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Judy GarlandLast month I posted an interview with you, the readers of this blog.  The answers that came back were very entertaining, enlightening and at times surprising.  What I found most interesting are people’s choices of their favorite Garland performances.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  It was fun, and I hope everyone enjoys the answers.



Judy Garland means magic, talent, survival, and love. I don’t know how else to describe her. She represents all this to me. She is Dorothy Gale in the magical land of Oz. She is the definition of talent. She taught me how to survive life. And most importantly, she is the greatest love. She loved, and is really a great love of mine.

She’s important in my life, she brings happiness to me.

Being a Judy Garland fan inspired me to become a NYC cabaret singer.  She expressed such emotion in her songs that she gave me the desire to want to do the same.  If I sing a happy song, I want you to feel happy…and if I sing a heart wrenching song, I want you to cry.  Anyone can sing a song, but not everyone can make you feel it.  Judy made you feel whatever emotion she was trying to convey and I hope I have been capable of doing the same to the audiences I have sung to.

I idolize Judy Garland because I am a singer myself. I love a lot of entertainers from the 20th century but Judy Garland draws me into her voice. I have a deeper connection with Judy than other singers.

She means positivity and is a personal hero to me because of her strength to continue in life.

The greatest female performer of the 20th century.

Judy Garland has been a great source of inspiration, support and comfort to me. I discovered Judy at a very difficult time in my life and she showed that there is more to life than moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve got to get up, prove yourself and forget your troubles and just get happy. She is what keeps me going most days – a day in my life is never complete without hearing a Judy Garland song.

What does she mean to me? I feel that the question should be: What doesn’t she mean to you? Seriously, I can’t imagine my life without having known about her existence. She has taught me to be myself, no matter what. She has taught me how to sing, and above all, how to act. She is like my own mother, and I know that wherever she is, she’s looking after me, because she knows that I love her from the bottom of my heart and I feel her whenever and wherever I go.

Judy means to me, happiness, good times, an old and dear friend.  A sense of comfort, of being home.  She is ageless and timeless and is in away always there when I need her.  What more could you ask for?  Friends and family will let you down, but Judy never does.

A deep well of talent and expertise that blessed the world.

Judy has been a constant in my life since I was 12.  When people ask me what religion I am…I tell them I practice “Judyism”.  My interests and obsessions have waxed and waned over my 43 years of life, but Judy has always been right there.  Sometimes life’s events push her a little to the background, there isn’t much time to obsess over Judy when there are diapers to change and a paycheck to earn, but she is always there…waiting!  On my I-Pod, on my bookshelves, in my DVD player and on my shoulder as a tattoo!

To me, Judy Garland represents the finest example of popular art and entertainment.

Candid JudyMy appreciation of her genius continues to grow each and every time I experience her inestimable talents, and that feeling of chills & thrills always is the same, no matter how many times I hear that throbbing voice or experience her charismatic force in film and television performances.”

A great entertainer who gives her all to her audience which makes me remember her for her great talent, not her private life or problems.

Receiving ultimate joy when either viewing or listening to her vast array of entertainment.  With so many layers of nuance and aspects of her public performance life, I become riveted and lose all sense of time when she performs.  It’s simply love from and for her.  And I never met her.  I met her daughter though.  : )  The L with the Z.

Judy Garland means the world to me. She has opened my eyes to so many wonderful aspects of life. I feel that I am a better person from learning about her and letting her speak to me through song. She has provided me with music that fills my heart with joy and passion. Judy has such a presence in my life, that she provides me with happiness even when I do not hear her. Judy Garland has enriched my life, and filled a void in my heart that I never knew was empty.

Judy garland means everything to me. I’ve personally never seen someone I love, respect and care for more than Judy.  She’s an amazing singer dancer and actress. And I think even today her songs should play on every radio station.

Judy Garland is simply one of the greats, one of the greatest entertainers ever put on God’s green earth.

Her manner of performance may go in & out of style occasionally (so few people sing all out any more) but that talent – that voice – that face will eternally prevail.

Judy will forever be discovered & rediscovered generation after generation because simply put she is that good.”

One of the best voices ever!!  Whenever I hear or see her I feel so much better. Happy memories of Judy

She soothes me stimulates me and makes me happy in my many moods both on film and audio and especially in her wonderful performances

Judy Garland means so much to me. It’s hard to explain. Whenever I’m feeling down, I know that I can listen to her sing or watch one of her movies and feel completely better after that. I care about her, even though she is no longer with us and everything happened a long time ago.

Watching her sing and hearing the raw power of her voice is a spiritual experience. Something in the heart of Judy connects to something in my heart. i can’t explain it. she make me happy pure and simple.

She’s my oasis in the music desert of today.

She is my Muse – I am inspired by her artistry and, ironically, by her great strength and incredible life journey. Profound feeling and emotion – Joy, Laughter, Great Wit, Empathy, Life. I agree with Sid Luft – she was like Scaramouch – born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the whole world is Mad.

Also, in general, people see themselves in Judy I think, they identify with her and she is a very real, dear friend who is very much alive – I think of her every day – she’s like a member of the family – AUNTIE MAME!

Judy Garland is FASCINATING!!! I can think of no other entertainer whose career had so many UPS and DOWNS. Her highs were incredibly high, her lows were incredibly low. Judy is all about transcending your hard times and difficulties. She transcended everything and created great art in performance in every performance medium. Judy is my muse. She constantly inspires me to transcend whatever my situation is and just keep going!! She inspires me to live my life to the fullest, be emotionally present in each moment, to be passionate, and give 105% of myself in chosen artistic endeavors. Judy inspires me to give and BE my BEST– because that’s exactly what she always did.

