD D are different than the first 2 Liner Notes.

    Are the CD A and CD B Liner Noted supposed to be the same or did I get a mis-print?

  4. Thank you so much for providing links to download the alternates to “Mine” and “Yah-Ta-Ta.” It is wonderful to have them. I’m curious, however, about your statement: “It’s also puzzling that none of the Garland ‘experts’ out there was aware of these alternates – until now.”

    The booklet that came with the Complete Decca Masters collection states that the transcription discs “often preserved numerous takes other than the master. The most interesting of those surviving alternate performances are presented in this collection.” I interpret this to mean there were still many unreleased alternate takes for many of the Decca recordings that just weren’t released. (But maybe I was reading too much into this?) Has anybody checked with the original compilers of the Complete Decca Masters to see exactly what alternate takes they found in the vaults? Perhaps they were aware of these two alternates and chose not to include them in their set.

    1. The set is wonderful! I received mine a few days ago and after listening several times I wrote a review of the set on Thanks for another great Garland collection! And as always, The Judy Room is the prime place to check out what’s new. Thanks Scott!

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