Wizard of Oz to get 3D Treatment

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Wizard of Oz fans know that Warner Home Video (WHV) no doubt has plans for the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.  To kick things off a little early, WHV has announced that next fall (“September or October”) they will re-release Oz in theaters and on Blu-ray in a newly remastered 3D edition.  The Blu-ray release will most likely include the film on regular Blu-ray and standard DVD.

The Oz 3D edition will be a part of the Warner Bros. 90th anniversary celebration.  Oz will also be a part of two newly announced collections:  A 100-film collection on DVD and a 50-film collection on Blu-ray, plus several 2o-film DVD themed DVD collections (musicals, comedies, etc.) and several themed Blu-ray collections.

The Wizard of Oz



  1. It’s not like Lucas changing star wars and ever releasing the originals. If they want to make an ‘enhanced’ version, so what? You don’t have to see it or buy it but others will like it. The original will still exist.


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