My feelings about Judy garland have changed over the years…from total adoration as a teenager. I found her performances transportive…now as an older adult, when i contemplate her life and performances I feel a sense of melancholy…I still love her performances…but I feel a sense of loss for all that could have been but was cut short because of addiction…what was that flaw that caused the addiction…and choosing people that turned out to be detrimental to her??…I feel most of the 1950’s and 1960’s was a struggle for survival and i wish there had been someone with the inner resources to take care of her…

She’s my obsession!  I don’t actually listen to her songs that often because she’s always in my head and when I do, I always think (and say) that she’s better than I remember.

Love. Hope.

It’s hard to be specific with this question because Judy is now a part of my life. I’m now 22 and have been studying and enjoying her since I was seven years old. I’ve grown up with Judy, and I think my life would be highly boring if I didn’t have the amazing and legendary legacy of work that she has left behind to enjoy.


She is so dedicated to her work.  The best aspect of being a Judy fan is the great fan community. There are so many fans of Judy and there are so many great, great people. It is such a big fan community with so many places to go and talk to other fans about her like on the Judy Garland Message Board, in Facebook groups, on Tumblr etc. And it’s so nice to have so many people to discuss Judy with, share photos and such.

You have someone who made you feel better in the bad moments, maybe when no one understand you, Judy will be always there for you, with her songs and movies.

Appreciating what true talent is!  It’s as simple as that.

I am fourteen years old and not many kids my age have an interest as big as mine on someone from that long ago. That is the best part- knowing I have a hobby different from other people my age. I also love collecting a variety of merchandise.

The best aspect for me is her music because i can relate to different songs that shape an aspect of my life.

Having your choice of Judy as one of the very greatest be agreed with by nearly everyone within the industry.

I think, the best aspect of being a Judy Garland fan is being introduced to a whole new world of entertainment and music. Thanks to Judy, my taste in music and films has been entirely revolutionized – the Golden Age of Hollywood is mostly what I enjoy. Also, with Judy, you get to see raw and brilliant talent that is sadly absent from the entertainment industry today.

Everything. Her music, films, interviews, TV appearances… Everything. You can’t hate any aspect of Judy Garland, because even in her bad moments she was able to teach you a lesson that would always make you remember Judy Garland. She will always live through the ages. People are born, live and die. Judy Garland will live forever in my heart.

It’s the fact that she can bring such different and various people together in one common bond  – all ages, all types.

I get to enjoy such a unique talent.

The best aspect of being a Judy fan is definitely being a part of a group that shares a common love.  Male, female, gay, straight…it doesn’t matter.  I am a fan of Judy’s fans!

The best aspect for me, of being a Garland admirer is knowing that I have the highest standards pertaining to art & entertainment, however “snobby” that may appear to be!

For me, being a Judy fan means lots of great CDs and albums as well as DVDs that keep her alive in my heart.

Judy fans are fortunate that they “Get it”.  They aren’t afraid of the torrents of emotion gushing from her during performances and it is quite fulfilling, riveting and joyous (mostly).

I can honestly say that since I have become a Judy fan, I haven’t had many dull moments of free time.

For me because I live in Minnesota its being able to go to the Judy garland festival every year in Grand Rapids, MN. I love going there and meeting other Judy fans and I love everyone Iv met over the years.

That Judy is a touchstone.  With Judy there is a place to go for the really great times, someplace to go when reflective & a place to turn when the road gets a little rough. Whatever format you look to find her, whether on record or in film she is there.

Being able to share my knowledge of her with other people. And that voice!!!  No one even comes close.

The ability to reach out to others who recognize and respect her genius.

The best aspect of being a Judy Garland fan for me is that, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can think of Judy singing, acting, laughing, or telling a funny story and it just puts a smile on my face. And also being able to see such amazing talent 🙂

You never tire of her and are fiercely loyal to her. Every time I watch her movies or television shows I discover something new. I literally get goose bumps when i watch her sing “Old Man River.”  She can have me laughing one minute and crying the next. She has the best laugh I’ve ever heard.

I get to listen to all those wonderful songs and enjoy the talent of everyone involved in her movies.

Her incredible range as an artist. Her potential was infinite – that’s one of the frustrating things about her film work – what she was capable of doing but wasn’t given the chance. She has the exciting “What if? “If only…” factor. Like the songs she should have recorded – for example “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha and “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music. I could go on, but I won’t…But strangely I can imagine how she would have sung them – her voice is so a part of me now.

I’m grateful that her performances; on film, on recordings, on TV, are HERE to be enjoyed. It is such an honor and a privilege to see and hear Judy perform. I like discovering new things. I was going through a Capitol Box Set and discovered she had performed a song called “Lucky Day.” My dog is named Lucky, so now it’s as if Judy sang a song about and for my dog!! And I just read Coyne Steven Sanders book “Rainbow’s End: The Judy Garland Show.” That was FASCINATING and new to me!! And the 1983 restoration of A Star Is Born was a great discovery. The anniversary celebrations of The Wizard Of Oz” are always fun. And I discovered Judy sang a song I’d never heard before called “Yes” which I liked very much.

Basking in the wonder performances……. being able to look forward…i know someone will be able to do it sooner or later… to a well put together biographical movie that captures her essence…this is a story that still needs to be told fully…knowing that one day a complete uncut version of a star is born will be made available to the public!

No matter what, if I put a Judy Garland song on, I will feel better – even if it’s “A Cottage For Sale” or “How About Me.” Even if I’m not feeling bad to begin with!

It’s a cliché but she DOES make me feel things I’d never feel otherwise whether it’s utter despair or elation or ecstatic joy.”

