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JSP Records Releases Judy Garland: Classic Duets

Judy Garland - Classic Duets - from JSP RecordsLONDON — JSP Records is proud to announce the release on August 4, 2017, of JUDY GARLAND: CLASSIC DUETS, a 4-CD 109-track set produced by John Stedman that will include 15 tracks never previously issued on CD. Entirely remastered by the renowned U.K. audio restorer Peter Reynolds, with the cover and brochure designed by the distinguished graphic artist Raphael Geroni, it will contain essays by the award-winning Garland historian Lawrence Schulman, who has written extensively about her in the ARSC Journal; journalist Randy Henderson, who has contributed to the magazine The Garland Gazette, Emmy Magazine, and the webzine Garlands For Judy; Randy L. Schmidt, who is the author of Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters (Chicago Review Press, 2014) and edited and wrote the foreword for  Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland by Sid Luft (Chicago Review Press, 2017); and French singer Isabelle Georges, whose CD and show devoted to Garland, called Une étoile et moi, met universal acclaim. The set, which was compiled by Schulman, will contain duets Garland sang with 33 partners, including such illustrious names as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Johnny Mercer, Dick Haymes, Bob Hope, Al Jolson, Sophie Tucker, Fanny Brice, and others. Past JSP sets devoted to Garland, all curated by Schulman, include Lost Tracks (2010), Smilin’ Through – The Singles Collection 1936-1947 (2011), The Carnegie Hall Concert (2012),  Creations 1929-1962 Songs She Introduced (2013), The Garland Variations (2014), The Best of Lost Tracks (2015), and Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen (2016). For further information, contact JSP Records at john@jsprecords.com.

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Details about the discs and contents can be found at:
The Judy Garland Online Discography’s “Classic Duets” page.

Track list:
* First time on CD



  1. Opera vs. Jazz (Americana reprise)(C. Conrad) – Every Sunday, M-G-M


  1. Everybody Sing (A. Freed-N.H. Brown) – Broadway Melody of 1938, M-G-M


  1. Why? Because! (B. Kalmar-H. Ruby) – Everybody Sing, M-G-M


  1. If I Only Had A Brain (E.Y. Harburg-H. Arlen) – The Wizard of Oz, M-G-M
  2. We’re Off To See The Wizard (E.Y. Harburg-H. Arlen) – The Wizard of Oz, M-G-M
  3. Hayride (J. Mercer-H. Warren) – The Harvey Girls, M-G-M (outtake)


  1. Opera Vs. Jazz, Part 1 (R. Edens) – Babes in Arms, M-G-M
  2. Opera Vs. Jazz, Part 4 (A. Freed-N.H. Brown) – Babes in Arms, M-G-M


  1. Good Morning (A. Freed-N.H. Brown) – Babes in Arms, M-G-M
  2. Good Morning (A. Freed-N.H. Brown) – Screen Guild Theater*
  3. Our Love Affair (A. Freed-R. Edens) – Strike Up the Band, M-G-M
  4. Our Love Affair (A. Freed-R. Edens) –Lux Radio Theatre, Strike Up the Band
  5. Do The La Conga (R. Edens) – Strike Up the Band, M-G-M
  6. How About You? (R. Freed-B. Lane) – Babes on Broadway, M-G-M
  7. How About You? (R. Freed-B. Lane) –Lux Radio Theatre, Merton of the Movies
  8. Hoe Down (R. Freed-R. Edens) – Babes on Broadway, M-G-M
  9. God’s Country (E.Y. Harburg-H. Arlen) –Screen Guild Theater, Babes in Arms
  10. Could You Use Me? (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Girl Crazy, M-G-M
  11. Could You Use Me? (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Master #L 3254-A, Decca 23308 B, 78-rpm
  12. I Wish I Were In Love Again (L. Hart-R. Rodgers) – Words and Music, M-G-M


  1. Friendship (C. Porter) – Master # DLA 1987-A, Decca 3165 A
  2. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (B. Russell-D. Ellington) – AFRS Personal Album #76
  3. I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City Blues) (L. Rene-J. Lange) – AFRS Personal Album #76
  4. Takin’ A Chance On Love (J. Latouche-T. Fetter-V. Duke) – AFRS Personal Album #76



  1. It’s A Great Day For The Irish (R. Edens) – Little Nellie Kelly, M-G-M


  1. We Must Have Music (G. Kahn-N.H. Brown) – Ziegfeld Girl, M-G-M


  1. Laugh? I Thought I’d Split My Side (R. Edens) – Ziegfeld Girl, M-G-M


  1. Ballin’ The Jack (J.H. Burris-C. Smith) – For Me and My Gal, M-G-M
  2. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie-R. Goetz-G.W. Meyer) – For Me and My Gal, M-G-M
  3. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie-R. Goetz-G.W. Meyer) – Master # DLA 3140, Decca 18480 A, 78-rpm
  4. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie-R. Goetz-G.W. Meyer) – Screen Guild Players, For Me and My Gal*
  5. When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose) (J. Mahoney-P. Wenrich) – Master # DLA 3141-A, Decca 18480 B
  6. All Through The Day (O. Hammerstein II-J. Kern) – Hollywood Bowl Symphony rehearsal
  7. Be a Clown (C. Porter) – The Pirate, M-G-M
  8. (Howdy, Neighbor) Happy Harvest (M. Gordon-H. Warren) – Summer Stock, M-G-M
  9. All For You (S. Chaplin) – Summer Stock, M-G-M
  10. You, Wonderful You (S. Chaplin-J. Brooks-H. Warren) – Summer Stock, M-G-M


