On This Day In Judy Garland’s Life And Career – November 28

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“There is doubtless no performer in the business today who can dramatize blues or ballads with tragic overtones like Judy Garland.  The amount of sheer electricity she did generate in the Miami Beach Convention Hall was monumental.” – Dick Hoekstra, 1961


November 28, 1930:  This notice appeared in the “Los Angeles Times.”  It notes the “Hollywood Starlets Trio” as one of the acts currently playing in the Blossom Room of the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.  Judy and her sisters had gone by the name “Hollywood Starlets Trio” off and on during this time at various hotels and theaters and other venues.  There are no records with exact dates for these Roosevelt Hotel appearances by the sisters but it’s safe to assume that they performed there at least through this week.

November 28, 1935:  Judy sang at the Charity Benefit for Los Angeles Orphans at the Cafe Trocadero in Wes Hollywood, California.  No recordings or photos of this event are known to exist.

November 28, 1937:  Here’s a fun review of Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry that features this great photo of Judy’s co-star, Mickey Rooney, who at that point was a much bigger star than she.


November 28, 1939:  Judy’s regular weekly appearance on “The Pepsodent Show Starring Bob Hope” for NBC Radio.  No recording is known to exist.  It’s unknown what Judy sang.

November 28, 1939:  Here’s another example of Judy’s image being used (in spite of what MGM might have told her) for beauty treatment advice.

November 28, 1938:  The first day of a week’s worth of filming on the immense “Poppy Field” set for The Wizard of Oz for Judy Garland and the rest of the main cast – Toto too!  The set took up the bulk of MGM’s soundstage #29, with thousands of handmade poppies.  The long pan across the field is one of the most breathtaking shots in the film.

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November 28, 1940:  Here’s something fun.  This ad from “The News Journal” in Wilmington, Delaware, promotes a giveaway of a picture of Judy Garland “As she appears in her first grown role as ‘Little Nellie Kelly’ now showing at Loew’s Theater, will be placed at the foot of the stairs to remind you not to miss this swell picture.”

I hope when the photos were placed at the foot of the stairs they were on a table, at least, and not trampled on.

Santa was also giving out guest tickets to see Judy in Little Nellie Kelly.

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November 28, 1940:  Judy posed for a series of promotional photos for Ziegfeld Girl in the costume she wore in the “Laugh? I Thought I’d Split My Sides” number in the film. She also posed for portraits with co-star Jackie Cooper.

Photos provided by Kim Lundgreen.  Thanks, Kim!

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November 28, 1940:  This wonderful two-page ad appeared in the “Film Daily” trade paper.

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November 28, 1941:  A recent small fire in Judy and husband David Rose’s home made the papers.  The event hasn’t been documented anywhere else but considering how many papers this story appeared in, it most likely happened just days, if not the day, before.


November 28, 1941:  Another example of Judy’s image being used for beauty advice.

November 28, 1942:  This little blurb appeared in the Showmen’s Trade Review announcing the upcoming production of Girl Crazy starring Judy and Mickey Rooney.

Melodies by America’s greatest composer, sung by Judy Garland and played by Tommy Dorsey and his band, will be the fare in MGM’s “Girl Crazy,” Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney co-starrer to be directed by Busby Berkeley. Arthur Freed will be the producer of this musical special. It will feature George Gershwin’s music.

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November 28, 1944:  The New York premiere of Meet Me In St. Louis at the Astor Theater.  Judy was in NY for the premiere, her train had stopped in Chicago on the 26th and she arrived in NYC on the 27th.  Some books state that this premiere happened on the 27th but in fact, it was the 28th.

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November 28, 1947:  A couple more ads for albums for holiday gifts, including the MGM Records soundtrack to Till The Clouds Roll By and the Decca Records “Christmastime” album (mistakenly printed as “Christmastide“).

November 28, 1953:  A Star Is Born filming continued with scenes shot on the “Exterior Night Club Terrace” set, plus a “Routine with Charlie” (it’s unknown exactly what this was).  Time started: 10 a.m.; finished: 5:50 p.m.  The scenes shot today, which portrayed the action just after “Vicki’s” film premiered, would be reshot at a later date with Judy in a completely different costume (that very unflattering orange “sausage” dress!).

Photos provided by Kim Lundgreen. Thanks, Kim!

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November 28, 1959:  Judy’s recent admission to Doctor’s Hospital in New York City, and her hepatitis diagnosis was making the news.

November 28, 1961:  Judy’s planned concert at the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey, was postponed due to illness.  The reason given was a bad ear infection that left Judy confined to her bed.  Unfortunately, the concert was never rescheduled.  One hopes that although this article tells ticket holders to hang onto their tickets that they eventually were refunded.

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November 28, 1961:  Here is a review of Judy’s recent concert at the Miami Beach, Florida, Convention Hall.  The reviewer, Dick Hoekstra, noted that after Judy sang “Rock-A-Bye My [sic] Baby” Jud left the stage resulting in “some two or three thousand people [leaving] the Convention Hall” resulting in their hearing “Over the Rainbow” from the parking lot!

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November 28, 1962:  The divorce battle between Judy and estranged husband Sid Luft continued.  This latest development saw Luft accusing Judy of being an unfit mother.

November 28, 1965:  Judy’s upcoming engagement at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, is promoted in this article published in the “San Francisco Examiner.”  The title is misleading.  Judy did not appear at the Sands Hotel in Vegas but rather the article is about the acts playing at both the Sahara and the Sands.

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November 28, 1968:  Judy saw John Meyer’s going back to Boston to get some things and sleep for a day, as abandonment, so she and John broke up this morning, which was Thanksgiving morning.  Thus, Judy spent what ended up being her last Thanksgiving alone.

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