The best aspect for me is that I am always discovering new pieces of Judy – whether it be a photograph, or a concert recording or song, or even a film I haven’t seen. Even after nearly 50 years since her passing, there is more and more stuff that I am still yet to experience and it’s an exciting feeling.



The worst aspect is fighting the tragic figure. There are some people and some “fans” who are so caught up in the tragic side of Judy’s life and just go on and on about how terrible her life was or how it was so sad, and never really want to acknowledge the happy, humorous, and successful aspects of her life.

Having nobody to talk to about Judy. The people can’t stand your love for her, but thanks God exists the Internet world. Anyway I wish someone who shares my appreciation for Judy in real life, you know, someone who with I can watch a movie or listen her music and drink a cup of tea while we’re talking about Judy. You can meet a lot of fans on Internet, but the experience is different if you meet them in real life.

The fact that she died when I was only 4 years old…I wish she could have stayed a lot longer allowing me to attend at least one of her concerts.

Having to admit that she did have an addiction to drugs and alcohol and died at the age of 47. Also knowing she never found the right husband.

The worst aspect well can’t think of one.

Running defense past the crazies, Oz and otherwise.

Nothing. Like I said, for me, Judy Garland was perfect, even in her bad moments. My love for her can’t be described, but I feel that Judy knows about my love for her, and I know that she’s in the best place in universe, because it is true that she didn’t deserve to die, and that it was a tragedy for the entire world, but she did deserve to be in the best place in universe, and God has placed her where she deserves to be.

The worst part is very simple.  Everyone thinks they own a piece of her and none of us do. I think that she would be mortified at all the horrible things that the “fans” do to one another in the name of Judy Garland.  All the petty back stabbing, name calling, rudeness etc. is appalling and is the biggest and only reason that I have very limited contact with anyone in “Judydom.”

Perhaps being associated with some negative behavior presented by some fans.

People tend to focus on the end of Judy’s life, the tragic figure they consider her to be.  Liza finds herself in a similar situation now where people tend to only see the recent tabloid incidences (her marriage to Gest, her stints in rehab (the Knoxville substance abuse treatment center, I beleive) etc…) and forget about her phenomenal body of work that has spanned decades, just like her mother.

For me, the most annoying aspect of being a Garland admirer, is hearing the constant “well of course you love Garland, you’re a gay man!” refrain.

Having to hear or read so much negativity about a great singer and actress sometimes overshadowed by people who write and read about her personal life.

The stigma.  You know the one.  Old queen.  Show tune fag.  Pathetic patsy.  But you can’t help yourself because you’re like a moth to the flame.  FLAME?  Or is it that the Ruby slippers are too small for my feet.  You pick.  (Yes, that was meant to be humorous).

I have found the constant ups and downs of it all to be emotionally exhausting at times. I have lost sleep due to certain things and am extremely sensitive when it comes to sharing Judy with “non fans.” One “wrong” comment or criticism towards Judy can literally ruin my day. Also, people tend to show sympathy as soon as I mention that I am a fan; as if Judy died yesterday. Of course the “Oh, you mean Dorothy?” kind of gets on my nerves too.

For me it’s growing up in a school where people barley know who she is. I wish I knew more people where I live.

I am unsure if there is a “worst” aspect. I remember reading that the fandom for both Judy & Marilyn contained the most fervent & passionate of folks. Perhaps acknowledging that Judy is personal to each of us & respecting the journey (whatever the turns in the road) led us to the same place, however differently we each celebrate Judy’s legacy. I truly believe that we are all more alike than unalike, because there is something in this woman’s art that brought us all here.

The Wizard of OzThe gay stereotype of her and her fans. I am gay and I hate the gay Judy bashers. I think they are secretly her fans.

People who are somewhat protective about anything negative you may feel.

The worst aspect is that there are not many people to share it with. Not many people I know are fans of Judy Garland mainly because they aren’t interested in Old Hollywood.

For me the worst part is when people say how tragic her life was. Obviously they don’t know the real Judy. She never considered herself a tragic figure.

That she had to suffer this much and died relatively young. I wish she had had the stamina and “healthy” upbringing of Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn.

Being regarded as a cliché – You’re “Gay”, of course you’re a Judy Garland fan. I’ve never related to Judy Garland as a “GAY MAN” I experience her as a HUMAN BEING. Pardon the dramatics! She was quoted as saying – “I sing to PEOPLE”. Enough said.

Since the beginning of “The Internet Age,” I have “encountered” many “Judy fans” I would not care to meet in real life. I get in terrible arguments with them. I have been put in the bizarre position of defending Judy Garland to alleged “Judy Garland fans.”  I hate anything that degrades Judy or her legend– anything that robs her of her humanity, humor and heart (like that wretched play “”End of The Rainbow”). Oh wait! That has nothing to do with the REAL Judy Garland does it?? Thank god!

Sensing that Judy Garland perhaps was only intermittently able to experience a loving stable supportive family life…thinking about that nomadic existence she seemed to have near the end of her life…thinking about the people (Begelman???!!!! et al) that took advantage of her….it’s a very dark thing…

The first thing that came to my mind was the preconceived ideas that people have and the “label” (almost stigma!) that comes with being a Judy fan. People DO look at you differently once you’ve “admitted” it! But there’s also the nastiness among the fans. I don’t understand that. I like nothing better than sharing what I have with others and love when something new (or not so new) comes out. I don’t understand the fighting. Is it like that amongst other fans?

The fact that she’s no longer with us.

For this fan, the worst thing is that she is still subject to tabloid trash, inaccuracies, agendas for fiction, and poor representation. I think it’s sad that some fans I have met still think of her as a “tragic” icon.