  1. Where Do We Go From Here? (H. Johnson-P. Wenrich) – For Me and My Gal, M-G-M
  2. Bidin’ My Time (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Girl Crazy, M-G-M
  3. Play That Barbershop Chord (W. Tracey-B. MacDonald) – In the Good Old Summertime, M-G-M


  1. Every Little Movement Has A Meaning Of Its Own (O. Harbach-K. Hoschna) – Presenting Lily Mars, M-G-M


  1. There’ll Always Be An England (R. Parker-H. Charles) – Mail Call #38*


  1. People Will Say We’re In Love (O. Hammerstein II-R. Rodgers) – Command Performance #81
  2. People Will Say We’re In Love (O. Hammerstein II-R. Rodgers) – G.I. Journal #41*
  3. You Tell Me Your Dream (And I’ll Tell You Mine) (C. Daniels-S. Rice-A. Brown) – G.I. Journal #41*
  4. Something To Remember You By (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz) – Command Performance #122
  5. The Way You Look Tonight (D. Fields-J. Kern) – The Bakers of America Salute to the Armed Forces*
  6. Medley: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (J.A. Bland)/De Camptown Races (S. Foster)/Beyond the Blue Horizon (L.Robin-R.A. Whiting-W.F. Harling)/The Music Stopped (H. Adamson-J. McHugh)/My Old Kentucky Home (S. Foster)/Alabamy Bound (B.G. De Sylva-B. Green-R. Henderson)/Goodnight, Wherever You Are (D. Robertson-S. Hoffman-F. Weldon) – Command Performance #129*
  7. You’ve Got Me Where You Want Me (J. Mercer-H. Warren) – Master # L 3485-A, Decca 23410 B
  8. Mine (I. Gershwin-G.Gershwin) – Master # L 3486-A, Decca 23804 B
  9. Connecticut (H. Martin-R. Blane) – Master # L 3750-A,  Decca 23804 A
  10. Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) (J. Burke-J.V. Heusen) – Master # L 3751-A, Decca 23410 A



  1. Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie (A.B. Sterling-H.V. Tilzer) – Philco Time
  2. Connecticut (H. Martin-R. Blane) – Philco Time
  3. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie-R. Goetz-G.W. Meyer) – Philco Time
  4. Who? (O. Harbach-O. Hammerstein II-J. Kern) – Philco Time
  5. Embraceable You (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Philco Time
  6. Confess (B. Benjamin-G.D. Weiss) – Philco Time
  7. Ma, He’s Makin Eyes At Me (S. Clare-C. Conrad) – The Bing Crosby Show
  8. Maybe It’s Because (I Love You Too Much) (H. Ruby-J. Scott) – The Bing Crosby Show
  9. Sam’s Song (The Happy Tune) (J. Elliot-L. Quadling) – The Bing Crosby Show
  10. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena (M. Parish-J. Grossman-I. Miron) – The Bing Crosby Show
  11. Boise, Idaho (E. Walsh) – The Bing Crosby Show
  12. These Lush Moments (J. Burke-J.V. Heusen) – The Bing Crosby Show
  13. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer (J. Marks) – The Bing Crosby Show
  14. Just The Way You Are (R. Freed) – The Bing Crosby Show
  15. Hello Ma Baby (Howard-Emerson)/In My Merry Oldsmobile (V.P. Bryan-G. Edwards)/Walkin’ My Baby Back Home (R. Turk-F. Ahlert)/In My Merry Oldsmobile (V.P. Bryan-G. Edwards) (comic version) – The Bing Crosby Show
  16. Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon (I. Berlin) – The Bing Crosby Show
  17. You’re Just In Love (I. Berlin) – The Bing Crosby Show (recorded 2/23/51(?), aired 3/7/51)
  18. How Could You Believe Me (When I Said I Loved You When You Know I’ve Been A Liar All My Life)? (A.J. Lerner-B. Lane) – The Bing Crosby Show
  19. Limehouse Blues (D. Furber-P. Braham) – The Bing Crosby Show
  20. April In Paris (E.Y. Harburg-V. Duke) – The Bing Crosby Show
  21. Isle Of Capri (J. Kennedy-W. Grosz) – The Bing Crosby Show
  22. When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose) (J. Mahoney-P. Wenrich) – The Bing Crosby Show
  23. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie-R. Goetz-G.W. Meyer) – The Bing Crosby Show
  24. You’re Just In Love (I. Berlin) – The Bing Crosby Show*
  25. April In Paris (E.Y. Harburg-V. Duke) – The All Star Review for 1953 (The American Cancer Society)*


