Artwork for the upcoming Meet Me In St. Louis Blu-ray

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Artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Meet Me In St. Louis has been released.
Check out the previous Press Release post for more details.

Meet Me In St. Louis Blu-ray

Meet Me In St. Louis Blu-ray

Meet Me In St. Louis Flyer


  1. I prefer the 2 disc DVD cover. But, it does look like a wonderful set, though I’m disappointed that there won’t be any new bonus features. :/

  2. I also prefer the two-disc cover, though I like this photo of Judy. And I look forward to having the 40-page booklet.

  3. Oh that cover is terrible! Who did that? There are hundreds of gorgeous promotional photos they could have used as well as posters.

  4. They also used the house from St louis Street that was in the Unsinkable Molly Brown across the street instead of the Smith House. Hello research department????

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