“Over the Rainbow”

My favorite song of Judy’s is “Over the Rainbow.” Of course, it’s typical, but that was Judy’s song. She always sang “Over the Rainbow” with such emotion – she felt the song. Judy sang all her songs with great emotion, but there always seemed to be more to “Over the Rainbow” than any of her other songs. I can’t explain it.

Gee, It’s difficult, Judy have many great songs, but I’ll choose “Over the Rainbow,” because, it gives me hope to find my dreams and it can be solutions for all our problems, no matter how big they are – and also because Judy sings it so beautiful and with such innocence and hope.

That’s so hard to say, but I guess the one song that gets me the most is “The Man That Got Away.” Now that I am turning 47 on August 18th, I totally get that song.  When I sang it in my youth, it really didn’t make as much sense as it does now.

Although I wouldn’t say it is her best song, I love the song “I Don’t Care” from In The Good Old Summertime. It is a bit like “I Have Confidence” from The Sound of Music.  The way she performs it makes me want to clap afterwards. Her power in the song is amazing. If I am ever feeling slightly down or insecure I just have to listen to “I Don’t Care” and I will feel much better!

Judy GarlandWould have to be “It’s Yourself” because it has such a meaning to it. It is like life itself.

My favorite Judy song will forever be ‘“Over the Rainbow.” When Judy sings that song, she isn’t Judy anymore. She’s the wide-eyed and innocent Dorothy dreaming of a world beyond the rainbow that she can run to. She puts such emotion into the lyrics and the music, that it’s impossible not to be reduced to tears when hearing it.

I couldn’t choose a favorite song of hers, because I love them all. But, since I was a child, and I’m sixteen now, my mother always wanted me to hear ‘“Over the Rainbow”’. I never got to understand why, but I got to love that song. Now that I have met Judy Garland, I’m very thankful at my mother. ‘“Over the Rainbow”’ is everything I am. The song describes your ambitions to fly, to live, to discover a new world opening up… And I feel that Judy felt the same when she sang it. And every time I hear her voice singing “Over the Rainbow”, I cry a river, not of sadness, but of happiness and love.

Gosh this is a hard question…I have too many…I think of this one, and that one…but “Almost Like being in Love/This Can’t be Love” would be the one I would chose right now…I love the way that those two songs work together, and once again I get back to the joy…It makes me happy.

So many!! I love train songs…”On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe.” Very joyful! I also love “Old Devil Moon” and “Hello, Bluebird.” There are many more.

Wow!  How can any fan pick just one song???  I began listening to Judy when I was 12 (I’m 43 now).  I’ve been under her spell since.  If you asked me what my favorite song of hers was when I was 12, I would have answered “Swing Mr. Charlie”.  My 43 year old self is more in tune with the more mature Garland, and I just love her version of “Down With Love.”

I would say that my favorite Garland song would be “The Man That Got Away,” with the A Star is Born soundtrack and Carnegie Hall recordings being the finest extant Garland performances of this, one of the greatest songs ever written.

There are so many, I can’t choose one. Sorry. I love almost everything she ever sang, especially at concerts and other live performances

Well, of course “Rainbow” is the legendary anthem from the 20th Century for many reasons.  But I have a fondness for “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” (I may have shared my re-mastered version with you already. You’re welcome to it if you like to hear it).

Of course, Judy recorded for four decades so selecting just ONE favorite is not easy to do.

My favorite song usually depends on what mood I am in at the time. One that I always like is “Chicago” from the Carnegie Hall album. Listening to that song was my first magical Judy experience. My mouth was literally wide open with disbelief at the power and richness in her voice. I “discovered” Judy through that song.

I really love Judy Garland’s version of “Blues in the Night.” I think it’s amazing!!!!!

That changes constantly and I would be remiss not to acknowledge the mother of all songs ‘“Over the Rainbow” as a constant part of my ongoing soundtrack.

If I were to pick a song that reverberates more & more as I go along, “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries.” That track played full volume will pretty much clear the cobwebs of the mind. But finally what song is my favorite? “By Myself,” [the one] arranged for I Could Go On Singing. I can listen to Judy sing any version. A genius arrangement & always a genius delivery. For all that it seems a sad song, I find it a battle cry! A perfect song.”

Oh that’s a hard one. “Come Rain or Come Shine” first jumps in my head.

“Born in a Trunk.”  It made my life’s career music after watching that in A Star Is Born.

“Just in Time.” I love it because she sings it with such ease (not that she doesn’t always sing all of her songs with ease). Especially when the key changes. I’m not a professional singer, but that’s not an easy thing to do. I like that her voice sounds so powerful too.

“Just in Time” is my favorite. Nobody else sings it like her. She modulates all over the place, which helps her get deeper into the inner life of the song.

At the moment it’s “Over the Banister,” because I’m in love for the first time 🙂

“By Myself” – why? It’s the story of her life really. It resonates with me. I’ve had to “go my way by myself” and” build a world of my own” for much of my life.

“The Man That Got Away.” That song has so much emotion in it; and Judy is so intense! That song helps me get frustration, anger, and sadness out of my system.

“The Faraway Part of Town.” Her voice is full and pure even in the high and low registers. I love some of the lyrical images…the river reflected her frown…the lonely heart in the far away part…. lost in the lights of the distance… love the orchestration.

Impossible! I cannot choose ONE song – I couldn’t even decide what type of song I like most (sad songs, gay songs, dusk songs, etc.). How can I choose between “Bill,” “Old Man River,” “I Love Paris/April in Paris,” “A Cottage for Sale,”  I can’t even say it’s her voice that matters, it’s more the way she sings a song. Sometimes the voice isn’t brilliant but it adds something to the song, like “Why Can’t I?”