  1. Bidin’ My Time (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Girl Crazy, Master # L 3255-A, Decca 23310 A


  1. Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis (A.B. Sterling-K. Mills) – Meet Me In St. Louis, M-G-M


  1. Under The Bamboo Tree (R. Cole-J.R. Johnson) – Meet Me In St. Louis, M-G-M


  1. Comedy medley: You Made Me Love You (J. McCarthy-J. Monaco)/I Remember You (J. Mercer-V. Schertzinger)/You Were Always Chasing Rainbows (H. Carroll-J. McCarthy)/Over The Rainbow (E.Y. Harburg-H. Arlen)/I Get A Kick Out Of You (C. Porter)/I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl That Sued My Poor Old Dad) (H.V. Tilzer-W. Dillon) /I Ain’t Got Nobody (R. Graham-S. Williams-D. Peyton)/It’s a Great Day for the Irish (R. Edens)/A Word From Autolite (based on a traditional folk song) – Everything For The Boys*
  2. The Day After Forever (J. Burke-J.V. Heusen) – Everything For The Boys*
  3. Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did? (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Master # L 4294-A, Decca 23687 B
  4. For You, For Me, For Evermore (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Master # L 4295-A, Decca 23687 A

*First time on CD



  1. Embraceable You (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – Command Performance #106
  2. Embraceable You (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) – The Frank Sinatra Show*
  3. Gotta Be This Or That (S. Skylar) – The Danny Kaye Show
  4. My Romance (L. Hart-R. Rodgers) – The Danny Kaye Show


  1. My Intuition – The Harvey Girls, M-G-M (outtake)


  1. In The Valley (Where The Evening Sun Goes Down) – The Harvey Girls, M-G-M (demo)


  1. I’m Gonna Go For You (unknown) – Command Performance #166, Dick Tracy in B-Flat


  1. On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (J. Mercer-H. Warren) – Master # W 72967-A, Decca 23436 A
  2. If I Had You (T. Shapiro-J. Campbell-R. Connely) – Master # W 72968-A, Decca 23436 B


  1. A Couple Of Swells (I. Berlin) – Easter Parade, M-G-M
  2. Medley: I Love A Piano (I. Berlin)/Snooky Ookums (I. Berlin)/When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam’ (I. Berlin) – Easter Parade, M-G-M
  3. Easter Parade (I. Berlin) – Easter Parade, M-G-M
  4. It Only Happens When I Dance With You (I. Berlin) – The Tex & Jinx Show
  5. Snooky Ookums (I. Berlin) – The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, Easter Parade*
  6. Easter Parade (I. Berlin) – The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, Easter Parade 


  1. A Fella With An Umbrella (I. Berlin) – Easter Parade, M-G-M


  1. Easter Parade (I. Berlin) – The Chesterfield Supper Club (Perry Como Show)*


  1. Pretty Baby (T. Jackson-E.V. Alstyne-G. Kahn) – Kraft Music Hall


  1. They Say It’s Wonderful (I. Berlin) – Annie Get Your Gun, M-G-M (outtake)
  2. Anything You Can Do (I. Berlin) – Annie Get Your Gun, M-G-M (outtake)


  1. You’re Just In Love (I. Berlin) – Hollywood Party*


  1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (I. Berlin) – The General Electric Program
  2. You Belong To Me (P.W. King-R. Stewart-C. Price) – The General Electric Program


  1. Mewsette Finale (E.Y. Harburg-H. Arlen) – Gay Purr-ee, UPA/Warner Bros


  1. One More Lamb (P. Farrow-R. Allen) – Three Billion Millionaires, LP, United Artists, UXL 4/PB-1008

Judy Garland - Classic Duets - from JSP Records




  1. 2 comments: 1 – I went onto the JSP Website and found that some pages (e.g., Box sets) would not display. 2- How does one find out the pricing and order these products?

  2. I have not searched Amazon for the Duets CD as yet, but a search for the Soundtracks CD on Amazon produced a product that was quite a few years old, not the new CD that was mentioned on the earlier email and website.

      1. Thanks! It had not occurred to me to search Amazon UK. I have an account there and will order.

  3. I finally got around to listening to the Duets box set put out by Lawrence and Scott and friends and I am in total awe and appreciation of this excellent sound. It is like discovering the talent of Judy’s incredible voice all over again! I felt like a kid at Christmas time waiting for each new song on this excellent sounding set. I think that Lawrence and the technical people who are responsible for this, should release more and more of Judy’s work so that people will be able to experience her voice the best way possible and be just as happy as I was hearing these Great recordings with Judy’s wonderful young voice!! Thanks Lawrence and friends!!

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