“Meet Me In St. Louis” re-released on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive Collection

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Meet Me In St. Louis on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive CollectionAvailable today: the Warner Archive Collection Blu-ray edition of Meet Me In St. Louis.  This is a single disc only release.

CORRECTION!  The folks at Warner Home Video contacted me and clarified that these discs are not “made on demand” as assumed.  They are manufactured on the same high-quality Blu-ray discs as the label’s non-Archive Blu-ray releases.  Also, the contents of the disc are the same as the original 2011 release:

The beloved Judy Garland musical classic returns to Blu-ay with the same sparkling 1080p HD presentation and scintillating special features, but now wrapped up in gorgeous period artwork. Judy Garland stars in a timeless tale of family, captured with warmth and emotion by director Vincente Minnelli. The enduring popularity of Meet Me in St. Louis comes from a terrific blend of music, romance and humor with co-stars Margaret O’Brien (awarded a special Oscar® as 1944’s outstanding child actress) and Mary Astor, and also the musical classics “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis,” “The Trolley Song” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Special Features: Introduction by Liza Minnelli; Audio Commentary by Garland Biographer John Fricke with Margaret O’Brien, Composer Hugh Martin, Screenwriter Irving Brecher and Barbara Freed-Saltzman; Lux Radio Theater Broadcast (Audio Only); Music Only Audio Track.

Go to this link to order:  https://amzn.to/2KbI0PI
The previous Blu-ray edition was released in 2011 “book” version with accompanying CD sampler.  See The Judy Room’s DVD/Blu-ray page about that release here: http://thejudyroom.com/louisblu.html (see image below).
For details about the film, check out The Judy Room’s Extensive Spotlight Section on “Meet Me In St. Louis” at http://www.thejudyroom.com/louis.html.

The original 2011 2-disc set:
Meet Me In St. Louis Blu-ray


  1. Unfortunately, it appears Warner Home Video’s Classics Division has all but forgotten their Garland catalog. The last Garland new-to-Blu-ray release from WHV was the 2013 release of “Easter Parade” (http://www.thejudyroom.com/easterparadeblu.html). Since that time we have seen 6 standard DVD reissues, all single disc reissues of previous discs, and some part of standard DVD no frills “boxed sets” (recent example: http://www.thejudyroom.com/silverscreenicon.html). Doesn’t WHV realize that standard DVDs are just this side of dead? It looks as though they’re trying to sell off their stock by slapping new covers on them or putting them in new boxed sets.

    The online renting/streaming isn’t much better. All that are available are of the same image/sound quality of the DVDs, excepting the three Blu-ray titles. Those look good.

    Warner Bros. is doing the same with the soundtracks. They’re reissuing the Rhino versions, with poorly copied PDFs of the original booklets (not available in all cases). Those are in desperate need of revisiting and remastering. It’s only been 20 years!! LOL

    So yes, Warner Bros. and Warner Home Video have lost their edge. 🙁

  2. I concur with Mr. Schulman. THE PIRATE and THE HARVEY GIRLS should’ve been out on Blu Ray YEARS ago. I’ve seen hundreds of inferior titles (and, yes, that would include “A Child is Waiting”) get the HD treatment, but not these Garland Technicolor classics??? Are you awake, George Feltenstein???? While we’re at it, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES should be properly restored (it’s very fuzzy as of it’s last DVD release).

    I’ve long ago accepted that they’ll never be a proper restoration or Blu Ray release of PRESENTING LILY MARS, or even FOR ME AND MY GAL. But come on.

    1. I think Feltenstein is phoning it in and just getting his paycheck at this point. He’s been there for over 20 years, maybe new blood is needed. 🙂

      It’s a shame that films like “Presenting Lily Mars” and “For Me And My Gal” won’t get the restorations they deserve. They’re so great.

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