Hard to choose, but I love the way she sings “Smile,” though it’s not considered her song, necessarily.

My favorite song that she has recorded is “By Myself.” The wonderful arrangement by Mort Lindsey for I Could Go On Singing is just stellar. Her performance on her TV special with Robert Goulet and Phil Silvers is hands down the most spine-tingling of them all.

I would also say the unused recorded version of “It Never Was You” orchestrated by Mort Lindsey is my second favorite thing though!

My favorite Judy song that she has introduced is “Love of My Life.” Such a shame that only the Reprise was included in the film.


I do not have one.

Judy at Carnegie Hall

I don’t really have a favorite, there are so many and my favorite changes frequently.

I haven’t listened all [of] Judy’s album yet. Only two: Carnegie HallAlone and a bit of Judy in Love because [where I live it is] difficult to have access to Judy material. Among all the albums I’ve heard my favorite is Carnegie Hall coz’ it is great listen to the audience reaction and listen the Judy’s story that she tells to her audience, also coz’ Judy is marvelous there.

Live at Carnegie Hall…It’s everything Judy Garland on one album!

Carnegie Hall. Her voice on this album is probably the best it sounded in the 1960’s. Her voice has a new depth, warmth and electricity.

Judy Garland – The Capitol Years, because it covers her later career and has many great recordings.

Judy – That’s Entertainment!. Judy was reaching for something fresh, new and somewhat happy

Judy at Carnegie Hall definitely. Her talent was at its peak during that time and during that night. On the night of the concert, she achieved what so many other singers and entertainers then and now wouldn’t be able to do; sing a programme of over 20 songs over the space of 2 hours and still sound amazing.

I love them all, and I have them all, but I guess my favorite one could be Judy at Carnegie Hall – the best night in show business. Who can hesitate that? When I hear that album, I come back to that Sunday, April 23, 1961, and it’s like I was there, at the stage, right by Judy, listening to her and adoring her with all my heart. Loving every note she sang, every word she said, and enjoying every applause she was given by the audience, just like it was me, the one who was giving the applause.

Carnegie Hall.  It is perfection from the first note to the last.  Not one off note, not one cheated performance. I have to say that “Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody” from that album just BLOWS me away every time.

Carnegie Hall. It’s explosive, electric – an amazing moment for an artist.

I’m sure everyone will say that her Carnegie Hall album is at the top of their lists, but my favorite recordings are her London studio recordings for Capital records.  I just love the maturity of her voice, how she brings in a little jazz.  Alone is a personal favorite of mine.

Alone with her voice and the Gorden Jenkins’ arraignments being absolute perfection.

Judy at Carnegie Hall. Especially the newly re-mastered version.

To be honest, I haven’t heard them all.  I’m not a late bloomer, just a slow to the party kinda fan.  I just picked up that Carnegie Hall red cover CD and am familiarizing myself with it, plus a few other CDs.  But I am a hardcore MGM musical fan.

Judy at Carnegie Hall for sure! I love Judy’s hilarious stories between numbers. She makes me feel like I’m there every time. I can feel the electricity in the air that the audience was feeling.

Probably Judy Garland – The Decca Masters collection. Love the songs on it.

My answer will be unpopular and I will perhaps forever have to defend my choice but Judy & Liza at the London Palladium. Once I heard “Just In Time,” excerpted from this concert on the 1992 Capitol One & Only boxed set I was subconsciously hunting where it came from always. And the reason it is a favorite? It is joyous, loud, and at times screechy (from both ladies). It is two women coming to terms with where each of their respective careers are at, one beginning & one already a “living legend.” It is both brilliant & terrifying. Whatever your thoughts on its merits it captures one moment in time that would never happen again & thank god someone had the foresight to grab a tape deck & camera and capture it for posterity.

Judy at Home at the Palace was my first Judy album. I bought it at Woolworths when I was 8.

Carnegie Hall which is the ultimate Judy Garland experience.

Judy at Carnegie Hall. Her voice sounds great and I get goose bumps just listening to it.

Live at Carnegie Hall of course. She was letter perfect. Even before she comes out on stage, you can hear the excitement and electricity rippling through the audience. When she says, “I’ll sing ‘em all and we’ll stay all night” she blows the roof off the place.

The Soundtrack of A Star Is Born. It contains such rich sound – so many beautiful songs!

I will have to flip a coin between Alone and Judy in Love. Why? The range vocally and emotionally on Alone is sublime – her version of “Blue Prelude” is exquisite.

Judy in Love – a selection of beautiful songs beautifully sung – Aural Ecstacy!!!

Judy At Carnegie Hall – because it is the artistic apex of Judy Garland’s career. For real Judy fans, the choice, magic, and allure of Judy At Carnegie Hall requires NO explanation whatsoever.

Judy in Love – it’s pure joy i love the arrangements.

Alone – because it is my favorite cover!

Besides Carnegie Hall, the 4 CD set of Lost Tracks from 1929-1959. A real treasure trove of her radio broadcasts.

I love listening to Judy In Love and then Alone and then Judy In Love again. I can’t get enough of them and I really love how they complement each other. What happened to making brilliant concept albums? I also enjoy the subtle differences between the mono and stereo versions of Judy In Love.

It has to be the infamous Judy at Carnegie Hall album (The 40th Anniversary uncut one however!) because, the energy that was in that room that night just comes through the speakers and you feel transported back to April 1961. It truly is a magical moment in show business history – no wonder it has never been out of print!


The Wizard of Oz. I love the way it goes from black and white and then to color and then to black and white.

