The “2016 Year in Review” is here!

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The Judy Room's 2016 Year in ReviewThe Judy Room’s 2016 Year in Review is here!
Click here or on the image above to go to The Judy Room’s Year in Review page,
or click on the links below to download the PDFs directly.

Download the Print Ready version here! (PDF – 49 megs)

Download the smaller file sized web-friendly version here! (PD F – 20 megs)




  1. Please check your links. Some are wrong. 2011 year is missing, though I was able to get it by going back in the archives.

  2. As long as I have your attention… Your stories & graphics are wonderful and look great on my PC. But PC’s and tablets aren’t my “thing.” I prefer books and stuff I can cuddle up with on my couch or in bed. Do you have any tips or an FAQ on getting these printed off at a Kinkos or Staples or wherever? Is there a copyright issue? My home printer is crap for anything other than black & white document copying.

    1. Thanks for writing!

      If you go to the website’s page ( you’ll see the link to download the “print ready” version. Download that PDF and it should print nicely on a good printer (Kinkos or wherever). I have the print ready versions specifically for people who prefer to print them out. There are no copyright issues. 🙂

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