Coming in June! “The Best of Lost Tracks 2 – 1936-1967”

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Press Release – For Immediate Publication

Judy Garland - The Best of Lost Tracks 1936-1967

JSP Records to release Judy Garland: The Best of Lost Tracks 2 1936-1967

LONDON — JSP Records (London) is proud to announce the release on June 26, 2020, of Judy Garland: The Best of Lost Tracks 2 1936-1967, a single-CD derived from the double-CD Lost Tracks 2 1936-1967, first issued in 2019.

JSP Records

Over the past decade, JSP has become the reference insofar as Judy Garland (1922-1969) recordings, starting with the 2010 4-CD set, Lost Tracks 1929-1959, which merited a review in The Wall Street Journal, and going through Smilin’ Through: The Singles Collection 1936-1947 (2011), Judy at Carnegie Hall – The Historic Concert Remastered (2012), Creations: Songs She Introduced 1929-1962 (2013), The Garland Variations (2014), The Best of Lost Tracks 1929-1959 (2015), Judy Garland Sings Harold Arlen (2016), and Classic Duets (2017). Benefiting from the latest audio techniques, all of these sets have been fully restored and remastered, first by Peter Rynston and more recently by John H. Haley. The goal of all the “Lost Tracks” sets has been to present to the public rare recordings, whether the legendary 1935 Decca tests or countless radio tracks from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, that have been in the hands of private collectors around the world but have never previously been released on CD. Produced by JSP owner John Stedman and all under the guidance of Garland historian, Lawrence Schulman, who has compiled the collections, each set has included extensive recording details, as well as original liner notes, whether by Schulman, noted discographer Scott Brogan, or invited writers of renown.

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For further information, go to the JSP Records website, or contact John Stedman at


  1. Hold That Bulldog (L. Pollack/S.D. Mitchell)
  2. Pennies From Heaven (J. Burke/A. Johnston)
  3. Johnny One Note (L. Hart/R. Rodgers)
  4. Always (I. Berlin)
  5. A Shine On Your Shoes (A. Schwartz/H. Dietz)
  6. Dinah (S.M. Lewis/J. Young/H. Akst)
  7. Sun Showers (A. Freed/N.H. Brown)
  8. Got A Pair Of New Shoes (A. Freed/N.H.Brown)
  9. Meet The Beat Of My Heart (M. Gordon/H. Revel)
  10. Blue Skies (I. Berlin)
  11. Minnie From Trinidad (with Tony Martin)(R. Edens)
  12. Easy To Love (C. Porter)
  13. The Joint Is Really Jumpin’ Down At Carnegie Hall (R. Edens/R. Blane/H. Martin)
  14. For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie/E.R. Goetz/G.W. Meyer)
  15. How Deep Is The Ocean? (I. Berlin)
  16. Johnny One Note (L. Hart/R. Rodgers)
  17. Wishing (Will Make It So) (B.G. De Sylva)
  18. A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (Traditional Irish ballad/T. Moore, English version)
  19. Judy’s Olio: Opening introduction/You Made Me Love You (J. McCarthy/J.V. Monaco)/For Me And My Gal (E. Leslie/E.R. Goetz/G.W. Meyer)/The Boy Next Door (H. Martin/R. Blane)/The Trolley Song (H. Martin/R. Blane)
  20. My Melancholy Baby (G.A. Norton/E. Burnett)
  21. Over The Rainbow (E.Y. Harburg/H. Arlen)
  22. Down With Love (E.Y. Harburg/H. Arlen)
  23. I Happen To Like New York (C. Porter)
  24. Memories Of You (A. Razaf/E. Blake)
  25. I’ll Plant My Own Tree (D. Previn/A. Previn)


  1. You Couldn’t Be Cuter (D. Fields/J. Kern) New to CD

We Love You Judy


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  1. Thanks for giving us this fun news, Scott. In the midst of so much depressing news, it’s nice to read this! I can live without “Hold that Bulldog” (yipes), but the other selections are wonderful. I’m particularly glad to see “Johnny One Note” included, especially remastered. Hope it’s from the soundtrack of “Words and Music”, but I also enjoy Judy’s radio
    version from September 1948.

    All the best, Scott. Hope you and yours are doing well in this very weird time.

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