I have a tie for favorite. The Wizard of Oz will always be my favorite because without that I wouldn’t have known Judy. But, then my all time favorite is The Harvey Girls. The music is brilliant, Judy looks gorgeous, the supporting cast was great, and George Sidney’s direction was beautiful (as always!). I think The Harvey Girls is one of the best examples of the great MGM musicals.

A Star Is Born. It’s great to watch Judy outside of her typical girl-next-door and see Judy exploiting her artistic abilities to the fullest. She always was great, but in this movie she did all that probably couldn’t have made at MGM.

Meet Me in St. Louis Australian Daybill - 1944The Wizard of Oz. You can just feel how she feels in every scene… especially when she says goodbye to her “friends” at the end… I cry every time she says good bye to Scarecrow. I associate that with my father who passed away… I miss him most of all!

Little Nellie Kelly. My birthday is on St.Patrick’s Day so I feel most connected to this film. She looks beautiful and her voice has purity.

Favorite Judy film is The Wizard of Oz because I grew up with it, and it means courage, and finding one’s self and taking the journey of live.

Meet Me In St. Louis, an almost perfect film with Judy being shown at her very best

I’m going to stray from the obvious choice here (The Wizard of Oz, my absolute favorite film of all time and the shining gem of my childhood. I still get shivers down my spine when I hear the opening music.  [I also] go for Meet Me in St. Louis. Judy is absolutely radiant in it. Vincente Minnelli’s direction is simply stunning, the music is beautiful and it always reminds me of happy times.

I love every Judy Garland film, and I couldn’t choose a favorite one. Every film of hers has something that makes you love her more and more. I’m not gonna choose a favorite one, because I love them all. Sorry if I didn’t answer correctly the question, but what you ask means to me the fact that every film of hers except the one I choose is not loved by me, and that’s not true. I love everything that involves Judy Garland.

A Star is Born. I think that in that film, Judy gives us all that she had: wonderful singing, and deeply personal acting/drama.  The scene with in her trailer in between “Lose that Long Face” and the reprise is the most chilling heartfelt bit of acting.  I tear up EVERY time I see it…

Love so many…Harvey Girls is special…she is beautiful and funny…I could go on.

I am an adopted child and always grew up with the fantasy that my birth mom would find me one day, and she would be famous and beautiful and rich.  I think that is why I Could Go On Singing strikes such a chord with me.  Her soliloquy in the hospital room with Dirk Bogarde is some of her finest acting!   think people forget about what an incredibly natural and instinctual actress she was!

I Could Go On Singing. All that Garland learnt about the art of film encapsulated in her final motion picture.

A Star Is Born and I have to add Easter Parade. In the first one she displayed not only a musical but also acting genius. In Easter Parade, she was paired with Fred Astaire. Who could ask for anything more???

“Sorry, can’t pick.  Too hard.  Is it Oz?  It was one of her first things, so does that mean all that followed doesn’t surpass? I can’t do it.  STOP MAKING ME DO THIS! I kid you.”

My favorite film in general, is Meet Me in St. Louis. Judy is so beautiful in it and the musical numbers are nothing short of genius!

Other than The Wizard of Oz I really love the film Summer Stock because it’s such a fun happy movie and she so great in it and Gene Kelly is fabulous.

I have always said that Oz is other & separate. For me it is a heart film that cannot be analyzed or broken down. It simply is. So my favorite ‘other’ Judy movie, here I will play to the cheap seats, is A Star Is Born. I remember when I first saw it on VHS, that 15 minutes of “Born in a Trunk’” alone blew my head off. There are better folks than I that can sell this movie… all I need say is that we might have a slightly broken print but oh what we have is breathtaking. There isn’t another film like it.

Presenting Lilly Mars.  She is sooo funny.

A Star Is Born because it influenced my life’s career.

Girl Crazy because, for once, Judy Garland’s and Mickey Rooney’s roles are reversed.  I love how her character has nerve in this movie.

I love For Me and My Gal and I adore A Star Is Born, but I think I Could Go on Singing is my favorite. During the hospital scene with Dirk Bogarde we are seeing the real Judy talking about what she’s had to give up for fame. I cry every time.

The Harvey Girls – because of the comedic elements of Miss Garland – and of course because of a very bitchy, entertaining Angela Lansbury as saloon girl Em.

Another coin flip.  Meet Me in St. Louis and A Star Is Born.  Why?  St. Louis –  in my opinion Vincente Minnelli’s greatest musical, if not best film. Sublime. Judy blossoming, radiant, joyous. Star? The Noir Musical – I call it. One of the finest films about Hollywood – I love everything about it except for Jack Warners cuts – I call him THE BUTCHER OF BURBANK! And PLEASE will the selfish person/s with the full length DIRECTORS CUT show your face – you are accruing a hell of a lot of bad Karma! The world is being deprived of a MASTERPIECE.

Oh, that is not a fair question at all. First, you have to accept the fact that The Wizard of Oz is special and magic– and in a class by itself. And I love Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in movies together. But, to answer the question, I have to choose A Star Is Born AND I Could Go On Singing (Tie). Both of those films have autobiographical elements in them. Judy was always “real” on film, but I think in A Star Is Born and I Could Go On Singing, she is telling, showing, revealing, more of her REAL self. So, those two films are closest to the “REAL JUDY” on film, so they get my No. #1 Vote.

A Star Is Born… dark brooding Hollywood nights… somehow succeeds in depicting dark moods using bright colors… lush garishness of 1950’s Hollywood… a film that begat its own dark Hollywood story of how Hollywood punishes those who don’t play by the rules (what could be more dark and cruel and heartless than how Hollywood collectively punishes Judy Garland by giving the Oscar to younger more classically beautiful albeit less talented actress?)

