Judy Garland’s 1960 Amsterdam Concert set for CD Re-Release

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Program Cover - Judy in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Concert Program Cover

First Hand Records (the folks who brought us “Judy Garland – The London Studio Sessions” is now set to re-release Judy’s 1960 Amsterdam concert, newly remastered and with extras.  The concert was originally released on CD in 1996, but that release has long been out of print.

Per First Hand:

“This release will include the full programme of 30 songs as performed by Garland plus interviews with Garland, Sid Luft and conductor Norrie Paramor.  The booklet will be lavishly illustrated with photographs of Garland performing on stage at the Tuschinski Theatre.

Garland was at the peak of her career here, only four months after the London Studio Recordings and four months before the famous Carnegie Hall concert.
This special priced 2CD jewel case issue will be released in Autumn/Fall 2012 and copies can be purchased two weeks prior to its official release date at a further discounted price direct from the FHR website.”

For more about Judy’s Amsterdam concert, go to The Judy Garland Online Discography’s “Judy in Amsterdam” page.
Check out The Judy Room’s MP3 Page to listen to “Over the Rainbow” from this performance, not included in the 1996 CD.


  1. WOW….Happy Days are Here Again! If this release is anything at all like the London Studio Sessions it will indeed be a treat for the ears…Not to rush the summer along, but is it time to pre-order yet? I’ve always enjoyed this show, the pace is just a bit easier than Carnegie Hall, and the stories not so smooth but oh what a treat. The extras sound really interesting and I’m happy that Rainbow will be restored to it’s rightful place!

    THANKS Scott for the into, we can count on you to keep us up to date with fantastic and accurate news!!!

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