The Judy Room’s 2019 Year in Review!

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At long last, and after a few hiccups, here is the 2019 Year in Review.  This year, it’s not just a review of 2019 it’s also a review of the past decade.  There was a lot to cover!  It’s pretty amazing to think that as the decade ended with the 50th anniversary of Judy Garland’s death she’s still a very celebrated and loved icon.

Below is the interactive version of the 2019 Year in Review.  There are many embedded videos that will probably only play via this interactive version (although some PDF readers might be capable).  This interactive version also has a link to download the PDF version if you prefer that version and want a copy to save.


Download the PDF version here.


  1. Lovely! Beautifully produced. I so enjoy these annual reviews. Thank you for making them so easily available for the fans. Here’s to hoping that 2020 will see a plethora of Garland related releases and events.

  2. As always, Scott your work is incredible. We are all so fortunate that you share your love of Judy with us. I would love to download this, but I don’t seem to see how. Any advice?

  3. This is wonderfully informative and amazing. Thanks so much for all the incredible work you do. You are a gem. The layout is truly beautiful.

    1. Thank you Kim! And thank you for all you’ve contributed to The Judy Room over the years. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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