I started with Meet Me In Saint Louis (because it’s the first one I saw) then A Star Is Born (because it’s got everything) but currently it’s Summer Stock (because I need cheering up and can never resist “Howdy Neighbor” or “The Portland Fancy” or “It’s All For You” or “Friendly Star” or “Get Happy”). But I have to say that, after the first time, I never watch the films in their entirety, I only watch her (I don’t like musicals).

Surprisingly, maybe, The Clock.  Actually, I love all her films, but this one moved me so in its message of hope for the future.

My all-time favorite is A Star Is Born. I don’t think there has been a greater performance by a single entertainer. Second Favorite is I Could Go On Singing. Third favorite is The Pirate.

Girl Crazy is my favorite film; they saved the best Garland/Rooney pairing till last! I love this film because it is perfection is every sense; perfect casting, perfecting songs, perfect screenplay. It’s a joy to watch from beginning to end; and it’s great to see Mickey Rooney FINALLY chasing Judy for a change. And I love how mature Judy’s role was in this film; and she was probably at her most beautiful and funny in this film too.


Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall cause she touches everyone who is up front

I don’t really have a favorite Judy performance. She was so brilliant in most of what she did that I could never choose. Some performances that immediately came to mind though are A Star is BornCarnegie HallI Could Go On Singing, and her performances on her television series.

Gee. Mmm.. I really love her performance of “Ol’ Man River” in her show, nothing new everybody have seen it, she puts such great emotion into the song, “The Man that Got Away”, I love how she fills into the song, her gestures, everything, nothing new too and more.

I think the dance routine from Summer Stock…”Get Happy”…what a great performance…and what a set of “gams”…I wish I had legs that looked like that!  She always made dancing look so effortless!

I love the performance of “Over the Rainbow” for Bob Hope’s Command Performance USA radio show. Her last note is superb and she sings with such ease.

Favourite would have to say “By Myself” from I Could Go On Singing, because it’s such a personal song about carrying on with just one’s self .

April 23, 1961. Why? We all know why. Her musical greatness on full display

There are many Judy Garland performances that I admire and adore so much. To name a few, I’ve always loved her performance in The Pirat’ with Gene Kelly, which shows how much of a good comedienne she was, all her movies with Mickey Rooney due to their great on-screen chemistry, and her many concert appearances and TV performances (the Palace, Carnegie Hall and many guest shows with Peggy Lee and Barbra Streisand to name some).

I love all the performances of hers. I love every performance she did at her films, but I do love the performances she gave us at ”The Judy Garland Show”. I especially love ”The Judy Garland Show” because every word she said, every note she sang, and every tale she told makes me enjoy every minute of the show. I feel her close to me, and that’s why I know that she will always be o my side, looking after me like my own mother would.

“America The Beautiful” from her series.  It is truly one of the most moving performances, it is a beautiful bit of acting, presentation, it works in the same way that doing Rainbow in the tramp costume works.  It takes a simple song and it builds it and sends it over the top.

The duet with Barnes is one for sure…stormy weather from Carnegie Hall as well.

I just loved her “Born In A Truck” sequences on “The Judy Garland Show.”  Her performance of “As Long As He Needs Me” from Oliver sends a chill down my spine!!!

“Old Man River”, performed on the first episode of her weekly series……why???  It represents everything about Garland and her art in one perfect song…strength & fear….when she sings….”I’m tired of living…but scared of dying!”….it never fails to produce the same reaction in me and the same goose bumps all over my body.

Carnegie Hall Concert where she showed that she was one in a million who do two hours of singing by herself and have just a great orchestra. No frills, fancy scenery, etc. Just pure genius.

You know what?  I think it is so cool when she did her TV show and was a bit more herself, rather than a character.  So somewhere in there I bet I could find something.  For film, still that damned Dorothy.

Judy was fabulous on the Jack Paar show in 1962. I love to watch her tell stories about MGM. Her happy Harry story always makes me laugh. I think her laugh is contagious! She looked great on this show and was clearly having a wonderful time.

I really loved the performance she gave at I believe it was at the palace . where she sat on the edge of the stage and sang over the rainbow with the clown makeup on her faces.

Easy… ‘Old Man River’ from ‘The Judy Garland Show’. Nothing whatsoever as a performance disproves any cliché of who you think a ‘Judy Garland’ is. That it is traditionally a working man’s song of trail & tribulation, of toil & suffering. Somehow this tiny four foot woman takes this song and without a beat transforms it into a clarion call, a heart wrenching call to arms that acknowledges every hurt & hurdle that either she or the listener has had to bare. If ever I need to show someone what Judy Garland actually did, this is that performance .

Judy, Frank, and DeanAnother hard question.  Probably “Come Rain or Come Shine”, from her TV show. When she hits that last note   WOW!!!

ASIB memorable touching and unforgettable because it shows the peak of her talents.

I love her performance of the first time she sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic” on “The Judy Garland Show.”  I love how everything she’s feeling, pain and grief from the death of not only the president, but a friend, comes out in her voice and shows on her face.

I love watching her television series. She seems to be saying “I want you to love me because I love you”.

“A Great Lady Has an Interview” in Ziegfeld Follies. Absolutely entertaining witty performance featuring a very elegant Judy Garland who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“The Judy Garland Show” was a revelation to me, so I guess that entire body of work would have to be my favourite. I love the Mature Garland most of all and I think that she had reached a peak and things could have gone differently had the cards been dealt differently. But I believe she had a destiny and her life played out as it was meant to do.

