Mort Lindsey 1923 – 2012

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Mort Lindsey
Mort Lindsey has died at the age of 89.  His work with Judy can never be underestimated.  Among his many accomplishments:  He was the musical director for  I Could Go On Singing and Gay Purr-ee, and was the conductor/arranger for her TV series.  Perhaps his greatest Garland-related accomplishment is the fact that he was the musical director for Judy’s 1961 tour including the legendary Carnegie Hall concert.  RIP Mort.

 Mort accompanies Judy for “Just in Time”


  1. Rest in Peace Mort, I can’t help but wonder if some where, out there, Mort isn’t striking up the band for the Garland overture, it’s nice to hope that Judy and Mort are together again.

  2. He seemed like not only a great musical director, but a great friend to Judy. It seemed as if he was very loyal to her. I feel bad that he is gone, but he led a long, fulfilling life, thank God. Now he and Judy are together again, and I am happy for that. R.I.P. Mort, and thanks for the memories.

    1. wow he must of knew here very well. i am sure he will be missed from lori

  3. What a great loss. I will always appreciate how well Mr. Lindsey spoke of Judy after her death. Only love and admiration for our Judy. Thank you Mort Lindsey for all of your brilliant musical contributions that have made this world a little brighter. And your very kind heart toward Judy and Judy’s memory.

  4. So sorry about Mr. Lindsey’s passing — just hearing about this. His arrangements for Judy were second to none. You could see the mutual respect when they would look at one another. I always thought he was such a nice-looking man, too — seemed so humble. I love the story from Judy’s TV show when she asked him about one of her outfits, and he responded that she looked like the zebra upholstery at the Mocamba Lounge (or something to that effect). She reportedly was quite irate but then had a huge laugh from it, R.I.P., dear Mort …

  5. So sorry to have learned of Mort’s passing from us, He was (in my book) THE greatest thing that ever happened to Judy in terms of her music; no one else came close. His top-drawer arranging and conducting (not to mention his piano prowess) complemented so many great singers over the years-and I will never forget his work with Barbra and Merv. Thanks Mort-God needed another baton in the heavenly orchestra, and you fit the bill nicely.

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