Re-posting of “Lose That Long Face” – the previously unreleased, complete version from “A Star Is Born” with Judy Garland and Monette Moore

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The original posting of this video was removed due to a copyright claim from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  After some negotiation, the studio agreed to this re-posting of the newly restored, complete version of “Lose That Long Face.”  We appreciate Warner’s consideration so the public can enjoy this great video.  See the text below for details.  Enjoy! (again)

Complete original version with
Judy Garland and Monette Moore

This video presents, for the first time ever, the newly discovered complete audio of
Lose That Long Face featuring the original footage.

Here is the extended version of the sequence as it was originally shot,
with“Vicki Lester” (Judy Garland) flubbing her lip-synching and starting over.

The Lose That Long Face musical number in A Star Is Born was originally filmed in March 1954 by uncredited director Jack Donohue.  The film’s principal director, George Cukor, reshot the sequence in May 1954.

Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen - JSP RecordsThe intent was to show the filming of a typical movie musical number, with star “Vicki Lester” (Judy Garland) lip-synching to a studio playback record.  Jazz singer Monette Moore provided a quick vocal in a section of the number that was deleted prior to the film’s premiere.

Although most the film footage of the 28 seconds of cut material survived, the audio was thought to be lost for over sixty years.  Garland collector Rick Smith purchased an acetate playback disc of the song which turned out to be the original version with the missing 28 seconds.

Restored and remastered by John H. Haley in 2015, this rare acetate gives us a brand new, previously unheard, “extended cut” of Lose That Long Face featuring more of Ira Gershwin’s wonderful lyrics, as it was originally intended to be heard.

This newly restored acetate is available on the new 2-CD set from JSP Records, Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen.

Learn more about the making of “A Star Is Born” at The Judy Room’s Extensive Spotlight on “A Star Is Born.”



  1. Wonderful news. Maybe Warners values their customers after all. Thank you for your hard work in getting this made available so that we may enjoy.

    1. Once they realized that I was willing to work WITH them, they became quite pleasant and acted quickly. I have to say that I was pleasantly pleased with their willingness to work together. A lot of people out there don’t realize that one can accomplish a lot more by working WITH others rather than against them. Two thumbs up to Warners for being pretty cool about it. We all benefit! 🙂

  2. Thanks. Every NEW version of this I see of this….makes me, “A Little” less angry about how the CUT version hit theatres & TV in the 1960’s. What the HELL were they thinking? I could pick out 25 etc.,minutes of the entire film better than the “JOKERS” who did., Good to see another version. TY again.

  3. When I first acquired the playback disc I had hoped it could be matched to the silent film someday so the entire number could be seen as it was originally intended.

    Scott’s restoration of the extended version of “Lose That Long Face” is thoroughly professional in every way, and even Ron Haver couldn’t have done a better job.

    I think Judy herself would’ve been pleased if she could see what became of the record she stashed in her attic all those years ago.

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