ONLY ONE? Okay, I have to choose Judy’s tour-de-force performance of “”The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”” on the 1963 “”The Judy Garland Show””; performed as an emotional response to the JFK asassination. CBS did not want her to do it, so she had to openly defy James Aubrey and his henchman Hunt Stromberg, Jr. to perform it. And, my God, Judy did not merely perform it. Her stirring rendition is “emotional art” directly from her soul. And “Battle Hymn” was my father’s favorite Judy Garland performance. We watched it together and Daddy quietly remarked that Judy was “real talent.” I played Judy’s “Battle Hymn” repeatedly during the week of my father’s death in 2009, to help with my mourning process.  So that performance of “”Battle Hymn”” is especially significant.

The special with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin….she’s in excellent form…

First thought was the video of “Old Man River” because of the real POW you see and get but really, it’s got to be Carnegie Hall because it’s complete.

1965, Arie Crown Theater, Chicago. I saw her in live performance.

Her performance of “Ol’ Man River” on TJGS is just the best of the best. Whenever I want to show someone what Judy has in just one clip (when the only thing they have seen prior is Wizard) it just blows people away. I get goose bumps every time.


Judy Garland - 1960Please add a place where you can get Judy Garland Items.

Great job with keeping up the website, and thanks for including this one fans opinion in your interview! 🙂

I enjoyed doing the interview. Thanks for give us this opportunity.

I appreciate all you do with your blog site!  I can’t thank you enough! I first became a fan when I was 4 years old and ordered my first album (Judy, Judy, Judy) off of TV at the age of 7.  I drove my family insane playing that album over and over until I trained myself how to sing.   I grew up here, in NY, and was fortunate to live near Hartsdale where she is buried…I have visited her many times to pay my respects. I have had the great privilege to have met Liza…she was extremely kind and gave me the push I needed to start my singing career (which has been put on hold while I raise my son). I love the fact that she only focuses on the great things her mother did as opposed to the troubles she experienced in her life…that to me proves what a great mom Judy was! I know you said names won’t appear, but I’ll let you know that my name is Juliette Greco…I am from NY…and I will be a Judy fan until the day I die! Again, thanks for all you do for her fans!!!  🙂


Yes, Judy Garland made many great films . some people think of her just as Dorothy from Oz.  I see her in many forms because I’ve seen her films and heard her later music career she was a massive superstar and one of the best vocalists by far.

I would like to express great thanks for the great happiness the work of Judy Garland has brought to my life

I’d just like to thank you Scott for creating such wonderful websites like the Judy Room, the Online Discography, the news blog and the various Facebook groups. You’ve contributed so much to Judy’s legacy and keeping it alive that us fans are forever dedicated to you and your work. I miss your presence on the Message Board too! Thank you!

This is a message for every Garland fan. Please, I don’t know how long your love for Judy Garland is going to last. I don’t even know whether my love for her is going to last forever, but I swear I’ll do my best not to forgive her, and I will try so hard to love her as long as I live. Let’s make the world know that Judy Garland will never be dead, not in our hearts and souls.

Everyone talks about Judy being a “gay icon”, and I can understand that.  I personally discovered Judy before I ever discovered my sexuality.  So I think calling her a gay icon is very limiting.  She is the single greatest talent that ever lived and the wold is a better place for her having been in it.

Thanx for your efforts!

It is so wonderfully easy to become a Garland fan now….with the touch of a button, you can access any type of information about her on the internet.  I remember subscribing to the Judy Garland Fan Club in England, and impatiently waiting weeks for my Rainbow Review to arrive.  New photos and recordings are posted all the time!  It is amazing!  I think Judy is the original Madonna or Lady Gaga…she is still re-inventing herself even though she’s been gone 4 decades!

Judy may have left our earth, but she will never leave my heart.

I would just like to say Judy Garland is still now and will forever be the worlds greatest entertainer. And get happy every body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been collecting Judy for well over 30 years.  Have the Carnegie Hall pic of her tattooed on my arm.  And go see her grave regularly   I love her!!  I said if I am ever in a coma or anything play some Judy and I will come out of it.

Thanks for asking nope.

You know how in a 3-D movie when things are flying at you and it looks like they’re going to hit you? Well that’s what it’s like when I hear Judy sing. All the emotion exuded from her voice just comes flying at you, except the only difference is that it actually does hit you. I can feel the emotions that come from her voice and from looking at her face when she performs a song.  Especially “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Over the Rainbow.”

I was 2 when Judy died but my parents tell me that by the age of 5 i was totally enraptured with her and i have been ever since. i think a whole new generation of younger people are discovering her and her presence will always be felt. she is a legend for all of time.

Your page is wonderful, thank you! I wonder when will be complete again. I miss the galleries of all the movies!

“Here’s to Us” and “Goodnight and God Bless”…..

I know there are other entertainers who have also blessed the world with their talents. But NOBODY… NOBODY… NOBODY… ANYWHERE… EVER… Comes Close to Judy Garland!!!! And don’t give me any Barbra Streisand or Whitney Houston crap (OH, PLEASE!). To me there is Judy… and everybody else. Judy is the gold standard; the best there ever was and the best there ever will be. Judy is my muse. Judy inspires me. I’m constantly in awe of Judy. Judy constantly blows me away.

I would like to thank you for having compassionate but clear eyed realistic sense of Judy Garland…for being able to sort of check your ego at the website door…..other sites are not so successful in this!

Thanks for:

– the website

– making me revisit my Judy files

– the opportunity to say that I love everything, that I can’t choose. I really have thought long and hard and that’s my conclusion. Thank you.

While most kids of my generation were listening to The Beatles, I was listening to Judy singing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” My mother died, and Judy’s music got me through some pretty tough times.

Judy Garland by Richard Avedon - 1951THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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